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17. Juni 2016

The Source Presents - Mad Flavor (1992)

01 Hard Knocks – Nigga For Hire
02 Sir Mix-A-Lot – One Time’s Got No Case
03 2nd II None – More Than A Player
04 Kid ‘N Play – Slippin’
05 Pretty Tone Capone – Can’t Talk Too Long On The Phone
06 2Pac – Words Of Wisdom
07 Del The Funkee Homosapien – Dr. Bombay
08 Cookie Crew – Secrets (Of Success)
09 Two Kings In A Cipher – For The Brothers Who Ain’t Here
10 Godfather Don – Homicide
11 Level III – Groove Ya
12 College Boys – Victim Of The Ghetto
13 Jodeci – It’s Alright
14 Def Jef – Cali’s All That
15 Chill Deal Boyz – Make Ya Body Move
16 Poor Righteous Teachers – Self-Styled Wisdom

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