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22. Juni 2012

No Rare & Unreleased Tunez Vol. 3

01 - State-O-Mynd - Turn U On! (Ivoryology Mix)
02 - Jesse Powell - All I Need (Dr Freeze's So Smooth Version With Rap)
03 - Demond - Ooh La La (Far East Flavor Mix)
04 - Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity (Ralph's Rap)
05 - L.V.  - Throw Your Hands Up (Clark Kent Remix)
06 - Riff - Judy had a Boyfriend (12inch Raggae and Rap)
07 - Solo - Heaven (Mo'Kutz Remix)
08 - Drama - See Me (Main Mix)
09 - Lidell Townsell & M.T.F. - NU NU (Extended New Mix)
10 - Teddy - Tell Me What You Want (LP Bear Mix)
11 - 4Ever - So Fine (Radio Mix)
12 - G-Man - Treat Me Right (Corsa Ave. Mix) (feat. Chubb Rock)
13 - At Last - No Me Without You (Remix)
14 - Jason Weaver - I Don't Know Why (Radio Edit)
15 - 911 - Cutie (Teddy Vocoder Remix)
16 - Room Service - Stay (Remix Edit).
17 - Zhane - Shame (UK Flavour Extended)
18 - Mint Condition - Nobody Does it Betta (Newark Boyz Edit)
19 - For Real - Easy to Love (Jason Remix)

21. Juni 2012

Nuttin' Nyce – In My Nature (VLS) (1993)

A1 In My Nature (Blues E Soul Remixx)
A2 In My Nature (Sexin' You Remix)
A3 In My Nature (Dem Kids Remix)

B1 In My Nature (Radio Mix)
B2 In My Nature (Funk HipHop Remixx)
B3 In My Nature (Blues E Soul Remixx Instrumental)

17. Juni 2012

Patra - Scent Of Attraction (VLS) (1995)

A1 Scent Of Attraction (Featuring – Aaron Hall)
A2 Scent Of Attraction (Character's Mix)

B1 Scent Of Attraction (A Cappella)
B2 Scent Of Attraction (Instrumental)
B3 Dip & Fall Back

Silk – Hooked On You (VLS) (1995)

A1 Hooked On You (D.J. Clark Kent Remix)
A2 Hooked On You (D.J. Clark Kent Bootleg Version)
A3 Hooked On You (Trackmasters Remix)
A4 Hooked On You (Trackmasters Hip-Hop Mix)

B1 Hooked On You (Chucklife Remix)
B2 Hooked On You (Chucklife Instrumental)
B3 Hooked On You (Trackmasters Instrumental)
B4 Hooked On You (Original Extended Version)

Natural Impact – Don't You Even Try (VLS) (1998)

A1 Don't You Even Try (Remix With Rap)
A2 Don't You Even Try (Remix Without Rap)
A3 Don't You Even Try (Remix Instrumental)

B1 Don't You Even Try (Radio Mix 1)
B2 Don't You Even Try (Radio Instrumental)
B3 Don't You Even Try (12'' Version)

Sylk E. Fyne – Romeo And Juliet (Promo VLS) (1997)

A1 Romeo And Juliet (L.A. Groove)
A2 Romeo And Juliet (L.A. Groove)
A3 Romeo And Juliet (L.A. Groove) (Instrumental)

B1 Keep It Real (LP Version)
B2 Keep It Real (Instrumental)
B3 Keep It Real (A Cappella)
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