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31. Juli 2015

D'Angelo - Me and Those Dreamin Eyes Of Mine (Remixes)-VLS-1996

01 Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Def Squad Remix) (Feat. Redman) (Prod. Erick Sermon)
02 Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Dreamy Remix) (Prod. Erick Sermon)
03 Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Two Way Remix) (Prod. DJ Premier)
04 Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Album Version) (Prod. D’Angelo & Bob Power)

D'Angelo - Lady (DJ Premier Remix)-VLS-1996

01 Lady (Clean Street Version) (Feat. AZ) D’     4:02
02 Lady (Instrumental With Chorus)
03 Lady (Radio Edit)
04 Lady (Just Tha Beat Mix) (Feat. AZ)
05 Lady (Instrumental No Chorus)
06 Lady (Live in London at the Jazz Cafe)

30. Juli 2015

Entouch - II Hype (VLS) (1991)

01 II Hype (LP Version)
02 II Hype (Acappella)
03 II Hype (Club Dub)
04 II Hype (Instrumental)


29. Juli 2015

Mista - Blackberry Molasses (CDS) (1996)

01 Blackberry Molasses (Radio Edit)
02 Blackberry Molasses (Amiri Remix Wo Rap)
03 Blackberry Molasses (Amiri Remix Feat Shyheim)
04 Blackberry Molasses (Amiri Remix Instrumental)
05 Blackberry Molasses (Smooth Remix)
06 Blackberry Molasses (Organized Noize Remix)
07 Blackberry Molasses (Chucky Thompson Radio Remix)
08 Blackberry Molasses (Chucky Thompson Remix Instrumental)


B.B.O.T.I - Bad Boyz Of The Industry (1993)

01 Intro
02 Badd Boyz Of The Industry
03 Nasty
04 Where Will You Go
05 Addicted To You
06 Why Does Love Hurt (So Badd)
07 Da Choice Is Yours
08 Ecstasy
09 Da Format
10 Baby, Hold On
11 One Night Of Freedom


Blak Panta - Do What You Want (CDS) (1995)

01 Do What You Want (Wicked Version)
02 Do What You Want (Original Version)
03 Do What You Want (Wicked Instrumental Version)
04 Do What You Want (A Capella Version)


Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game, No Gimmicks (Remix CDS) (1995)

01 Hip 2 Da Game
02 Hip 2 Da Game (Remix)
03 Hip 2 Da Game (Instrumental)
04 No Gimmicks (feat. KRS-One)
05 No Gimmicks (Instrumental)
06 Hip 2 Da Game (Remix Instrumental)


Charlene Smith - Let It Slide (VLS) (1995)

A1 Let It Slide (Soul Inside Mix)
A2 Let It Slide (Boomtang Original Mix)
A3 Let It Slide (Good As Gould Mix)
B1 Let It Slide (Eric Kupper Mix)
B2 Let It Slide (Elevatorman Top Draw Mix)
B3 Let It Slide (Booker T Mix)


28. Juli 2015

Tony Touch feat Total - I Wonder Why (He's The Greatest DJ) (CDS) (2000)

01 I Wonder Why (Clean Album Version)
02 I Wonder Why (Maw Radio Mix)
03 I Wonder Why (Maw Mix)
04 I Wonder Why (Maw Dub Mix)


Gang Starr feat Total - Discipline (Promo CDM) (1999)

01. Discipline (Clean Version feat Total)
02. Discipline (Street Version feat Total)
03. Discipline (Instrumental Version)
04. Discipline (TV Track)


Total - Sitting Home (CDM) (1999)

01 Sitting Home (Album Version)
02 Sitting Home (Waiting For You Remix feat Shyne)
03 Trippin' (Remix feat DMX)
04 Sitting Home (Instrumental)
05 Sitting Home (Waiting For You Remix Instrumental)


9T9 Percent - However You Want It (2000)

01 Butta Your Muffins (Remix)
02 Stay With Me
03 The Cat's Astray
04 Cloudy (Goodbye Aaliyah)
05 Don't Stop (Turning Me On)
06 Round And Round
07 Say I Do
08 Roll Wit' Me
09 Tell Me
10 Touch Me
11 No Need To Be Freaky
12 Never Tell Our Child
13 Butta Your Muffins


27. Juli 2015

Total feat Da Brat, Lil' Kim & Foxy Brown - No One Else (Remix CDS) (1996)

01 No One Else (Puff Daddy Remix)
02 No One Else (R&B Remix)
03 No One Else (R&B Remix Instrumental)
04 No One Else (Puff Daddy Remix Instrumental)


Total - What About Us (Remix CDS) (1998)

01 What About Us (Album Version With Rap) (feat. Missy Elliott)
02 What About Us (Album Version Without Rap)
03 What About Us (Lil' Jon Remix) (feat. Sean Paul)
04 What About Us (Album Instrumental)
05 What About Us (Lil' Jon Remix Instrumental)


Total feat DMX - Trippin' (VLS) (1998)

01. Trippin' (Remix Club Mix) (feat. DMX)
02. Trippin' (Remix Instrumental)
03. Trippin' (Remix Acapella) (feat. DMX)


26. Juli 2015

Blackstreet - Joy (CDS) (1995)

01 Joy (LP Version No Rap)
02 Joy (Uptown Joy)
03 Joy (Cool Joy)
04 Joy (New Carnegie Mix)
05 Joy (Latin Combo)
06 Joy (Quiet Storm)
07 Joy (Uptown Joy Long Version)


Up 2 Par - Here We Go (2005)

01 Here We Go
02 Figure It Out (Raw Mix)
03 Shake It Up
04 On The Grind
05 No Good
06 A Song For Christina
07 Wipe Your Tears Away
08 I Can't Go On
09 Figure It Out (Roll Out Remix)
10 No Good (Jazz Mix)


Amerie - Why Dont We Fall In Love-CDM-2002

01 Why Don’t We Fall In Love (Main Mix)   3:32
02 Why Don’t We Fall In Love (Richcraft Remix)
03 Why Don’t We Fall In Love (Erich Lee Decibel Remix)
04 Why Don’t We Fall In Love (Album Version)

25. Juli 2015

Mary J. Blige - Mary-1999

1 All That I Can Say 3:57
2 Sexy 4:47
3 Deep Inside 4:20
4 Beautiful Ones 4:44
5 I'm In Love 4:50
6 As 4:41
7 Time 5:07
8 Memories 4:38
9 Don't Waste Your Time 4:10
10 Not Lookin' 4:49
11 Your Child 4:40
12 No Happy Holidays 4:45
13 The Love I Never Had 5:46
14 Give Me You 4:48
15 Let No Man Put Asunder 4:23

Lo-Key - Back 2 Da Howse (1994)

01 Welcome
02 Been A Long Time, Love
03 Back 2 Da Howse
04 26 Cent
05 Don't Trip On Me
06 Getcha Girlfriend
07 Lil' Shumpin', Shumpin'
08 Tasty
09 Play With Me
10 Good Ol' Fashion Love
11 Turn Around
12 Call My Name
13 Interlude
14 My Desire
15 We Ain't Right
16 Come On In


Keith Sweat - Get Up On It-1994

1 Interlude (How Do You Like It?) 0:30
2 How Do You Like It? (Part 1) 4:33
3 It Gets Better 3:44
4 Get Up On It 5:06
5 Feels So Good 3:53
6 How Do You Like It? (Part 2) 4:14
7 Intermission Break 1:24
8 My Whole World 3:37
9 Grind On You 5:05
10 When I Give My Love 6:06
11 Put Your Lovin' Through The Test 4:34
12 Telephone Love 0:56
13 Come Into My Bedroom 5:25
14 For You (You Got Everything) 5:06

Total feat Missy Elliott - Trippin' (Promo CDM) (1998)

01 Trippin' (Puff Daddy Mix)
02 Trippin' (Missy Mix)
03 Trippin' (Puff Daddy Mix Instrumental)
04 Trippin' (Missy Mix Instrumental)
05 Trippin' (Call Out Research Hook 1)
06 Trippin' (Call Out Research Hook 2)


Total feat Missy Elliott - Trippin' (CDS) (1998)

01 Trippin' (PD Mix Radio Edit)
02 Trippin' (Missy Mix Radio Edit)


Total - Do You Think About Us + When Boy Meets Girl (Remixes CDM) (1996)

01 Do You Think About Us (So So Def Remix)
02 Do You Think About Us (Album Version)
03 Do You Think About Us (So So Def Remix  Instrumental)
04 When Boy Meets Girl (Album Version)
05 When Boy Meets Girl (Instrumental)
06 When Boy Meets Girl (Hex Hector's Traditional House Mix)


21. Juli 2015

Total - Can't You See (The Remixes CDS) (1995)

01 Can't You See (Original Version) (feat The Notorious B.I.G.)
02 Can't You See (Bad Boy Remix) (feat Keith Murray)
03 Can't You See (Bad Boy Remix Extended) (feat Keith Murray)
04 Can't You See (So So Def Remix) (feat Keith Murray)
05 Can't You See (E-Smoove Funky Piano Dub Mix)
06 Can't You See (E-Smoove Hard House Vocal Mix)
07 Can't You See (Bad Boy Remix Acapella) (feat Keith Murray)


Oran Juice Jones feat Stu Large & Camp Lo - Poppin' That Fly (UK CDM) (1997)

01 Poppin' That Fly (Clark Kent Remix With Camp-Lo)
02 Poppin' That Fly (Clark Kent Remix W-o Rap)
03 Poppin' That Fly (Clark Kent Remix Instrumental)


Jeff Redd - I Found Lovin' (VLS) (1989)

A1 I Found Lovin (Club Version)
A2 I Found Lovin (LP Version)
A3 I Found Lovin (Instrumental)
B1 I Found Lovin (7`` Version)
B2 I Found Lovin (Hip Hop Mix)

2-Nice - Wanna Make U Mine (CDS) (1995)

01 Wanna Make You Mine (Radio Mix)
02 Wanna Make You Mine (Original Mix)
03 Wanna Make You Mine (Club Mix)
04 You're Gone Now

Total - Kissin' You (CDS) (1996)

1 Kissin' You (Album Verison)
2 Kissin' You, Oh Honey
3 Album Verison (Instrumental)
4 Kissin' You, Oh Honey (Instrumental)

One of the dopest track ever. My personal favourite of all times.


O.S.T. - Deep Cover (1992)

01 Dr. Dre - Snoop Doggy Dogg - Deep Cover
02 Jewell - Love Or Lust
03 Paradise - Down With My Nigga
04 Po. Broke & Lonely - The Sex Is On
05 Calloway - The Way (Is In The House)
06 3rd Avenue - The Minute You Fall In Love
07 Michel Colombier - John & Betty's Theme
08 Shabba Ranks Feat Chevelle Franklin - Mr. Loverman
09 Ragtime - I See Ya Jay
10 Ko-Kane - Nickel Slick Nigga
11 Times 3 - Typical Relationship
12 The Deele - Digits
13 Calloway - The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
14 Emmage - Why You Frontin' On Me


20. Juli 2015

Total - Can't You See (E-Smoove Remixes VLS) (1994)

01 Can't You See (E-Smoove's Funky P 12'' Mix)
02 Can't You See (E-Smoove's Funky P 7'' Mix)
03 Can't You See (E-Smoove's Hard House Mix)
04 Can't You See (E-Smoove's P Mix)


Charles & Eddie - Would I Lie To You (CDS) (1992)

01 Would I Lie To You (Radio Edit)
02 Would I Lie To You (Club Mix House)
03 Would I Lie To You (Truth & Soul Mix)
04 Would I Lie To You (Funky Way Extended Mix)


Gerald Levert feat Rah Digga - Thinking 'Bout It (Remix CDM) (1998)

01 Thinking 'Bout It (Blag Rain Radio Remix) (feat Rah Digga)
02 Thinking 'Bout It (Blaq Rain Radio Remix) (feat Rah Digga)
03 Thinking 'Bout It (Blaze Dance Remix Edit) (feat Rah Digga)
04 Thinking 'Bout It (Mucho Remix Edit) (feat Rah Digga)


On Edge - On Edge (1994)

01 Edge Of My Bed
02 My Mind Is Naked
03 Don't Go Ho
04 Would U Lie To Me
05 Vibe
06 Black Berry Juice (Interlude)
07 Life On The Edge
08 Maybe U're Baby
09 Anythang U Want
10 69 Wayz
11 Black Berry Juice (Outerlude)

uploaded in better quality


19. Juli 2015

The Conscious Daughters - Gamers (Promo CDM) (1996)

01 Gamers (Radio Edit)
02 Gamers (C-Funk Trunk Remix)
03 Gamers (Rick Rock Eerie Attic Remix)
04 Gamers (T-Mors Bassment Remix)
05 Gamers (Radio Instrumental)
06 Gamers (Instrumental C-Funk Remix)
07 Gamers (Instrumental Rick Rock Remix)
08 Gamers (Instrumental T-Mor Remix)
09 Gamers (Acappella)


T.W.D.Y - Player's Holiday (CDS) (1999)

01 Player's Holiday (Lp Version)
02 Player's Holiday (Radio Edit)
03 Player's Holiday (Instrumental)


So Plush - Things I Heard Before (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 Things I Heard Before (Album Version)
A2 Things I Heard Before (Instrumental)
B1 Things I Heard Before (Radio Edit)
B2 Things I Heard Before (Acapella)


So Plush feat Ja Rule - Damn (Should've Treated U Right) (CDS) (1999)

01 Damn (Should've Treated You Right) (Radio Version)
02 Damn (Should've Treated You Right) (Album Version)
03 Damn (Should've Treated You Right) (Instrumental Version)
04 Damn (Should've Treated You Right) (Non Rap Version)


Geno Stanley - It Must Be Love (2004)

1 Being With You
2 Another Lonely Night
3 It Must Be Love
4 Can't Let Go
5 I'll Change
6 Why Don't You Love Me
7 We Could've Worked It Out
8 I Wish
9 Missing You
10 You're Pushing Me Away
11 Moonlight Jazz (instrumental)


R Kelly feat Keith Murray - Home Alone (VLS) (1997)

A Home Alone (LP Version)
B1 Home Alone (Radio With Rap)
B2 Gotham City (Remix)


Keith Sweat ‎- Keep It Comin'-1991

1 Keep It Comin' 4:09
2 Spend A Little Time 4:20
3 Why Me Baby? 5:28
4 I Really Love You 3:54
5 Let Me Love You 4:03
6 I Want To Love You Down 5:07
7 I'm Going For Mine 5:00
8 (There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again 5:06
9 Give Me What I Want 5:20
10 The Commandments Of Love 3:45
11 Keep It Comin' (Smooth Out Version) 5:21

Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever-1990

1 Something Just Ain't Right 5:22
2 Right And A Wrong Way 5:17
3 Tell Me It's Me You Want 4:44
4 I Want Her 5:58
5 Make It Last Forever 4:55
6 In The Rain 5:42
7 How Deep Is Your Love 4:47
8 Don't Stop Your Love 6:11

Keith Sweat ‎- I'll Give All My Love To You-1990

1 Interlude (I'll Give All My Love To You) 0:53
2 Make You Sweat 5:15
3 Come Back 4:39
4 Merry Go Round 7:29
5 Your Love 5:53
6 Your Love (Part 2) 5:51
7 Just One Of Them Thangs 6:12
8 I Knew That You Were Cheatin 4:18
9 Love To Love You 4:50
10 I'll Give All My Love To You 5:36

702 - Get It Together-CDM-1997

01 Get It Together (Radio Edit)
02 Get It Together (Album Version)
03 Steelo (J Dub Mix With Rap)
04 Steelo (Cali Mix)   4:08

Keith Sweat - I Want Her (12'' UK CDM) (1997)

01 I Want Her (Femi Fem's 97 Radio Mix)
02 I Want Her (Femi Fem's Master Mix)
03 I Want Her (Femi Fem's Instrumental)
04 I Want Her (Funky DL Remix)
05 I Want Her (Dubaholics Vocal Dub Mix)
06 I Want Her (Dubaholics Deep Club Mix)
07 I Want Her (Original Album Version)


Keith Sweat - Don't Stop You're Love (VLS) (1987)

A1 Dont Stop Your Love (Extended Version)
A2 Dont Stop Your Love (Acapella Groove)
B1 Dont Stop Your Love (Keith's Rap)
B2 Dont Stop Your Love (Instrumental)


Keith Sweat feat Left Eye - How Do You Like It (CDM) (1994)

01 How Do You Like It (Edit Of Part One)
02 How Do You Like It (Part One) (feat Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez of TLC)
03 How Do You Like It (Part Two Gangsta Mix) (feat Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez of TLC)
04 How Do You Like It (12'' Club Mix)
05 How Do You Like It (Keith Sweat Jam Mix)

RIP Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez :(


Keith Sweat - Keep It Comin' (Masters At Work Remixes CDS) (1991)

01 Keep It Comin' (Funky House Mix) (Masters At Work)
02 Keep It Comin' (Gangster Mix)
03 Keep It Comin' (Masters At Work Dub)
04 Keep It Comin' (Smooth Mix)
05 Keep It Comin' (Twelve Inch Mix)


Keith Sweat - Just A Touch (Promo VLS) (1997)

A1 Just A Touch (Stevie J's Bad Boy Remix) (feat Mase)
A2 Just A Touch (Stevie J's Bad Boy Remix W/o Rap) (feat Stevie J)
B1 Just A Touch (Stevie J's Bad Boy Remix Instrumental)
B2 Just A Touch (Stevie J's Bad Boy Remix Acappella)


Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever (VLS) (1987)

A1 Make It Last Forever (Extended)
A2 Make It Last Forever (LP Version)
B1 Make It Last Forever (Vocal Beat)
B2 Make It Last Forever (Instrumental)

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