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31. Dezember 2011

New- Jack-Movement wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Black Music Movement - Time to say Goodbye 2o11

01-2nd II None ft.funkysize.dj - Back Up Off The Wall
02-Asia'h E ft.funkysize.dj  - Nearest Exit (D&J Remix)
03-Bobby Valentino & S.Rowin ft.funkysize.dj - Stop (Blend Ext Remix)
04-Javon ft.funkysize.dj - That Booty (Woaw Woaw Remix)
05-Jyshoun ft.funkysize.dj - ''Unthinkable'' (D&J Remix)
06-Mack 1o & Doggpound ft.funkysize.dj  - ''Cavi Hit'' (D&J Remix)
07-Makio ft.funkysize.dj - Wait 4 U (Funk & Groove Remix)
08-SemMusic ft.funkysize.dj - Sex Therapy (Heartbeat Remix)
09-Sh'Killa ft.funkysize.dj - 1-800 Got Yo M'n (D&J Remix)
10-Tank ft.funkysize.dj - Take It All (D&J Blend Remix)
11-TQ ft.funkysize.dj - Westside (Extd.Blend Remix)
12-Trey Songz ft.funkysize.dj - Inside (Eargasm D&J Remix)
13-Wax.T ft.funkysize.dj - Where My Hearts At (Bass Beat Blend)
14-Winfree & Sixx Digit ft.funkysize.dj - Gotham City (Still a G Remix)
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