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21. Januar 2016

New Jack Swing - Gold by B.M.M

http://ul.to/zulhk3vn01.Dopesic & Shameless - New Jack City (Scumbag Remix)
02.French Montana ft.Chinx Drugz - New Jack City (Remix)
03.Today - Him Or Me (12-Inch Remix)
04.Hi-Five - I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)
05.Ice-T - New Jack Hustler (Dirty)
06.Joe - I'm In Luv (Remix)
07.Joey B Ellis - I Thought you Were the One for Me (Extended Mix)
08.Joke - New Jack City (French)
09.Lateasha - It Just Aint Easy (Special K Mega)
10.Lotto Montana- New Jack City
11.M.O.P. - New Jack City
12.New Edition - If it Isnt Love (Club Mix)
13.New Jack City  ft. Lumin Hao & Bodega Bamz - Is Mine
14.Redhead Kingpin & The FBI - We Rock the Mic Right (Party Mix)
15.O.S.T - New Jack City
16.Omar Chandler - Do You Really Want It (Long Edit Mix)
17.New Jack City - I Don't Wanna (Tomorrow Is Now, Kid)
18.Genetix - New Jack Mash Up ( Tribute to Teddy Dj Mix )
19.Today - Why You Get Funky On Me (12-Inch Mix)
20.Wreckx-N-Effect - New Jack Swing (12-Inch Remix)

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