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9. September 2011

DJ MANIE presents Flashback 4

01. Alicia Keys - Fallin' (remix) f/ Rampage
02. Groove Theory - Tell Me (6 Karat Hiphop Mix)
03. Janet Jackson - Together Again (DJ Premier 100 in a 50 Remix)
04. Jodeci - Get On Up
05. Dru Hill - This Is What We Do
06. Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (Trackmasters remix) f/ Jay-Z
07. Mya - The Best Of Me (Holla remix) f/ Jay-Z
08. Musiq Soulchild - Just Friends (Sunny)
09. Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
10. Eric Benét - Georgy Porgy f/ Faith Evans
11. Usher - U Remind Me (Trackmasters remix) f/ Method Man & Blu Cantrell
12. Faith Evans - You Gets No Love
13. Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before
14. In Essence - You Will Never Find
15. Nivea - Dont Mess With My Man (Scorpio remix) f/ Jagged Edge
16. Brandy - Top of the World Pt2 f/ Fat Joe and Big Pun
17. TLC - Girl Talk (remix) f/ Nas
18. 3LW - I Can't Take It (No More remix) f/ Nas
19. R. Kelly - Thank God It´s Friday
20. Mary J. Blige - You Bring Me Joy
21. Sam Salter - After 12, Before 6 (Ghetto Fabolous remix)
22. Ray J - Wait A Minute f/ Lil' Kim
23. Angie Stone - Everyday (Neptunes remix) f/ Clipse
24. Justin Timberlake - Last Night
25. Donell Jones - U Know What's Up f/ Left Eye
26. Faith Evans - Good Life Remix f/ Ja Rule, Vita & Caddillac Tah) / Good Life
27. Jon B - Don't Talk
28. Usher - Can U Get Wit It
29. Whitehead Bros - Your Love Is A 187
30. R. Kelly - You Remind Me Of Something
31. Jodeci - Lately (Extended bonus cut)

5. September 2011

Joya – Gettin' Off On You (VLS) (1995)

A1 Gettin' Off On You (LP Version)
A2 Gettin' Off On You (Instrumental)

B1 Gettin' Off On You (Untouchables Remix)
B2 Gettin' Off On You (Untouchables Jazz Mix)
B3 Gettin' Off On You (A Cappella)

Joe and The Island Inspirational All-Stars – All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) (VLS) (1995)

A1 Joe – All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) (Radio Edit)
A2 Joe – All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) (Album Version)

B1 The Island Inspirational All-Stars – Don't Give Up (Main Mix)
B2 The Island Inspirational All-Stars – Don't Give Up (Saturday Night Mix)

Joe – The Love Scene (VLS) (1997)

A1 The Love Scene (Radio Version)
A2 Sanctified Girl (Can't Fight This Feeling)

B1 The Love Scene (Henry St. Club Mix)
B2 The Love Scene (Johnick Limed Light Mix)

George – Love Me All The Way (VLS) (1996)

A1 Love Me All The Way (Original)
A2 Love Me All The Way (Radio Version)

B1 Love Me All The Way (Soul Sissta Remix With Rap)
B2 Love Me All The Way (Instrumental)
B3 Up'N'Down (Another Remix)

Eric Benét – True To Myself (VLS) (1996)

A1 True To Myself (Doogie Funk Remix)
A2 True To Myself (Ghetto Soul Remix)
A3 True To Myself (Doogie Funk Remix Instrumental)
A4 True To Myself (Ghetto Soul Remix Instrumental)

B1 True To Myself (Trackheadz Remix)
B2 True To Myself (Album Version)
B3 Femininity (Remix)
B4 True To Myself (A Cappella)

Elisha La'Verne – Say Yeah (VLS) (1996)

A1 Say Yeah (Album Version)
A2 Say Yeah (D Swing 'Funky One Drop' Remix)

B1 Say Yeah (Nok Kultcha Remix)
B2 Say Yeah (Back To Future Groove Mix)

Eboni Foster – Crazy For You - Just What You Want (Promo VLS) (1998)

A1 Crazy For You (LP Version)
A2 Crazy For You (Instrumental)
A3 Crazy For You (Acapella)

B1 Just What You Want
B2 Just What You Want (Instrumental)
B3 Just What You Want (Acapella)

De-Ryus – Grass Ain't Greener (VLS) (1999)

A1 Grass Ain't Greener (Desert Eagle Discs Remix)
A2 Grass Ain't Greener (Suli & Stef's Mix)

B1 Times Together (DED Remix Instrumental)
B2 Times Together (Radio Mix)

Aretha Franklin – Here We Go Again (Remix) (Promo VLS) (1998)

A1 Here We Go Again (Mixologist Bass Mix)
A2 Here We Go Again (Mixologist Bass Mix) (Instrumental)

B1 Here We Go Again (Bump Mix)
B2 Here We Go Again (Mixologist Bass Mix) (with Rap)
B3 Here We Go Again (Mixologist Bass Mix) (A Capella)

Another Bad Creation – Where's Ya Little Sista - Keep Steppin' On (VLS) (1993)

A1 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Remix Version)        
A2 Where's Ya Little Sista? (LP Version)        
A3 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Smooth Mix)        
A4 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Dr. Jam Mix)        

B1 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Street Mix)        
B2 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Acapella Version)        
B3 Keep Steppin' On (Radio Edit)        
B4 Keep Steppin' On (Instrumental)

702 – You Don't Know (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 You Don't Know (LP Version)
A2 You Don't Know (Instrumental)

B1 You Don't Know (Radio Edit)
B2 You Don't Know (A Cappella)
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