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3. Juli 2015

P.M. Dawn - The Best Of-2000


1. "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" (Radio Edit)
2. "Paper Doll"
3. "I'd Die Without You"
4. "Looking Through Patient Eyes"
5. "The Ways Of The Wind"
6. "Downtown Venus"
7. "Sometimes I Miss You So Much"
8. "Gotta Be...Movin' On Up"
9. "Being So Not For You" (I Had No Right)
10. "Faith In You"
11. "A Watcher's Point Of View (Don't 'Cha Think)" (Todd Terry's Hard House Mix)
12. "The Ways Of The Wind" (Main 7in)
13. "Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine" (CJ Macintosh 7in Edit)
14. "Gotta Be...Movin' On Up" (Morales Radio Edit)

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