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14. September 2011

Club Nouveau - Everything Is Black

01 - Club Nouveau - Everything Is Black
02 - Club Nouveau - Let It Go
03 - Club Nouveau - Take My Time
04 - Club Nouveau - I'm So Sorry (I Really Don't Mean To Hurt Your Heart)
05 - Club Nouveau - Autumn Breeze
06 - Club Nouveau - Ghetto Swang
07 - Club Nouveau - The Shit Is Heavy
08 - Club Nouveau - Everything Is Good (Hangin' With My Homies)
09 - Club Nouveau - Mornin' Time
10 - Club Nouveau - It's Never Too Late

11. September 2011

War – Da Roof (Promo VLS) (1994)

A1 Da Roof (Da Smoove Long Mix)
A2 Da Roof (Da Smoove Edit Mix)

B Da Roof (Album Version Mix)

Walkin' Large feat. Brooke – The Rise (VLS) (1998)

A1 The Rise (400-For-The-Tyre-Mix)
A2 The Rise (400-For-The-Tyre-Instrumental)

B1 The Rise (R'n'B Remix)
B2 The Rise (Album Version)
B3 The Rise (Album Instrumental)

SWV – Someone (Promo VLS) (1997)

A1 Someone (Album Version) (feat. Puff Daddy)
A2 Someone (Instrumental)
A3 Someone (A Cappella) (feat. Puff Daddy)  

B1 Love Like This (Album Version) (featu. Lil' Cease)
B2 Love Like This (Instrumental)

Sec N Sol - Change Your Ways (VLS) (1998)

A1 Change Your Ways (Original Version)        
A2 Change Your Ways (Instrumental)        
A3 Change Your Ways (A Capella)        

B1 Change Your Ways Remix (feat. Romeo)       
B2 Change Your Ways Remix (Instrumental)        
B3 Change Your Ways Remix (A Capella)

Raw Stylus – Change (VLS) (1996)

A1 Change (Paul Waller Live Bass Mix)
A2 Change (Paul Waller East Coast Mix)

B1 Change (Herbaliser Spare Change Mix)
B2 Change (Bone Krusher Mix)

Positive K – Black Cinderella (VLS) (1996)

A1 Black Cinderella (Radio Mix)
A2 Black Cinderella (LP Mix)

B1 Black Cinderella (Accapella)
B2 Black Cinderella (Instrumental)
B3 Good Combination '95

Passion – Where I'm From (VLS) (1996)

A1 Where I'm From (Don't Fight The Dirty Remix)
A2 Where I'm From (Don't Fight The Song Mix)

B1 Where I'm From (LP Version)
B2 B.I.T.C.H.

Nonchalant – Take It There (Remixes) (Promo VLS) (1998)

A1 Take It There (Remix Radio Edit)
A2 Take It There (Instrumental)

B1 Take It There (Main)
B2 Take It There (Instrumental)

Lisa Moorish – I'm Your Man (VLS) (1995)

A I'm Your Man (Green Velvet Mix)

B1 I'm Your Man (Phatt Man Mix)
B2 I'm Your Man (Original Mix)

Lakiesha Berri – Like This And Like That (VLS) (1997)

A1 Like This And Like That (Full Pass)
A2 Like This And Like That (Instrumental)

B1 Like This And Like That (Club Mix)
B2 I Wanna Go Down

Kreuz – Keep On Groovin' (VLS) (1996)

A Keep On Groovin' (Full Crew Rap Club Mix)        

B Keep On Groovin' (Old School R & B Mix)
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