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20. September 2019

Selected R&B Imports - Remixe's part.II

01.3rd Storee - If Ever (So So Def Remix with Rap)
02.702 - You Don't Know (Ignorants Remix)
03.A Few Good Men - Tonite (Eddie F's Untouchable Remix)
04.Another Level - Freak Me (Blacksmith R&B Rub)
05.Beverley Knight - Come As You Are (JD Remix)
06.Billy Lawrence - Happiness (Puffy Remix)
07.Brandy - Baby (Uptown Mix)
08.Charlotte - Queen Of Hearts (CJ's R&B Mix)
09.Cunnie Williams - Saturday (D'Influence R&B Mix)
10.Eternal - Stay (D.A.R.C. R&B Remix)
11.Fierce - Sweet Love 2K (Blacksmith Remix)
12.Innocence - I'll Be There (Masters At Work 12' Edit)
13.JoJo - Baby It's You (Hip Hop Remix)
14.Kelly Rowland ft.Eve  - Like This (DJ Speedy Remix with Rap)
15.Mark Morrison & Conner Reeves - Best Friend (Brooklyn Funk Bus Stop Mix)
16.Mary J. Blige - Give Me You (Royal Garden's R&B Mix)
17.Nicole Ray - I Can't See (Underground Funk Remix Extended)
18.Profyle - Liar (Remix)
19.Simone Hines - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (Stevie J. Remix)
20.Tri - We Got The Love (12'' Phat Beats Mix)

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