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21. November 2015

Joe - Everything (Spezial Edition)

http://ul.to/o2wcz14s01.Joe - All Or Nothing (Poor Georgie Porgie Extented Remix)
02.Joe - All Or Nothing (Poor Georgie Porgie Mix)
03.Joe - All Or Nothing (The Swing Remix)
04.Joe - All Or Nothing
05.Joe - Baby Don't Stop
06.Joe - Dont Stop (Quiet Storm Mix)
07.Joe - Everything
08.Joe - Finally Back
09.Joe - Get a Little Closer
10.Joe - Iïm in Luv
11.Joe - It Ain't Like That
12.Joe - It's Alright
13.Joe - The One For Me (West End Radio Mix)
14.Joe - The One For Me (80s Pressure Mix)
15.Joe - The One For Me (Classic)
16.Joe - The One For Me (Joes Quiet Storm Remix)
17.Joe - The One For Me
18.Joe - What's On Your Mind
19.Joe - All or Nothing Itïs Alright
20.Joe - Do Me

R.Kelly - Gotham City Selected

01.R.Kelly ft.Jamming Along - Gotham City (Acapella Piyano)
02.R Kelly  - Gotham City (Instrumental Remix)
03.R Kelly - Gotham City Reggae Remix (Koolbreak Remix)
04.R Kelly vs TLC - Gotham Waterfalls (Mashup)
05.R.Kelly - Batman & Robin - Gotham City
06.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Acapella)
07.R.Kelly - Gotham City (dj Ca Heartbreaker Remix)
08.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Instrumental)
09.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Remix)
10.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Videoclip Vers)
11.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Main)
12.R.Kelly - Gotham City
13.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Remix)
14.R.Kelly - Gotham City of Piyano
15.R.kelly - Gotham City (Lp vers)
16.R.kelly ft.String - Gotham City (STFR)

20. November 2015

Full Force - Dont Sleep-CD-1992

1 Intro-Lude (Hudlin' Brothers 'No Snooze' Intro) 1:15
2 Don't Sleep 4:44
3 Nice 'N' Sleazy 5:47
4 Quickie 4:22
5 If It's Cool Witcha Baby 4:00
6 Interlude (Quiet Storm) 0:25
7 Your Place Or Mine 5:01
8 Physical Commitment 4:32
9 Wait Till I Get Home 5:21
10 Interlude (2 Points!) 0:37
11 Go With The Flo 3:43
12 Interlude (The Byrd Factor) 1:31
13 After All This Time (Ain't It Great To Be Black) 4:32
14 Girl 5:10
15 Sharon 4:30
16 Making Love On The Dance Floor 6:34
17 My Love Is Free 4:04
18 Interlude (900-Force Line) 2:49
19 God Will Fix It 1:01

19. November 2015

Vanessa Williams - Running Back To You (CDM) (1991)

http://ul.to/c8kiwr0301 - Running Back to You (Flip Hop Mix Extended Version)
02 - Running Back to You (Flip Hop Edit)
03 - Running Back to You (The Mix)
04 - Running Back to You (Edit)

Vanessa Williams - Just For Tonight (CDS) (1992)

http://ul.to/7f15tdel01 - Just For Tonight (Single Remix)
02 - Love Like This
03 - Whatever Happens

Vanessa Williams - Work to Do (CDM) (1992)

http://ul.to/8r4g0pg401 - Work to Do featuring Black Sheep (Radio Mix with Rap)
02 - Work to Do featuring Black Sheep (Super Dope remix with Rap)
03 - Work to Do (Ken Lou radio mix)
04 - Work to Do (Choice Club)
05 - Work to Do (Choice dub)
06 - Work to Do featuring Black Sheep (5-Oh Beats with Rap)

Vanessa Williams - The Way That You Love (CDM) (1995)

http://ul.to/4egippbf01 - The Way That You Love (Rhythm Mix)
02 - The Way That You Love (E. Plugg Jeep Mix)
03 - The Way That You Love (Love Me Mix)
04 - The Way That You Love (20 Fingers Club Mix)
05 - The Way That You Love (Armand' Funky Foam Mix)
06 - The Way That You Love (Late Night Mix)

Koffee Brown - Mars / Venus

http://ul.to/3b8pece901.Koffee Brown ft.Du Ganz-Didnt Mean to Turn You On
02.Koffee Brown ft.Lady Luck-Blackout
03.Koffee Brown-After-Party
04.Koffee Brown-All I Need Bonnie and Clyde
05.Koffee Brown-All those fancy things
06.Koffee Brown-Chick On Da Side
07.Koffee Brown-Do U See
08.Koffee Brown-Fingerpointing
09.Koffee Brown-Haters Disease
10.Koffee Brown-I Got Love
11.Koffee Brown-intro
12.Koffee Brown-Mars Venus (Interlude)
13.Koffee Brown-Qualified
14.Koffee Brown-Quickie
15.Koffee Brown-View, The (Interlude)
16.Koffee Brown-Weekend-Thing

18. November 2015

VA - Grandmaster New Jack Swing (Mastermixtape)

http://ul.to/25wio8fq01 En Vogue with Salt ‘n’ Pepa – Whatta Man
02 TLC – Waterfalls
03 Blackstreet feat. Dr Dre – No Diggity
04 Levert – Casanova
05 Shanice – I Love Your Smile
06 SWV – Right Here
07 En Vogue – Hold On
08 En Vogue – My Lovin’
09 Bobby Brown – Every Little Step
10 Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up
11 Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity
12 TLC – Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg
13 Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It
14 MN8 – I’ve Got A Little Something For You
15 Kris Kross – Jump
16 LL Cool J – Pnenomenon
17 Bobby Brown – My Pregogative
18 Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation
19 Alexander O’Neal – Fake
20 Keith Sweat – “I Want H

Quincy Jones feat Tevin Campbell - Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me) (CDM) (1990)

01 Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me) (Vocal Version)
02 Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me) (Bigger Choir Verssion)
03 Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me) (A Better You, A Better Me) (Instrumental)
04 Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me) (LP Version)

Loose Ends - Mr. Bachelor (VLS 12'' Promo) (1988)

A1 Mr. Bachelor (Def Club Version)
A2 Mr. Bachelor (Def Dub Version)
A3 Mr. Bachelor (Def Radio Version)
B1 Mr. Bachelor (Club Hype Version)
B2 Mr. Bachelor (Instrumental Hype Version)
B3 Mr. Bachelor (Radio Hype Version)

Day Ta Day - Take Your Time (1996)

01 Smile (Interlude)
02 Take Your Time
03 Who Do You Love
04 Represent
05 Runnin' Back To You
06 Don't Stand In The Doorway
07 Maybe Tonight
08 You Are
09 So Long, Goodbye
10 Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
11 Everything To Me
12 Help Us Find The Way

16. November 2015

Boyz II Men - '' Throwback ''

http://ul.to/8r5bmf9j01. Let It Whip
02. Let's Stay Together
03. What You Won't Do For Love (ft.MC Lyte)
04. Cutie Pie
05. Close The Door
06. For The Love Of You
07. Sara Smile
08. Human Nature (ft.Claudette Ortiz)
09. Time Will Reveal
10. I Miss You
11. You Make Me Feel Brand New

15. November 2015

Boyz II Men - Legacy ~ Greatest ( Deluxe Edition )

02.It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
03.End of the Road
04.In the Still of the Night (I’ll Remember)
05.Hey Lover (LL Cool J featuring Boyz II Men)
06.I’ll Make Love to You
07.On Bended Knee
08.Water Runs Dry
09.One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men)
10.Doin’ Just Fine
11.4 Seasons of Loneliness”
12.A Song for Mama
13.Pass You By
14.Please Don’t Go (Bonus Track)
15.Uhh Ahh (Bonus Track)
16.Thank You (Bonus Track)
17.Brokenhearted (Soul Power mix, with Brandy) (Bonus Track)


01.Motownphilly (12''version)
02.Sympin (Extended Remix)
03.Uhh Ahh (The Sequel Mix)
04.Thank You (Moog Flava Mix)
05.I’ll Make Love to You (Make Love to You Mix)
06.On Bended Knee (Human Rhythm Mix)
07.Water Runs Dry (Strat Mix)
08.Vibin (Cool Summer Mellow Mix)
09.I Remember (Extended Version)
10.Doin’ Just Fine (Soul Solution Radio Version)
11.Can’t Let Her Go (Timbaland Remix)
12.Visions of a Sunset (Shawn Stockman solo)
13.Your Home Is in My Heart (Stella’s Love Theme, with Chanté Moore)
14.I Will Get There” (Inspirational Version)
15.Not Me
16.So Amazing
17.It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Radio Version)

Boyz II Men - Remedy

02.Gonna Have 
03.Here I Come 
04.Perfect Love Song
06.Booed Up 
07.You Don't Love Me 
08.The Last Time
09.Just Like Me
12.Morning Love 
13.Muzak (feat. Atsushi (Exile) - Bonus Track

Unforgettable Rhythms & Beats ( IV )

http://ul.to/nqfr1sr701.Kreuz - Baby Love
02.Demond ft.Storm 6 - Ohh La La (Dj Ron G Harlem Remix)
03.9'1'1 ft.Queen Pen - In A Magazine
04.Avant - Don't Take Your Love Away (Remix)
05.Case ft.Foxy Brown - Touch Me Tease Me (Sherry's Remix)
06.Dane Bowers - Another Lover (Blacksmith R&B Rub Remix)
07.Deborah Cox -It's Over (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
08.Ezekiel Lewis - Rider Like Me
09.Gina Thompson - You Bring The Sunshine (Allstar Remix with Rap)
10.Mario - How Do I Breathe (Cornaboyz Remix)
11.Melvin Turner - What You Want
12.Michael Jackson & Angelikson ft.50 Cent - Monster (Teddy Riley)
13.Samatha - The Boy (Unreleased RnB)
14.Tina Moore ft.Know Question  - Nobody Better (Blacksmith R&B)
15.Tyra.B - Givin me a Rush.
16.Uncle Sam - Can You Feel It (Chris Kringle Remix)
17.Virtue - Down With It (Darkchild Mix)

Most Dope Remix's Vol.10

http://ul.to/qru36d3v01.Babyface ft.Ghostface Killer - This Is For The Lover In You (Face To Face Remix)
02.Blackstreet - U Blow My Mind (Craig Mack Basic 4)
03.Bobby Brown - Every Little Hit Mega Mix (Radio Edit)
04.Boys II Men ft.Faith - Relax Your Mind (DJ Babek )
05.Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - I'm Looking For The One..To Be with Me (12'' Mix)
06.Donell Jones - The Only One You Need (Remix)
07.Dream - Mr.Telephone Man (Guto's Extended Mix)
08.Groove Theory ft.Brand Nubian -  Tell Me (Six Karat Hip Hop Mix)
09.Guy - Do Me Right (A.Van Helden Remix)
10.Janet Jackson ft.Missy - Go Deep (Timbaland Remix)
11.Jay-Z ft.Babyface & Foxy Brown  - Sunshine (TV Mix)
12.Jennifer Lopez ft.LL Cool J - All I Have (Ignorants Mix)
13.Johnny Gill - Rub You The Right Way (Extended Hype 12'' Mix)
14.Kris Kross ft.Redman - Tonite's Tha Night (So So Def Remix)
15.LL Cool J - Stand By Your Man (New Jack Street Mix)
16.Rick Clarke - You Can Call Me Up (Full Crew Remix)
17.Rufus and Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
18.Shades - Tell Me Your Name (Clark Kent Remix)
19.Soul for Real - Candy Rain (Swing of Things Corona Mix)
20.Teddy Riley ft.Tammy Lucas - Is It Good to You (Remix)

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