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21. April 2012

Color Me Badd - In The Sunshine (CDM) (1993)

01 - In The Sunshine (Radio Edit)
02 - In The Sunshine (Album Version)03 - In The Sunshine (Hot Sunshine Edit)

04 - In The Sunshine (Sunshine No Rain Edit)

05 - In The Sunshine (A Cappella)

20. April 2012

Michael Jeffries – Not Thru Being With You (VLS) (1989)

A Not Thru Being With You (Club Fire Mix)

B1 Not Thru Being With You (Radio Fire Mix)
B2 Not Thru Being With You (Instrumental Fire Mix)
B3 Not Thru Being With You (Extended Mix)

19. April 2012

To Be Continued – One On One (CDM) (1993)

01 - One On One (Edit)
02 - One On One (Remix)
03 - One On One (Jazz Remix)
04 - One On One (Album Version)

18. April 2012

Groove Theory – Baby Luv (VLS) (1995)

A1 Baby Luv (Summer Groove Mix 1)
A2 Baby Luv (LP Version)

B1 Baby Luv (Summer Groove 1 Instrumental)
B2 Baby Luv (Summer Groove Acappella)
B3 Keep Tryin' (Hip Hop Mix w/Rap)

17. April 2012

Montell Jordan – I'm Going Krazy (Straight Bananas) (VLS) (2003)

A1 I'm Goin' Krazy (Radio)
A2 I'm Goin' Krazy (Instrumental)
A3 I'm Goin' Krazy (Acapella)

B1 Supa Star (Radio)
B2 Supa Star (Instrumental)
B3 Supa Star (Acapella)

16. April 2012

Kool Skool – Waste My Time (VLS) (1990)

A1 Waste My Time (Now's The Time Mix)
A2 Waste My Time (Clockin' The Beat Remix)

B1 Waste My Time (Jungle Love Remix)
B2 Waste My Time (Heavy On The Vocal Tip Mix)

Pure Soul – We Must Be In Love (VLS) (1995)

A1 We Must Be In Love (Radio Edit)
A2 We Must Be In Love (Extended Version)
A3 We Must Be In Love (Love Theme Version)

B1 We Must Be In Love (TV Track Edit)
B2 We Must Be In Love (Love Theme Version-Instrumental)
B3 We Must Be In Love (Acapella)

The New Creation - Hey Jude (CDM) (1997)

01 - Hey Jude
02 - Hey Jude
03 - The New Creation - Say What You Mean

Zhané - Groove Thang (CDM) (1994)

01 - Groove Thang (Album Version)
02 - Groove Thang (Remix Edit)
03 - Groove Thang (Kay Gee´s Remix)
04 - Groove Thang (Dinky B´s Remix)

NKOTB - Dirty Dawg (CDM) (1994)

01 - Dirty Dawg (Album Version)
02 - Dirty Dawg (Radio Edit No Rap)
03 - Dirty Dawg (Greg Nice Remix)
04 - Dirty Dawg (Barbosa-Liggett House Mix)
05 - Dirty Dawg (Barbosa-Liggett Hip Hop Mix)

15. April 2012

Seiko - Let's Talk About It (CDM) (1996)

01 - Let's Talk About It (R&B Street Mix W-O Rap)
02 - Let's Talk About It (R&B Street Mix W- Rap)
03 - Let's Talk About It (Extended Club Vocal)
04 - Let's Talk About It (LP Version)

Redhead Kingpin & The F.B.I - Pump It Hottie (Promo CDM) (1989)

01 - Pump It Hottie (LP-Version)
02 - Pump It Hottie (Teddy's A Cappella)
03 - Pump It Hottie (12´´ Mix)
04 - Pump It Hottie (Street Mix)
05 - Kilomanjaro Style (LP Version)

Link – Whatcha Gone Do (VLS) (1998)

A1 Whatcha Gone Do?
A2 Whatcha Gone Do? (Clean)
A3 Whatcha Gone Do? (Album Version)
A4 Whatcha Gone Do? (Acapella)

B1 Whatcha Gone Do? (Dance Hall Mix)
B2 Whatcha Gone Do? (Dance Mix) (House Mix)
B3 Whatcha Gone Do? (Techno Mix) (Millenium 2.000 Mix)

Sharon Benson – Rock Me Down (VLS) (1995)

A1 Rock Me Down (Full Freddie Mix)
A2 Rock Me Down (Sugar Johnson Rare Mix)
A3 Rock Me Down (The Marvin Gaye Mix)

B1 Rock Me Down (The Dark Knight Bass Head Remix)
B2 Rock Me Down (Lex Mix)

Tony! Toni! Toné! – Feels Good (VLS) (1990)

A Feels Good (Ben Liebrand Mix)

B1 Feels Good (12" Party Mix)
B2 Feels Good (7" Edit)
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