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15. März 2017

Oldschool Remixe ''There is More to Enjoy''

01.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Brandy - I Wanna Be Down ( Ambient Blend Remix )
02.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Ce Ce Peniston vs Adventures Of Stevie V - Finally ''That's the Way It Is'' [ Both in One Blend Remix ]
03.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Malcolm McLaren & Timex Social Club - Scratch like the ''Rumors'' ( Both in One Blend Remix )
04.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Navigators - Come Into My Life (Finger Step Blend Remix)
05.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & The Deff Boys , BG Prince & Snap! - This Beat is Hot & ''Swing'' Power ( All in One Blend Remix ) Part.3
06.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Will Smith - Just Cruisin ( Damn & Jam Blend Remix )
07.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Wuf Ticket , The Fatback Band - Ya Mama ''Girls On My Mind'' ( Both in One Blend Remix p.2)
08.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Xzibit & Paul Hardcastle - State Of The Union ''Intro'' 19 ( World without Weapons Blend Remix )
09.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Erik.B & Rakim vs P.M.Dawn  - Paid in Full '' Paper Doll '' ( Both in One Blend Remix )
10.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Shola Ama - Need sum body toooo (Swing out Atmosphere Blend Remix)

Bonus - (©by.funkysize.dj¸)t & Various Artists - 80's to tha 90's MixTape (Fade eachother Remix) 49.32min

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