13. Februar 2016

Let's Get Dirty ( Remixe's - Brought to you by B.M.M

http://ul.to/8ewun98101. (®by.funkysize.dj©)™ &  911 vs Father - Cutie 69 (Fade in & Fade out)
02. Baeza - Slip N Slide (Video Remix)
03. Blackstreet ft.t3 - Why Why (Fellaz Groove 8 Remix)
04. Bluu Suede - Hex ( Radio Edit )
05. Cardian ft.Don Chi Chi & (®by.funkysize.dj©)™  - Jam on it (So So def Remix)
06. Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love (Bootleg Extended Dance Remix)
07. Ciara ft.(©by.funkysize.dj¸)t - I Bed ( I Bet ' you can Do it - (Palpitation Drums Remix)
08. Danny Boy ft.Ginuwine - Slip & Slide by.Devante Swing (Heartdrurm ©by.funkysize.dj¸t Remix)
09. Ginuwine - Just Because (Bryn.M Remix)
10. I-15 ft.(®by.funkysize.dj©)™  - Work Ya Way Up and You Can Do it (Remix)
11. Jay Shawn Champion , prod KG & Karlin - Push It Back (Mastered Mix)
12. Marissa ft.(®by.funkysize.dj©)™   - (Dedicated To Love Damien Mendis R&B Remix)
13. Soul For Real ft.Heavy D - Love you So (Remix)
14. Toni Braxton - You`re Makin Me High (Norfside Remix)
15. Winans Phase '2' -  It's Alright (Send Me)

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