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31. August 2011

G-Wiz - Naughty Bits (1993)

01 - Teddy Bear              
02 - Come and Play with Me  
03 - Y-U-Doggin Me           
04 - Surrender
05 - Let Your Love Fall Down
06 - Doggin Me (Shout Outs)

Keith Sweat - Rebirth (2oo2)

01. I Want You (Ft.Royalty & Nasdaq)
02. Gots To Have It (Ft.Ron Ron & Royalty)
03. Anything Goes
04. Ladies Night
05. 100 Percent All Man
06. The Right Stuff
07. One On One (Ft.Lola Troy & Lade Bac)
08. Show Me
09. Trust Me
10. Wonderful Thang
11. In And Out
12. Can I Be (Feat Doni)
13. What Is It
14. Live Bonus Track
15. Twisted (Live)

Johnny Gill - Let's Get The Mood Right (1996)

01. Let's Get The Mood Right
02. Touch
03. Maybe
04. Having Illusions
05. Bring It On
06. Take Me (I'm Yours)
07. Love In An Elevator
08. It's Your Body (ft. Roger Troutman)
09. Someone To Love
10. 4 U Alone
11. Love U Right
12. Simply Say I Love U (ft. Stevie Wonder)
13. I Know You Want Me
14. So Gentle

Gerald Levert - Gerald's World (2oo1)

01. Soul Mate
02. DJ Play Our Song
03. What Makes It Good to You (No Premature Lovin')
04. You're A Keeper
05. #1
06. Smile For Me
07. Can't Win
08. Same Ol'
09. Just Us
10. Got Love
11. Make My Day (ft Sean Levert & Joe Little)
12. Made To Love Ya
13. What You Cryin' About
14. Forever You & Me
15. Dream With No Love
16. Untitled Track
17. Bonus

Alexander O'Neal - Greatest Hits

01. Never Knew Love Like This
02. Innocent-Alex 9000-Innocent II
03. Fake
04. All True Man
05. Criticize
06. Saturday Love
07. If You Were Here Tonight
08. Hearsay '89
09. (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me
10. The Lovers
11. What's Missing
12. A Broken Heart Can Mend
13. What Is This Thing Called Love
14. You Were Meant to Be My Lady (Not My Girl)
15. Love Makes No Sense

Guy - Special Edition

CD One
01. Groove Me
02. Teddy's Jam
03. Don't Clap...Just Dance
04. You Can Call Me Crazy
05. Piece Of My Love
06. I Like
07. Round And Round (Merry Go Round Of Love)
08. Spend The Night
09. Goodbye Love
10. My Business

Cd Two
01. Groove Me (Extended Version)
02. Teddy's Jam (Extended Version)
03. Don't Clap...Just Dance (12 Mix)
04. I Like (Extended Version)
05. Round And Round (Merry Go Round Of Love) (12 Extended Version)
06. Spend The Night (Extended Version)

LeVert - The Best Of.. (2oo1)

01. (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
02. Casanova
03. My Forever Love
04. Just Coolin'- Ft.Heavy D (Extended Hip Hop Remix)
05. Addicted To You
06. Smilin'
07. Pull Over
08. Start Me Up Again
09. Rope A Dope Style
10. All Season
11. Baby I'm Ready
12. I've Been Waiting
13. Good Ol' Days (Single Remix)
14. ABC-123

28. August 2011

Zhané – Request Line (Remix) (VLS) (1997)

A1 Request Line (Remix)
A2 Request Line (Remix Instrumental)

B1 Request Line (Remix Prettypella)
B2 Request Line (Remix A Cappella)
B3 Request Line (LP Version)

Tony Momrelle – Let Me Show You (VLS) (1998)

A1 Let Me Show You (Cutfather & Joe Radio Edit)
A2 Let Me Show You (Steve Antony's Club Rub)

B1 Let Me Show You (Hawk's House Talk Edit)
B2 Let Me Show You (Phil Da Costa's Garage Extension)

Tha Reella – On My Reella G Like That (Promo VLS) (1997)

A1 On My Reella "G" Like That (Radio)
A2 On My Reella "G" Like That (Instrumental)

B1 All Straps. No Scraps (Radio)
B2 All Straps. No Scraps (Instrumental)
B3 In The Skeem Of Thangs (Bonus Track)

Soul Expression – Feelings (VLS) (1994)

A Feelings

B1 Special Kind Of Magic (Radio Mix)
B2 Special Kind Of Magic (Street Mix)

Nicci Hall – My Family Say (VLS) (1998)

A1 My Family Say (Steve Antony's R&b Mix)
A2 My Family Say (Steve Antony's Instrumental Mix)

B1 My Family Say (Fingermix Remix)
B2 My Family Say (Radio Version)

Monifah – I Still Love You (Promo VLS) (1997)

A1 I Still Love You (Album Version)
A2 I Still Love You (Instrumental)

B1 I Still Love You (Instrumental With Backround Vocals)
B2 I Still Love You (Acapella)

Mary J. Blige – You Remind Me (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 You Remind Me (Straight From The Heart Mix)        
A2 You Remind Me (Straight From The Heart Radio Edit)        
B1 You Remind Me (Ad's Radio Mix)        

B2 You Remind Me (Bentley's)        
B3 You Remind Me (Album Version)

Mary J. Blige – Love Is All We Need (Promo VLS) (1997)

A1 Love Is All We Need (Album Mix)
A2 Love Is All We Need (Instant Flava Mix)

B1 Love Is All We Need (C & J Master Mix)
B2 Love Is All We Need (C J Stripped Down Mix)

Marsa – Is This Real (VLS) (1997)

A1 Is This Real        
A2 Is This Real (Extended)        

B1 Is This Real        
B2 Is This Real (Instrumental)

K-Ball – Do It On The Upside (VLS) (1997)

A1 Do It On The Upside (Radio Edit)
A2 Do It On The Upside (Album Version)
A3 Do It On The Upside (Instrumental)
A4 Do It On The Upside (The NY Mix) (Feat.Dat Nigga Daz
A5 Do It On The Upside (A Cappella)

B1 Do It On The Upside (Remix)(feat. Dat Nigga Daz)
B2 Do It On The Upside (Remix Instrumental)
B3 Do It On The Upside (Drop Out Mix)
B4 Do It On The Upside (Remix A Cappella)

Jody Watley – Affection (VLS) (1995)

A Affection

B Affection (Instrumental)

Hinda Hicks – If You Want Me (VLS) (1998)

A1 If You Want Me (Brooklyn Funk's Club Mix)
A2 If You Want Me (K-Gee's Phat Funk Flav)

B1 If You Want Me (Lenny Fontana'S System Radio Edit)
B2 If You Want Me (The Bump 'N' Jump Dub)
B3 If You Want Me (Album Version)

Donell Jones – You Should Know Remix & Knocks Me Off My Feet Remix (VLS) (1997)

A1 You Should Know (Untouchables Remix )        
A2 You Should Know (Untouchables Remix Instrumental)        
A3 You Should Know (Acapella)        

B1 You Should Know (New Jack Swing Remix)        
B2 You Should Know (New Jack Swing Instrumental)        
B2 Knocks Me Off My Fett (College Park Remix)

Deni Hines – Joy (Promo VLS) (1998)

A1 Joy (Full Crew Club Rub)        
A2 Joy (Full Crew Club Rub)        

B1 Joy (Full Crew Instrumental)        
B2 Joy (Accapella)        
B3 Joy (Radio Edit)

Deni Hines – I Like The Way (Promo VLS) (1997)

A I Like The Way (Don-E Master Mix)        
B I Like The Way (Don-E 90bpm Master Mix)

D'Bora – Good Love, Real Love (Promo VLS) (1996)

A Good Love, Real Love (Dudearella Club Mix)        

B Good Love, Real Love (The Dude's Dub)

Corey feat. Sadat X – Everything But Love (VLS) (1997)

A1 Everything But Love (Original)
A2 Everything But Love (Instrumental)
A3 Everything But Love (Acapella)

B1 Everything But Love (Radio Edit)
B2 Everything But Love (The Sugar Shack Rudy Rut Rut Remix)
B3 Everything But Love (Remix Instrumental)

Carl Henry – Crazy Love (VLS) (1996)

A1 Crazy Love (Original)
A2 Crazy Love (Remix)
A3 Crazy Love (Remix)

B1 Crazy Love (A Capella)
B2 Crazy Love (Instrumenal)
B3 Sleeptalk (Original)

Beverley Knight – Moving On Up (On The Right Side) (VLS) (1996)

A1 Moving On Up (On The Right Side)
A2 Moving On Up (On The Right Side) (Ethnic Boyz Remix)

B1 Moving On Up (On The Right Side) (D-Lux Remix)
B2 Moving On Up (On The Right Side) (Ee Bee's Rap Remix) (feat. The Unsigned MC's)

Anthony Hamilton – Nobody Else (VLS) (1996)

A1 Nobody Else (LP Version)
A2 Nobody Else (Instrumental)

B Nobody Else (Acappella)

Alex Prince feat. Mazaya – How We Livin' (Ltd. Promo VLS) (1998)

A How We Livin' (Triple D Remix)

B1 How We Livin' (Triple D Remixe Instrumental)
B2 How We Livin' (A Cappella Version)

Adina Howard – (Freak) And U Know It (VLS) (1997)

A1 (Freak) And U Know It (Radio Edit)
A2 (Freak) And U Know It (Instrumental)
A3 (Freak) And U Know It (Acappella)

B1 (Freak) And U Know It (Vybe Remix - Extended)
B2 (Freak) And U Know It (Vybe Remix - Instrumental)
B3 (Freak) And U Know It (Gods Of Prophet Slimmi Trip Remix)

702 – Steelo (Promo VLS) (1996)

A1 Steelo (US Rap Version)
A2 Steelo (Club Mix With Rap)
A3 Steelo (Remix)

B1 Steelo (Timbaland Mix)
B2 Steelo (Instrumental)
B3 Steelo (A Capella)

27. August 2011

Teddy Pendergrass - Believe In Love (VLS) 1993

A1 Believe In Love (Phat Phili Mix)
A2 Believe In Love (Believe Dat) Dub

B1 Believe In Love (Teddy Bear Club Mix)
B2 Believe In Love (Instrumental)

Jodeci - Get On Up (Promo Remix VLS) 1996

A1 Get On Up (Gangsta Gangsta Remix) Feat. Daz And Kurupt
A2 Get On Up (Gangsta Gangsta Remix Instrumental)

B1 Get On Up (Def Squad Remix) Feat. Erick Sermon
B2 Get On Up (Platform Shoes Remix)
B3 Get On Up (Platform Shoes Remix Instrumental)

J Adore - Just Another Day Of Real Emotion (2005)

01 Okay
02 International Baller
03 Lights Out
04 Boom
05 Get It, Get It
06 Anonymous
07 Lollipop
08 Dance
09 Whenever I Close My Eyes
10 Cheatin'
11 3 Train
12 Hindu Store
13 Oh Wow
14 Knock It Off
15 Lets' Party
16 Hot 4 You
17 Mya (interlude)
18 Mya
19 Get At Me
20 Over And Over

24. August 2011

(®By.funkysize.dj©)™ - Blend Remixe's (MixTape's)

Nu Blend Tape I - (®by.funkysize.dj©)
30:oo Mins / 224 Kbps
Black Haze ft.funkysize.dj - Str8'n It Out (Damn G Jam Remix)
Bobby Valentino ft.funkysize.dj - Might Not Be (Damn & Jam Remix)
Mobb Deep ft.funkysize.dj - Get Out Our Way (Damn & Jam Remix)
Babyface ft.funkysize.dj - Tonight It´s Goin Down (Damn & Jam Remix)
Kelly Rowland ft.funkysize.dj - I Don't Wanna (Damn & Jam Remix)
Black Haze ft.funkysize.dj - Maybe It's Time (Blend Beat Remix)
Taboo & ML ft.funkysize.dj - Take My Time [Make It Hot]  (Damn & Jam Remix)
Dru Hill ft.funkysize.dj - How Deep Is Your Love (Damn & Jam Remix)

Nu Blend Tape II - (®by.funkysize.dj©)
27:o8 / 224 Kbps
Monique Ford ft.funkysize.dj - All of My Love (Damn & Jam Remix)
Black Haze ft.funkysize.dj - Get Dat Money (Damn ''G'' Jam Remix)
Vintege & Young Kato ft.funkysize.dj - Just Like That (Damn & Jam Remix)
Tank Race ft.funkysize.dj - Against Time ( D&J Remix)
Joe ft.funkysize.dj - Pull My Hair (Damn & Jam Remix)
Brian Mc Knight ft.funkysize.dj - I Betcha Never (Damn & Jam Remix)

Steven Sweeny - Just Steven (Promo) 2003

01-Steven Sweeny - 1 2 3
02-Steven Sweeny - I Need It
03-Steven Sweeny - R U Ready
04-Steven Sweeny - Rock it Dont Stop it

David Josias - Ghetto Love

01 - What Goes Around
02 - Ain't Gone Trip
03 - Much Love
04 - I Got U
05 - Ghetto Love
06 - Don't U Forget
07 - Mind Blowing
08 - It's A Shame
09 - Get Off 10
10 - Handle That
11 - Anything 4 U
12 - Young Love
13 - Woo
14 - Much love (2 B Continued)
15 - In My Life Forever (Bonus Track)

Terrell - The Story

01-Terrell-Beautiful Girl 
04-Terrell-Let's Dance    
05-Terrell-The Story     
06-Terrell-Hard For Me
07-Terrell-The One I Love
09-Terrell-Too Close
10-Terrell-Come Inside

The High & The Mighty - Soul & Body (VLS) (1998)

01 - B-Boy Document
02 - B-Boy Document (Instrumental)
03 - Mind, Soul & Body
04 - Mind, Soul & Body (Instrumental)

Twista - So Sexy (Remix) (VLS) 2004

01-So Sexy ft.R.Kelly (Explicit)
02-So Sexy ft.R.Kelly (Edited)
03-So Sexy ft.R.Kelly (Inst)
04-Overnight Celebrity (Remix Explicit)
05-Overnight Celebrity (Remix Edited)
06-Overnight Celebrity (Remix Inst)

17. August 2011

Damn Jam's - Remixe's Vol.V

01-Adina Howard ft.funkysize.dj - Outside (Club Damn Jam)
02-Amg ft.funkysize.dj - Yo Luv (Ext.Damn & Jam Rmx)
03-Art'N'Soul ft.funkysize.dj - Touch Of Soul (Damn & Jam Remix)
04-Brutha ft.funkysize.dj - Hold Me Down (Lifted Up Remix)
05-Day 26 ft.funkysize.dj  - Anything (Damn & Jam Blend)
06-Dominique & Darius ft.funkysize.dj - Drown
07-Donnavin J ft.funkysize.dj - 2Nite
08-Ferry Ultra & Julied Ed ft.funkysize.dj - Groove Out Your Funky Soul (Ltd.Blend Remix)
09-Floerty & Mos Def ft.funkysize.dj - Wanna Be With You (D&J Blend)
10-Foul Mouf , Kaygee & T-Lo ft.funkysize.dj - Street Love Mrs.Djane (Damn & Jam Blend)
11-Hakim ft.funkysize.dj - Feelin 4 You (Damn & Jam Remix)
12-Lathuan,Planet Rock&Patrol ft.funkysize.dj - Freak it at Your Own Risk (Old'Skool Damn & Jam Remix)
13-Mc Lyte ft.funkysize.dj - Have You Ever (Old'Skool Jam Blend)
14-Mc.Lyte ft.funkysize.dj - ''TRG''The Rap Game (Damn & Jam Remix)
15Tayste ft.funkysize.dj - Are U Lonely (Damn & Jam Remix)

MC Lyte - Badder Than B Fore

01 Cold Rock a Party (Mousse T.Remix)
02 Everyday (Smoothed Over Remix)
03 TRG (The Rap Game) (Superfly Remix)
04 One On One (Master Tee Remix)
05 Druglord Superstar (MILK Remix)
06 Have U Ever (Brooklyn Remix)
07 Keep On, Keepin' On (ft.Xscape)
08 Two Seater (The Conductor's Club)
09 Zodiac (The Deep Sign Remix)
10 Cold Rock a Party (Bad Boy Remix)
11 Anthology Mega Mix
12 Two Seater (Flavor Remix)
13 I'm Leavin' U (Gotta Go, Gotta Go)

Toni Tony Tone - House of Music

01 Thinking of You        
02 Top Notch             
03 Let's Get Down        
04 Til Last Summer       
05 Lovin' You            
06 Still a Man            
07 Don't Fall in Love    
08 Holy Smokes & Gee Whiz
09 Annie May
10 Let Me Know
11 Tossin' and Turnin
12 Wild Child
13 Party Don't Cry
14 Lovin' You (Interlude)

Art'N'Soul - Touch Of Soul

01 - Ever Since You Went Away
02 - Stay With Me
03 - Special
04 - U Changed
05 - Ridin
06 - Light The Candles (Interlude)
07 - Nature Rise
08 - Touch Of Soul
09 - A Sexy Solo (Interlude)
10 - All My Luv
11 - Goin' On
12 - That's How Love Goes
13 - Dog N' Me
14 - Light The Candles (Reprise)

SWV - Platinum & Gold Collection

01 Weak
02 You're the One
03 Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)
04 You're Always On My Mind
05 Anything
06 I'm So Into You
07 Downtown
08 Fine Time
09 It's All About U
10 Where Is the Love
11 Surprise Me
12 Mystery

DJ MANIE presents: Oldschool Anthems volume 8 (King Of Swing II)

01. Michael Speaks – I’ll Make It Allright
02. Trellini – I Wanna Be Yours
03. Soul For Real – If You Want It (Bad Boy mix)
04. Trey Lorenz – Photograph Of Mary (Rooney & Morales remix)
05. Usher – Think Of You
06. Brandy – Sittin’ Up In My Room (remix f/ LL Cool J)
07. Wayne Marshall – Goodie Goody
08. One Accord – Don’t Stop, Don’t Quit
09. Dalvin DeGrate – ‘Til U get Enough
10. SWV – You’re The One (Loves Gonna Getcha remix)
11. Shai – The Place Where You Belong
12. Brigette McWilliams – I Get The Job Done (On Top Of The Job Mix)
13. Melvin Riley – Cutta Me Loose
14. Motif – You Told Me
15. Sybil – Don’t Make Me Over (12 inch remix)
16. Sybil – Walk On By
17. Soul II SOul – Back To Life (Hip Hop remix)
18. The Cover Girls – Wishing On A Star (Jeep remix)
19. N II U – Someone For Me
20. II Close – Call Me Up (extended remix)
21. Men At Large – Salty Dog
22. Keith Sweat – Let Me Love You
23. Jus’ Cauze – Come Out And Play (remix)
24. Gary Brown – Rhythm Or Romance
25. Ce Ce Peniston – Keep On Walkin’ (12 inch remix)
26. TLC – Get It Up (12 inch remix)
27. KAOS – Bounce (Kansas City Original SOund)
28. Al B. Sure! – Ooh 4 You Girl
29. Karyn White – The Way You Love Me (12 inch Hype remix)
30. The Gap Band – All Of My Love (extended remix)
31. Jermaine Jackson – Treat You Right
32. Jason Weaver – Wanna Be Where You Are
33. Me-2-U – Want U Back
34. Big Bub – I Want U 4 Me
35. Immature – Da Munchies
36. Glenn Jones – Different
37. Jamaria – Don’t Go Trippin’ Over Me
38. Portrait – Problems
39. Timmy Gatling – Help
40. Kool Skool – Waste My Time (Clockin’ The Beat remix)
41. The S.O.S. Band – I’m Still Missing Your Love (12 inch mix)
42. Men At Large – You Me
43. Four Sure – We Can Swing It
44. Tevin Campbell – Just Ask Me To f/ Chubb Rock
45. Level III – I’m Gonna Groove Ya! (Extended mix)
46. Stephanie Mills – I Just Want Love
47. Troop – She Blows My Mind
48. I’m Not Soupped
49. Five XI – Think About Our Love
50. Five XI – It Doesn’t Matter

12. August 2011

Tatyana Ali - Make Up Your Mind (FULL TRACK)

Here is a little Gift for You ! The Full Track of Tatyana Ali !!!
Have Fun Wit It !

Your NJM

11. August 2011

(®funkysize.dj©)™ Present's - Damn R&B Jam's ( Mixtape )

01-Get Lit ft.funkysize.dj - Habibti Senorita (Dam'n'Jam Remix)
02-Tayste ft.funkysize.dj - Are U Lonely (Damn & Jam Remix)
03-T.Carter ft.funkysize.dj - With Me (Damn & Jam Remix)
04-Excel ft.funkysize.dj - Now & Forever (Damn & Jam Remix)
05-Sygnature ft.funkysize.dj - Nobody Else (Damn & Jam Blend)
06-Maxwell ft.funkysize.dj - Maybe You (Dam'n'Jam G-Remix)
07-Ruff Endz ft.funkysize.dj - No More (Blend Remix)
08-LSG ft.funkysize.dj - Curious (Dam'n'Jam G-Remix)
09-Keely.B ft.funkysize.dj - Be True (Dam'n'Jam Remix)
10-Nuttin Nyce ft.funkysize.dj - U Aint Gotta Lie 2 Kick It (Damn Jam Blend)
11-Casely & P.M ft.funkysize.dj - Way She Moving (Damn & Jam Remix)
12-LeVert ft.funkysize.dj - Absolutely Positive (Damn & Jam Remix)

224 Kbps / 50:33 Mins / 44Khz

10. August 2011

Total - Softer Side

01- No One Else (Bad Boy Remix)
02- Kissin U (Oh Honey Bad Boy Remix)
03- Can't You See (So So Def Remix Ft. Keith Murray)
04- Do You Think About Us (So So Def Remix)
05- Loungin (Who Do U Luv Remix)
06- Can't You See (Bad Boy Remix)

Terry Stanton ft.Big Ali - Before I Let Go (VLS)

01-Terry Stanton ft.Big Ali - Before I Let Go (Fullcrew Mix)
02-Terry Stanton ft.Big Ali - Before I Let Go (Instr)
03-Dazzband - you are My Starship (Urbanstar Mix)
04-Dazzband - You are My Starship (Instr)

Terrell Carter - Terrell

01 Intro                       
02 Making Noise                
03 Makes No Sense              
04 Only One                    
05 Thinking About You         
06 Baby U Don't Love Me       
07 The One I Love              
08 Matter Of Time             
09 Hard For Me                 
10 Never Stray (Interlude)
11 With Me
12 Everything
13 Our Love Tonite (Interlude)
14 Love
15 Come Inside
16 Gospel (Interlude) 
17 I Shall
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