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28. Februar 2015

KCi and JoJo - Tell Me It's Real (Promo,CDM)-1999

01. Tell Me It's Real (Dave 'Jam' Hall Remix)
02. Tell Me It's Real (Radio Edit)
03. Tell Me It's Real (Lp Version)
04. Tell Me It's Real (Instrumental)
05. Tell Me It's Real (Acappella)

KCi and JoJo - Life (Promo,CDS)-1999

01. Life

Blackstreet - Level II-CDS-2003


1 Ticket To Ride (Intro)

2 Dont Touch

3 Shes Hot

4 Deep

5 Ooh Girl

6 Friend of Mine

7 Whats The Fuss (Interlude)

8 You Made Me

9 Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

10 Why, Why

11 Look In The Water

12 Baby Youre All I Want

13 How We Do

14 Bygones

15 Still Feelin You (Interlude)

16 Brown Eyes

17 Wizzy Wow

18 Fly (UK Bonus Track)

Blackstreet - Deep (Promo CDS)-2002

01. Deep (Radio Edit)
02. Deep (Album Version)
03. Deep (Instrumental)
04. Call-Out-Hook

Blackstreet - Greatest Remixes +1-CDS-2004

1 Take Me There (Want U Back Mix)
2 Booti Call (K.C. Miami Mix)
3 Baby Be Mine (Radio Remix)
4 I Like The Way You Work (T.R. Uptown Mix)
5 I Like It (Unreleased) *
6 U Blow My Mind (Craig Mack Remix 4)
7 No Diggirty (Das Diggity Radio)
8 Fix (Deszo Call Me Mix)
9 Happy Song (Tonite) (Full Crew Remix Featuring Rimes)
10 Think About You (All I Do)
11 Think About You (Quiet Storm)
12 Tonights The Night (Album Mix Featuring SWV)
13 Joy (Uptown Joy)
14 Booti Call (Gotta Get U Home With Me Mix)
15 I Like The Way You Work (Ballad Mix)
16 Don't Leave Me (Goodbye Remix Main)
17 Before I Let You Go (Blackstreet Live Version)

MN8 - Tuff Act To Follow-PROMO-CDM-1996

01 Tuff Act To Follow (Radio Mix)   3:39
02 Tuff Act To Follow (Best Kept Secrets Mix)
03 Tuff Act To Follow (Silk And Doc’s Tuff Mix)

27. Februar 2015

Rodney Mannsfield - Love In A Serious Way-CD-1993

1. I've Got To Be Loved 4:53
2. Wanna Make Luv 2 U 5:24
3. One More Time 4:47
4. So Good, So Special 5:21
5. A Song For You 5:41
6. I Found Heaven 5:30
7. Nothin' Better Than Lovin' You 4:48
8. Living Without A Heart 5:22
9. Hold On 4:40
10. Love In A Serious Way 5:18
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