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24. Oktober 2015

Most Dope Remix's Vol.6

http://ul.to/bybnimu401.Babyface - Give U My Heart (Upscale R&B Remix)
02.Billy Lawrence - Happiness ('Puffy' Remix)
03.Brandy ft.Shaunta - The Boy Is Mine (Darkchild Rap Remix)
04.Brian Mcknight - Goodbye My Love (N.O. Joe Mix)
05.Conner Reeves - My Father's Son (Brooklyn Funk R&B Mix)
06.Dina Carroll - One Two Three (Full Crew Mix)
07.Dru Hill - Tell Me (Student Mix)
08.Faith Evans ft.Black Rob - Never Knew Love Like This (Remix)
09.Jesse Powell - 'Bout It (So So Def Remix)
10.Mario - How Could You (Remix)
11.Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl (DMC Remix)
12.Monifah - I Miss You..Come Back Home (Da Street Remix)
13.Nu Life - Now That I've Found You (Linslee Campbell's Soul Mix)
14.Pressha - Don't Get It Twisted (Remix)
15.R.Kelly - Rock With Vibe (MJJ Remix)
16.Sat-r-day - Don`t Go (Remix)
17.TLC - Baby Baby Baby (Rap Remix Version)
18.Total ft.Black Rob - What About Us (Remix)
19.Usher ft.Method Man & Blu Cantrell - U Remind Me (Remix)
20.Will Smith ft.Brian McKnight - Just The Two Of Us (Darkchild Remix)

LL Cool J - Hot, Hot, Hot-CDS-1997

01. Hot Hot Hot (TDD’A Mix)   3:41
02. Hot Hot Hot (TDD’A Maxi Version)   5:40
03. Hot Hot Hot (TDD’A Instrumental Version)   4:42
04. Hot Hot Hot (Boogies Mellow Summer Mix)   3:33
05. Hot Hot Hot (Album Version)   4:22

23. Oktober 2015

24/7 - 24/7-(Promo CDS)-1998

01. 24/7 (Radio Version)
02. 24/7 (Alternate Clean Mix)
03. 24/7 (Instrumental)

AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money (2001)

http://ul.to/30pzz72q01.Bitch Betta Have My Money (Bitchmental Mix)
02.Bitch Betta Have My Money (Jiggy Extended Mix)
03.Bitch Betta Have My Money (Jiggy Pascha Rmx)
04.Bitch Betta Have My Money (Jiggy Radio Cut)
05.Bitch Betta Have My Money (Original Mix)

AMG - I Wanna Be Yo Ho (1992)

http://ul.to/486mt5ag01.I Wanna Be Yo Ho (Remixtramental)
02.I Wanna Be Yo Ho (Vocal Remix)
03.Bitch Betta Have My Money (Bitchmental)
04.Bitch Betta Have My Money (Vocal)

AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money (1991)

http://ul.to/toozj34j01.Bitch Betta Have My Money
04.Tha Booty UP (Dub Mix)
05.Tha Booty UP

22. Oktober 2015

Nubian M.O.B. - Nubian M.O.B.-1992

1 Hey Y'all (The M.O.B.'s All Here) 5:50
2 In The Light 5:20
3 Vocals Melt (Right Into The Tracks) 3:34
4 Farway To Go 5:11
5 Why Play 5:36
6 Candidrops 5:26
7 Things In Smash 5:40
8 Domino 4:43
9 Mind To Mind 5:35
10 The Power Of The Pen 5:36
11 Wherever, Whenever 3:49

Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game-(The K Klass Mixes)-CDS-1994

1 Two Can Play That Game (K Klassic Radio Mix) 3:31
2 Two Can Play That Game (K Klassic Mix) 7:17
3 Two Can Play That Game (The Games Over Mix) 5:18
4 Two Can Play That Game (Pharmaceutical Dub) 6:22
5 Two Can Play That Game (The Games Over Radio Mix) 3:29
6 Two Can Play That Game (2B3 Can Play That Game Mix) 4:45

P.O.V. - Handin' Out Beatdowns-1993

1 Nuff Of The Ruff Stuff (Intro) 1:08
2 U Got What I Want 4:45
3 Anutha Luv 4:22
4 Good Lovin' 3:30
5 Tell Me 4:15
6 Summer Nights 4:30
7 Never Believe (Interlude) 0:55
8 Let Me Do U 6:13
9 U R The Only 1 6:04
10 Sitting Here Waiting 6:28
11 Settle Down 4:43
12 All Thru The Night (Duet With Jade) 5:02
13 Ball Ya Fist (Beatdowns) 6:14
14 Nuff Of The Ruff Stuff (Outro) 1:11

21. Oktober 2015

Koffee Brown - After Party (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 After Party (Radio Version)
B1 After Party (Instrumental)
B2 After Party (Acapella)

Vé Style - Don't Be Afraid (1993)

01 User
02 I'll Be There
03 All I Need
04 Don't Be Afraid
05 I'll Be There (House Mix)
06 On My Mind
07 The Love We Shared
08 Late At Night
09 I'll Be There (Extended Mix)
10 We're Out

Y.T. Style - The Concept (1993)

01 Wrath Of The Daddy Mack
02 12, 15, 22, 5
03 You'll Never Find Another
04 Sexy
05 It's O.K
06 Love Alibi
07 Sugar Baby
08 What Can I Do
09 That Girl
10 Y.T.'s Groove

Willie Clayton - Forever (Deluxe Version) (1988)

01 Your Sweetness
02 Rock And Hold Your Baby
03 Special Lady
04 Stone Good Lover
05 Can I Change My Mind
06 Make Me Yours Forever
07 Rocking Chair
08 One Night Stand
09 Tell Me (bonus track)
10 What A Way To Put It (bonus track)
11 So Tied Up (bonus track)

Corey - I'm Just Corey (2002)

01 Hush Lil' Lady (feat Lil' Romeo & Lil' Reema)
02 Ghetto Superstar
03 MVP (feat Shaquille ONeal)
04 If I Was Older
05 2 Can Play That Game
06 What
07 The First Time
08 Hands Up
09 I Saw You
10 Soldier
11 Stop Talkin About Me
12 Cutest Girl
13 All I Do (feat Michael Jackson) (Bonus Track)

F.S. Effect - Your Luvin' (VLS) (1991)

A1 Your Luvin' (Album Version)
A2 Your Luvin' (12 Down Low Mix)
A3 Your Luvin' (12 Instrumental)
B1 Mentally Stable (Hip Hop Show)
B2 Mentally Stable (Bald Head)
B3 Mentally Stable (EZ Lee Jeep Style)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (1986)

http://ul.to/dd0jdjet01.DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince -  Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
02.DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Feat. Ice Cream T -  Guys Ain't Nothing But Trouble
03.DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (Def Mix)  Bonus

Cookie Crew - Come On & Get Some (1989)

http://ul.to/x76jaxwn01.Cookie Crew - Come On & Get Some (Jack Swing Instrumental)
02.Cookie Crew - Come On & Get Some (Jack Swing Mix)
03.Cookie Crew - Come On & Get Some (Rasa Mix)
04.Cookie Crew - Got To Keep On (Danny D. Remix)

20. Oktober 2015

Brian McKnight - Anytime (UK CDM) (1998)

01 Anytime (Radio Edit)
02 Anytime (Suave House Remix Feat 8-Ball)
03 Anytime (Cibola Mix Show Bass)
04 Anytime (Mr Mig Remix Version)
05 Anytime (Suave House Remix)

Brian McKnight - Anytime (AU CDS) (1998)

01 Anytime (Cibola Remix Edit)
02 Anytime (Suave House Remix Ft 8 - Ball)
03 Anytime (Cibola Mixshow Bass)
04 Anytime (Cibola Extended House Mix)

Horace Brown - Why Why Why - Trippin' (VLS) (1996)

A1 Why Why Why (Radio Edit)
A2 Why Why Why (LT Mix)
B1 Why Why Why (Instrumental)
B2 Why Why Why (Remix)
B3 Trippin' (Radio Mix)

Tyrese feat Heavy D - Criminal Mind (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 Criminal Mind (LP Edit)
A2 Criminal Mind (Instrumental)
B1 Criminal Mind (Non-Rap)
B2 Criminal Mind (LP Version)
B3 Criminal Mind (Acapella)

Smooth - You Been Played (1993)

01 Ready or Not
02 Female Mac
03 You Been Played
04 Lovin' You Is Simple
05 You Are Through
06 Let's Not Pimp
07 You're Slippin'
08 Get Inside My-
09 Hey You
10 Talk Too Much
11 Dog You
12 Hump and Dump

Unforgettable Rhythms & Beats

http://ul.to/q9m12odp01.ATL ft.T.i & Jazze Pha - Calling All Girls (P.II)
02.Carl Thomas ft.Ness - Make It Alright (Bad Boy Remix)
03.Chico DeBarge ft.Joe - Listen To Your Man
04.Damage ft.K-Dub - Ghetto Romance (Ghetto Thug Remix)
05.Donell Jones - Shorty (DJ Kool T Remix)
06.Dream ft.P. Diddy & Kain - This Is Me (Remix)
07.Elisha La'Verne ft.MDK - Creepin Out (Full Crew Remix)
08.J.Lo ft.Fat Joe - Love Don't Cost A Thing (Schoolyard Mix)
09.J.Shin ft.Trick Daddy & Trina - One Night Stand
10.LL Cool J ft.Ralph Tresvant and Ricky Bell - Candy (Extended Mix)
11.Men Of Vizion - Do You Feel Me ... (Freak You)
12.Sec-N-Sol ft.Romeo - Change Your Ways (Remix)
13.T.Momrelle - If You Were Here Tonight (Blacksmith R&B)
14.T-Boz ft.Richie Rich & Jermaine Dupri - Touch Myself (Remix)
15.Tyrese ft.Mr.Tan - I Like Them Girls (Hot Squad Remix)
16.Will Smith ft.Brian McKnight - Just The Two Of Us (Darkchild Remix)

19. Oktober 2015

Jagged Edge - The Hits Unreleased Vol.1 (2003)

http://ul.to/cou4yjjx1. The Way That You Talk (ft.Da Brat and Jermaine Dupri)
2. Can't Wait
3. Gotta Be
4. Keys To The Range (ft.Jermaine Dupri)
5. He Can't Love U
6. Let's Get Married
7. Promise
8. Dreamed Of You
9. Where The Party At (ft.Nelly)
11.I Got It 2 (ft.Nas)
12.All Out Of Love
13.He Can't Love U (Jd's Remix)
14.Let's Get Married (Remarkable Remix) (ft.Run DMC)
15.Promise (Cool Jd Remix - ft.Loon)
16.Where The Party At (11-01-01 Remix)(ft.Jermaine Dupri,Da Brat,R.O.C.,LilBow Wow & Tigah)
17.Walked Outta Heaven (Too Hot Remix)

Most Dope Remix's Vol.4

http://ul.to/eeqgbjgh1.Soul For Real ft.Heavy D. - Candy Rain (Trackmasterz Mix)
2.B2K - Girlfriend (Big Tank Club Remix)
3.Billie - Girlfriend (Dinfluence Real Live Mix)
4.Blaque ft.Freck Billionaire - I`m Good (Remix)
5.Danacee - Shop Around..Before You Get Down (Hoff's Club Edit)
6.Day26 - Got Me Going (Daddy Nino New Jack Swing Remix)
7.Dream ft.P.Diddy & Kain - This Is Me (Remix)
8.Ethan Edwards ft.Shorty Black - All Over Again (Rap Mix)
9.Joe ft.Jadakiss - I Want A Girl Like You (T-Town Remix)
10.Mary J.Blige - Can't Get You Off My Mind (Darkchild Message Mix)
11.Michael Jackson ft.Heavy D - Jam (Teddys 12'' Mix)
12.Profyle & Teddy Riley - Liar (Remix)
13.Rugged I ft.Craig Smart -  All The Things I Do (Radio Mix)
14.Skindeep ft.Meaner - Everybody (The Rhyme Mix)
15.Syleena Johnson - I Am Your Woman (Summertime Remix Radio Edit)
16.Taral Feat. LL Cool J - How Can I Get Over You (Uncle L's Extended Mix)
17.Tools ft.Iba - Sexy Cherry (Club Mix)
18.Tyrese ft.Lord Tariq - Sweet Lady (Darkchild Rap Remix)
19.Warren G. & Nate Dogg - Regulate (Jammin' Mix)
20.Yvette Michelle - Everyday Everynight (Bronx Expressway)

Best Swing 96 vol.3 (1996)

http://ul.to/3eow2exv1. R. Kelly - Thank God Its Friday2. TLC - Creep
3. Chantay Savage - I Will Survive (Silks Old Skool Extend Mix)
4. Jodeci - Get On Up (Mr. Dalvin Remix)
5. Monica - Like This And Like That (All Star Remix)
6. Nonchalant - 5 O'Clock (B.L.A.K. Productions Remix)
7. Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check
8. Lighthouse Family - Lifted (Linslee Extended Mix)
9. Gabrielle - Give Me A Little More Time (Buckwild Remix Oc)
10. The Pharcyde - Runnin'
11. Skee-Lo - I Wish
12. Somethin' For The People - You Want This Party Started
13. Nu Colours - Desire (Linslee Extended Mix)
14. The Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance (Stay With Me)
15. A Tribe Called Quest, Tammy Lucas - 1nce Again
16. Damage, Little Caesar - Anything
17. Celetia - Missing Your Love (Old Skool Rap Mix)
18. KRS One - Rappaz R.N. Dainja
19. Kelly Llorenna - One Day Ill Fly Away (Soul Inside Radio Mix)
20. Smooth - Undercover Lover

Best Swing 96 (1995)

1–Aaron Hall - Curiosity (Marley Marl Remix - Radio Version) ft. Redman Remix – Marley Marl
2–LV - Throw Your Hands Up (Album Version) ft.Treach
3–Jodeci - Fun 2 Nite (2b3 Brixton Mix) Remix – 2B3 Productions
4–Guy - Tell Me What You Like
5–Silk - Hooked On You (Radio Edit)
6–Brandy - Baby
7–Mary J.Blige - Be Happy (US Radio Edit)
8–Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Player's Anthem
9–Soul For Real - If You Want It (Bad Boy Mix) Remix – Puff Daddy
10–Immature - We Got It
11–Monifah - I Miss You (Come Back Home)
12–C+C Music Factory* - I'll Always Be Around (Jeep Edit)
13–R. Kelly - You Remind Me Of Something
14–Soul II Soul - I Care (Maserati Radio Mix) Remix – Fred Sargolini, Tony Maserati
15–Desire - Love In Return (Phat Swing Mix) Remix – MC Juice
16–Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow (Radio Edit)
17–Miss Jones - Don't Front (Radio Soul Mix)
18–Damage Girlfriend - (Don E Phat Beat Remix) Remix – Don E*
19–Kreuz - Slap 'n' Tickle (Full Crew Remix) Remix – Full Crew
20–Gwen McCrae - Girlsfriend's Boyfriend (2 Step)
21–LV - Gangsta's Paradise (LV Version)
22–Mary J. Blige - (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman

Best Swing 95 (1995)

CD 1
1. Mary J. Blige - Mary Jane (All Night Long) (Radio Mix)
2. Monica - Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)
3. Brownstone - Grapevyne
4. Jodeci - Freek 'N You (Radio Edit)
5. 9*1*1 - Cutie (Funk Mix With Rap)
6. Towa Tei - Luv Connection (Radio Edit)
7. Aaliyah - (At Your Best) You Are Love (Steppers Ball Remix)
8. Total, The Notorious B.I.G. - Can't You See
9. Miss Jones - Where I Wanna Be Boy (Uptown Radio Mix)
10. Wayne Marshall - Your G Spot (Back In The Day Mix)
11. Soul For Real - Candy Rain (Album Version)
12. R. Kelly - She's Got That Vibe
13. Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Human Rhythm Hip Hop Remix)
14. Mark Morrison - Crazy (Original Mix)
15. Smooth - Mind Blowin'
16. Truce - Treat U Right (7 Edit)
17. Paul Johnson - If We Lose Our Way (Long Rhodes Mix)
18. Aaron Hall - I Miss You
19. Kreuz - Get Down On It
20. Damage - What U C (Iz What U Get) (Radio Edit)

CD 2
1. R. Kelly - Bump 'N' Grind (LP Version)
2. Aaliyah - Back And Forth
3. Beverley Knight - Flavour Of The Old School
4. Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (Radio Version)
5. Eve - Groove Of Love (Radio Edit)
6. Zhane - Hey Mr. DJ
7. Nuttin' Nyce - Down 4 Whateva (Radio Edit)
8. Horace Brown - Taste Your Love (Remix Edit)
9. Troi - Never Knew Love
10. Steven Ville - Do It My Way
11. Father MC - 69
12. Samuelle - So You Like What You See (Edit)
13. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative (7 Version)
14. Mary J. Blige - Real Love (Hip Hop Club)
15. Chante Moore - Loves Taken Over
16. Teddy Riley, Tammy Lucas - Is It Good To You
17. Wreckx-N-Effect - Rump Shaker (Radio Mix)
18. Intro - Love Thang (Randb Mix)
19. Hi-Five - I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)
20. SWV - I'm So Into You (Allstar's Drop Radio Mix)

18. Oktober 2015

Night & Day - Day & Night (1996)

01 Intro (Interlude)
02 The Sweetest
03 Day & Night
04 Hotel
05 Expecting (Interlude)
06 The Happiest Man In The World
07 U Showed Me How To Love
08 Why Do I Cry
09 Trippin'
10 Goin' Thru A Thang
11 Yes, I Will
12 Why Must I
13 Get High With Me
14 So Free (Outro)

Squirrel - Let Me See You Squirrel (VLS) (1997)

A1 Let Me See You Squirrel (LP Version)
A2 Let Me See You Squirrel (Acapella)
B1 Let Me See You Squirrel (Radio Version)
B2 Let Me See You Squirrel (Instrumental)

Toni Braxton - Seven Whole Days (CDS) (1993)

01 Seven Whole Days (Radio Edit)
02 Seven Whole Days (Live Radio Edit)
03 Seven Whole Days (Album Version)
04 Seven Whole Days (Live Version)
05 Seven Whole Days (Ghetto Vibe)
06 Seven Whole Days (Quiet Mix)
07 The Christmas Song

All City - Who Dat (Promo VLS) (1995)

A1 Who Dat (Dirty Version) (No Cutzs)
A2 Metro Theme (Dirty Version)
A3 Metro Theme (Instrumental)
B1 Who Dat (Clean Version)
B2 Metro Theme (Clean Version)
B3 Who Dat (Intsrumental)
B4 Metro Theme (Acapella Without Claps)

Assorted Phlavors - Assorted Phlavors (1996)

01 Tell Me
02 Hiding Place (featuring Patra)
03 Make Up Your Mind
04 Trust
05 What You Gonna Do (interlude)
06 Patience
07 First You Said
08 Don't Let Go
09 Tonight (interlude)
10 Can't Get You Off My Mind
11 Love So Real (interlude)
12 Love Ballad
13 Don't Stop (interlude)
14 Farewell
15 Lovin' On The D.L.
16 Lovin' You
17 Patience (Remix)

Some Selected Remix's ( by. Dj Wadz )

http://ul.to/3wcd1vnm1.702 - Steelo [R&B Remix]
2.Alfonzo Hunter - Just The Way [R&B Remix]
3.Beverley Knight - Flavour Of The Old School [Rough Remix]
4.Blackstreet - Before I Let You Go [Smoothness Remix]
5.Brandy & Mase - Top Of The World [Bronx Remix]
6.Celly Cel - Itz Goin Down [Chillin Remix]
7.Craig David & Mos Def - 7 Dayz [G-Funk Remix]
8.Donell Jones & Left Eye - U Know What's Up [Funk Remix]
9.Dwele - I Think I Love You [Soulful Remix]
10.Faith Evans - Love Like This [G-Funk Remix]
11.Guy - Dancin' [Flava Remix]
12.Horace Brown & Jay-Z - Things We Do For Love [Mvp Remix]
13.Jodeci - Freek'n You [Wadz Silky Remix]
14.Keith Washington & Chant‚ Moore - I Love You [Heat Remix]
15.Latoiya Williams & 2.1.3. - Another Summer [Chillin Remix]
16.LL Cool J & Boyz II Men - Hey Lover [Rollin Remix]
17.Mary J. Blige - Real Love [G-Funk Remix]
18.Musiq Soulchild - Foethenight [Soulful Remix]
19.Sweet Sable - Old Times Sake [G-Funk Remix]
20.Zakiya - Love Like Mine [R&B Remix]

Dejah - Dejah-1998

1 Krazy
2 Can I Have Someone
3 Say It Ain't So
4 Changes
5 Gotta Be Real
6 Foolin' Around
7 Almost Where We Wanna Be
8 Daddy's Little Girl
9 Ready Or Not
10 I Don't Wanna Fall
11 How Could You
12 We're Gonna Make History
13 I Wanna Be Loved By You
14 Just A Lil' Bit (M Doc Remix)
15 My Dream Is

Klymaxx - One Day-1994

1 One Day 4:19
2 Code Bleu 4:12
3 All I Think About Is You 4:44
4 Every Heart Needs Love 4:07
5 4 The Ole Dawg N U 4:29
6 Dear John 3:51
7 This Doesn't Feel Like Love Anymore 4:50
8 This Time 4:22
9 Ain't Nobody 4:10
10 The Night Moves 5:07
11 Hear It Come From You 4:27
12 Not Gonna Stop Lovin' You 2:25
13 Klymaxx Supper Club (Interlude) 2:10
14 All I Think (Reprise) 2:00
15 Once Before You Go 6:00
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