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19. November 2011

Ex Girlfriend - Colorless Love (Promo CDS) 1992

01 Colorless Love (LP Version)
02 Colorless Love (Tim Dog Mix)
03 Colorless Love (Instrumental)

Hen-Gee and Evil-E - If You Were Mine (Promo CDS) 1991

01 If You Were Mine (O.G. 7 Inch)
02 If You Were Mine (Brother Hen 7 Inch)

Ladae - Bye Bye (Promo CDS) 1994

01 Bye Bye (Radio Edit)
02 Bye Bye (Bedtime Mix Edit)
03 Bye Bye (Drumappella Mix Edit)
04 Bye Bye (LP Version)
05 Bye Bye (Bedtime Mix Extended)
06 Bye Bye (Drumappella Mix Extended)
07 Bye Bye (Instrumental)
08 Bye Bye (Acappella)

Ladeez 1st - There From The Start (Promo CDS) 1993

01 There From The Start (Acapella Edit)
02 There From The Start (Making Love Edit)

sample of (shai - if i ever)

Chantay Savage - Come Around (Promo CDS) 1999

01 Come Around (Album Version)
02 Come Around (Instrumental)
03 Come Around (A Cappella)
04 Come Around (Suggested Callout Hook)

Angie Stone - Life Story (CDS) 1999

01 Life Story (Radio Edit)
02 Life Story (Club 69 Future Mix) [Radio Edit]
03 Life Story (Full Crew Jazz Hop Mix)
04 Life Story (Devox Original Version 1)
05 Life Story (Club 69 Future Dub)
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