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29. Mai 2014

On Cue - Jiggy (CDM) (1997)


01 - Jiggy (Less Is Best Mix)

02 - Jiggy (Radio Mix)
03 - Jiggy (Street Mix)
04 - Jiggy (Jeep Mix)
05 - Jiggy (Instrumental)

Nutta Butta - Freak Out Remix (Promo CDS) (1998)


01 - Freak Out (LP Version)
02 - Freak Out Remix (Main Clean)
03 - Freak Out Remix (Main Vocal)
04 - Freak Out Remix (Alternate Clean)
05 - Freak Out Remix (Alternate Vocal)

Nodesha - Get It While Its Hot (CDM) (2003)


01 - Get It While It's Hot (Radio Edit)
02 - Get It While It's Hot (AB Experience Remix)

03 - Get It While It's Hot (So So Def Remix)
04 - Get It While It's Hot (Richard Earnshaw Dub Mix)

Mr. X - Any Ole Sunday (CDM) (1995)


01 - Any Ole Sunday (Radio Edit) (feat. Chattabox)
02 - Any Ole Sunday (Radio Edit II) (feat. Chattabox)
03 - Any Ole Sunday (Lp Version) (feat. Chattabox)
04 - Any Ole Sunday (Instrumental)
05 - Any Ole Sunday (Accapella) (feat. Chattabox)

26. Mai 2014

Kool & The Gang feat. J.T. Taylor - In The Hood (Beat System Remix) (CDM) (1996)


01 - In The Hood (Gyp Style Radio Cut)
02 - In The Hood (Beat System's Radio Cut)
03 - In The Hood (Original Radio Edit)
04 - In The Hood (Boss 2 Radio Edit)
05 - In The Hood (Beat System's Club Mix)

Kenny G - The Moment (CDS) (1996)


01 - The Moment (Radio Edit)
02 - The Moment (Album Version)

Ini Kamoze - Call The Police (CDM) (1995)


01 - Call The Police (Marvel-Bonzai Mix)
02 - Call The Police
03 - Gunshot

Erykah Badu - Apple Tree (CDS) (1997)


01 - Apple Tree (Album Version)
02 - Apple Tree (2B3 Summer Vibes Mix)
03 - Other Side Of The Game (Live @ The Jazz Cafe)
04 - Next Lifetime (Linslee Remix)

12. Mai 2014

Robert Minott - Open Up 2 Me


01 - Robert Minott - Don't Let Go (Remix)
02 - Robert Minott - I Need You
03 - Robert Minott - Open Up To Me
04 - Robert Minott - Sex Fiend
05 - Robert Minott - Shove It
06 - Robert Minott - My Number One
07 - Robert Minott - Don't Let Go
08 - Robert Minott - I'm The One For You
09 - Robert Minott - I'm In Love
10 - Robert Minott - By Yourself
11 - Robert Minott - I Want You Bad
12 - Robert Minott - Jamaica Honey Love
13 - Robert Minott - Foul Play

YungFellaz - YungFellaz (EP)


01 - YungFellaz - Walked Out The Door
02 - YungFellaz - This Time (Official Remix)
03 - YungFellaz - Do You Remember
04 - YungFellaz - I Got Ya Girl
05 - YungFellaz - I'm Him
06 - YungFellaz - Let It Go
07 - YungFellaz - Next 2 Me

Chris Walker - I Know It's Love


01 - Chris Walker - Drifting Along
02 - Chris Walker - Even Now
03 - Chris Walker - It's The Last, Last Time
04 - Chris Walker - This Is Goodbye
05 - Chris Walker - Beyond The Limits Of Love
06 - Chris Walker - Can We Make Believe
07 - Chris Walker - Did You Ever Want To Know
08 - Chris Walker - Perfect Woman
09 - Chris Walker - Have You Heard
10 - Chris Walker - I'll Never Know
11 - Chris Walker - I Found Love
12 - Chris Walker - Merry-Go-Round

Adina Howard - Welcome to Fantasy Island


01 - Adina Howard - Welcome To My Queendom (Intro)
02 - Adina Howard - (Freak) And You Know It
03 - Adina Howard - Personal Freak
04 - Adina Howard - All About You
05 - Adina Howard - Crank Me Up
06 - Adina Howard - Sexual Needs
07 - Adina Howard - Could Have Got Away
08 - Adina Howard - Another Level (Interlude)
09 - Adina Howard - T-Shirt & Panties
10 - Adina Howard - I'll Be Damned If I Apologize
11 - Adina Howard - Don't Come Too Fast
12 - Adina Howard - Take Me Home
13 - Adina Howard - Lay Him Down
14 - Adina Howard - Ain't No Need
15 - Adina Howard - Satisfied (Outro)

7. Mai 2014

DJ Rags ‎- (No Date) Party Rockers (VLS) (320)

A1  Whut!
A2  Bounce With Me
A3  Off The Hook 
B1  Whut! (Instrumental)
B2  Bounce With Me (Instrumental)
B3  Off The Hook (Instrumental)

AV8 Record Style / Party Breaks

DJ Shok & Jaybiz ‎- (No Date) Turntable Treats (VLS) (320)

A1  Gotta' Get Mine (Can't Stop Can't Quit)
A2  Make Some Noise (Incredible)
B1  Everbody's Groovin' (Groove From State2state)
B2  Do My Thing (Yes I Got Ya' Open)

AV8 Record Style / Party Breaks

Da' Tekhoods ‎- (1995) One Mo' Time (Oh-Yeah!) (VLS) (320)

A  One Mo' Time (Oh-Yeah!)
B1  Brooklyn-Uptown Connect
B2  Klap Your Hands
B3  Bklyn Cheer

AV8 Record Style / Party Breaks

DJ Excel - (No Date) Off The Hook (VLS) (320)

A1  Hip Hop Mix
A2  Instrumental
A3  The Hooks (No Beats)
B1  Hip Hop Mix #2
B2  Instrumental #2

AV8 Record Style / Party Breaks

Tha Brothas ‎- (No Date) Funky (Clap Ya Hands) (VLS) (320)

A1  Funky (Clap Ya Hands)http://ul.to/z19fsl1t
B1  Funky (Clap Ya Hands) (Instrumental)
B2  Funky (Clap Ya Hands) (Beat  Accapella)

Fishguhlish ‎- (1995) Drum Crazy Volume Four (Vinyl) (320)

http://ul.to/yygc7vwz20 Drumbeats for you to mess with.

Fishguhlish ‎- (1995) Drum Crazy Volume One (Vinyl) (320)


20 Drumbeats for you to mess with.

Guru - (1993) Loungin' (VLS) (320)


A1  Loungin' (Album Vocal)
A2  Loungin' (Shortened Radio Video Version)
A3  Loungin' (Jazz Not Jazz Mix By Smash)
A4  Loungin' (Square Biz Mix By Tate & Greg)
B1  Loungin' (Album Instrumental)
B2  Loungin' (Smash Instrumental)
B3  Loungin' (Guru Meets The Professor Mix By Smash)
B4  Loungin' (Stone Cold Boners Instrumental)

Ready Ta Roll ‎- (1993) The Real Hip Hop (VLS) (320)

A1  The Real Hip Hop (Radio)
A2  The Real Hip Hop (Street)
A3  The Real Hip Hop (Instrumental)
B1  Ready Ta Roll (Radio)
B2  Ready Ta Roll (Street)
B3  Ready Ta Roll (Instrumental)

6. Mai 2014

VA - (No Date) The Real Acapellas (Vinyl) (320)

A1  I'm Every Woman
A2  Somebody Else's Guy
A3  Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
A4  Hey You
A5  Don't Go Away
A6  Rescue Me
A7  Ain't No Mountain High Enough
A8  Trapped
B1  Back To Life (Intro)
B2  Back To Life (Part 2)
B3  In Debt To You
B4  A Watcher's Point Of View
B5  Rainfall
B6  Spread Love

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1992) Juice (Know The Ledge) (VLS) (320)

A  Juice (Know The Ledge) (Main Mix)
B  Juice (Know The Ledge) (Instrumental)

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1992) Don't Sweat The Technique (Promo VLS) (320)

A1  Don't Sweat The Technique (Funky Ginger Club Version)
A2  Don't Sweat The Technique (Funky Ginger Radio Edit)
B1  Don't Sweat The Technique (UK Flavor Club Version)
B2  Don't Sweat The Technique (UK Flavor Single Edit)
B3  Don't Sweat The Technique (Album Version)
B4  Don't Sweat The Technique (Dub)

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1990) Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (VLS) (320)

A1  Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (12 Vocal Version Remix)
B1  Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (45 King Club Mix)
B2  Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (A Capella)

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1990) In The Ghetto (VLS) (320)

A  In The Ghetto (Extended Mix)
B  In The Ghetto (Drums And Rakim)

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1987) Move The Crowd (VLS) (320)

A1  Move The Crowd
B1  Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Cold Cut Re-Mix)
B2  Paid In Full

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1987) I Know You Got Soul (VLS) (320)

A1  I Know You Got Soul (Vocal)
B1  I Know You Got Soul (Acapella)
B2  I Know You Got Soul (Dub)

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1987) I Ain't No Joke (VLS) (320)

A1  I Ain't No Joke
A2  Extended Beat
B1  Eric B Is On The Cut

Eric B. & Rakim ‎- (1986) Eric B. Is President (VLS) (320)

A1  Eric B. Is President
A2  My Melody
B1  Eric B. Is President (Dub)
B2  My Melody (Dub)

The ‎Lox - (1997) If You Think I'm Jiggy (Promo VLS) (320)

A1  If You Think I'm Jiggy (Club Mix)
A2  If You Think I'm Jiggy (Instrumental)
B1  If You Think I'm Jiggy (Radio Edit)
B2  If You Think I'm Jiggy (Instrumental)

Deichkind ‎- (1999) Kabeljau Inferno (VLS) (320)

A1  Kabeljau Inferno
A2  Profession
A3  Schweiss & Tränen
B1  Kabeljau Inferno (Instrumental)
B2  Profession (Instrumental)
B3  Schweiss & Tränen (Instrumental)

MC Rene ‎- (1995) Spüre Diesen Groove... (VLS) (320)

A1  Spüre Diesen Groove...
A2  Zeitreise
B1  Spüre Diesen Groove... (Instrumental)
B2  Zeitreise (Instrumental)

Steady B ‎- (1989) Going Steady (Promo VLS) (320)

A1  Going Steady (Extended Remix)
A2  Going Steady (Single Edit)
B1  Going Steady (LP Version)
B2  Going Steady (Instrumental)

Steady B ‎- (1986) Surprise / Get Physical (Promo VLS) (320)


A1  Surprise (Extended Version)
A2  Surprise (LP Version)
B1  Get Physical
B2  Surprise (Instrumental Version)

Steady B ‎- (1989) Nasty Girls (VLS) (320)

A1  Nasty Girls (Extended Version)
A2  Nasty Girls (Single Edit)
A3  Nasty Girls (Instrumental)
B1  Nasty Girls (Indoor House Mix)
B2  Nasty Girls (Indoor House Instrumental)
B3  Ya Know My Rucka

Violator ‎- (1999) Vivrant Thing / Violator The Album (VLS) (320)

A1  Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing (Radio Edit)
A2  Eightball - Do What Playas Do (Radio Edit)
A3  LL Cool J - You Know Why (Radio Edit)
B1  Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing (Instrumental)
B2  Eightball - Do What Playas Do (Instrumental)
B3  LL Cool J - You Know Why (Instrumental)

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs ‎- (1991) I Got To Have It (Promo VLS) (320)

A1  I Got To Have It (Clean Version)
A2  I Got To Have It (Hard Version)
A3  I Got To Have It (Bonus Beats)
B1  Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto (Vocal)
B2  Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto (Instrumental)
B3  I Got To Have It (Instrumental)

Artifacts ‎- (1997) The Ultimate (Promo VLS) (320)

http://ul.to/18ixs4hkA1  The Ultimate (Radio Edit)
A2  The Ultimate (Extended Street Mix)
A3  The Ultimate (Extended Instrumental)
B1  The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix - Radio Edit)
B2  The Ultimate (Showbiz Street Mix)
B3  The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix Instrumental)

Capone -N- Noreaga ‎- (1997) Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (VLS) (320)

A1  Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Radio)
A2  Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Instrumental)
B1  Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Album)
B2  Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Accapella)

Onyx ‎- (1993) Shifftee (VLS) (320)

http://ul.to/pahg4mvpA1  Shifftee (Radio Version)
A2  Shifftee (Shytizon Remix)
A3  Shifftee (Spikinspan Remix) 
A4  Shifftee (A Cappella)
B1  Shifftee (Instrumental)
B2  Shifftee (Instrumental Remix)
B3  Bichasniguz (LP Version)
B4  Bichasniguz (Instrumental)

Noreaga ‎- (1998) SuperThug (Promo VLS) (320)

A1  SuperThug (Radio Version)
A2  SuperThug (Instrumental) 
B1  SuperThug (Album Version)
B2  SuperThug (Acapella)

Nine ‎- (1996) Lyin' King (VLS) (320)

A1  Lyin' King (Clean Version)
A2  Lyin' King (Album Version)
A3  Lyin' King (Catch The Beat Instrumental)
B1  Industry Party
B2  Industry Party (Intrumental)
B3  Lyin' King (Instrumental)
B4  Lyin' King (Acapella)

Boot Camp Clik ‎- (1997) Headz R Reddee Pt. II (Promo VLS) (320)

A1  Headz R Reddee Pt. II (Radio) 
A2  Headz R Reddee Pt. II (Instrumental)
B1  Down By Law (Radio)
B2  Headz R Reddee Pt. II (LP Edit)

5. Mai 2014

Cortez – All About Love


(A1) Dreamin
(A2) I'm Really In Love With You
(A3) I Wanna Do It Good To You
(A4) Always

(B1) Girl I've Been Watching You
(B2) Just Coolin            
(B3) Feel The Need In Me
(B4) She Says That She Loves Me
(B5) He Don't Love You

Jesse Powell - By The Way (Promo CDS) (2003)


01 - By The Way (Radio Edit)
02 - By The Way (Instrumental)
03 - By The Way (Acapella)

Jasmine Guy - Another Like My Lover (Promo CDM) (1990)


01 - Another Like My Lover (Single Version)
02 - Another Like My Lover (Alternate Single Version)
03 - Another Like My Lover (Alternate Album Version)
04 - Another Like My Lover (Instrumental)

Gyrl - Play Another Slow Jam (Promo CDM) (1995)


01 - Play Another Slow Jam (Single Version)
02 - Play Another Slow Jam (Slow Jam Radio Edit)
03 - Play Another Slow Jam (Extended Slow Jam)
04 - Play Another Slow Jam (Instrumental)
05 - Play Another Slow Jam (Suite)
06 - Play Another Slow Jam (Percappella)
07 - Play Another Slow Jam (Acappella)

Foesum - Runnin Game (Promo CDS) (1997)


01 - Runnin' Game (Radio Mix)
02 - Runnin' Game (Original Version)

Jon B - Now Im With You bw Dont Talk (CDM) (2001)


01 - Now I'm With You (Album Version)
02 - Now I'm With You (Instrumental)
03 - Don't Talk (Album Version)
04 - Don't Talk (Street Remix)
05 - Don't Talk (Instrumental)

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