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20. Juli 2011

Xavier Aeon - The Hood Album Vol.1

01-Love Gone Wrong (intro)
02-Aeons Town ft.Shawn hayes
03-Excuse Me Miss
04-Secret ft.tully Savalas,C.r.e.a.m
05-Be with Me
06-P.i.m.p.ft.Gunz Deniro
07-Give it 2 Me ft.Mavishus
08-Say Yes
09-Crazy in Lust ft.Tully Savallas
10-Fire (Remix) ft.Fat Man Scoop
11-Right Thurrr ft.Money Ray
12-Right Thurr pt.II
13-War ft.Avalanche,Ghandi

Angela Johnson - Got To Let It Go (2002)

01-On my Way
03-Home away From Home
04-I will Always
05-Lets Get Together
06-Where is the Love
07-Early Bird
08-Got to Let it Go
09-Your Here with Me
10-All i Need
11-Tell Me
12-One more Chance

Woody Rock - Soulmusic (2002)

01-My Homey               
02-No matter what         
03-The Question is        
05-Good to be alive       
07-I won´t complain       
09-A Friend in me                       
10-A new thing
11-How can I desert you              
12-Clap your hands
13-Yes, Lord (Interlude)

Jamalski – Jump, Spread Out (VLS) (1993)

01-Jump Spread Out (Original TnT Mix)
02-Jump Spread Out (P-lee Remix)
03-Poom Poom (Sweet Agony Mix)
04-Poom Poom (Sweet Agony Dub)
05-Poom Poom (Lp Version)

Newkirk - The World iz Out (VLS) (1999)

01-The World iz Out ft.Lowenbrown (Street)
02-The World iz Out ft.Lowenbrown (Radio)
03-The World iz Out (Acapella)
04-No Business
05-The World iz out ft.Mo (Street)

Truth Hurts - Truthfully Speaking (2002)

01 Push Play
02 Addictive (ft.Rakim)
03 Next To Me
04 Jimmy
05 Grown
06 This Feeling
07 Tired
08 I'm Not Really Lookin'
09 Bullshit
10 Queen Of The Ghetto (ft.Kittie AKA Cita)
11 The Truth
12 Real
13 Hollywood
14 Do Me

No Rare & Unreleased Tunez Vol.1

01 - Ladae feat. El ''H-Money'' Had - Party Tonight (On Line Street Flava Remix)
02 - Craig David Ft. Joe - Stutter Separate Ways (4xsampaul Remix)
03 - Hasheem and Horace Brown feat. Zaharyia - Le Player (Hot Tunes Mix)
04 - Mike Charles and Fatal - Heartbeat (Anthem)
05 - Sexions - Higher
06 - Amp Fiddler - Dreamin' (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remix)
07 - Babyface ft. Mariah Carey - Everytime I Close My Eyes (Linslee Campbell Remix)
08 - Gary Desetages - Anything (Blacksmith Mix)
09 - II Luv - R U Freaky
10 - Quindon - Dream About You (Rickidy Raw Urban Remix)
11 - Porche - Make You Feel Real Good (Remix w. Rap)
12 - D`Influence - Good Lover (Touch Mix)
13 - George - Always
14 - Shola Ama - Much Love (Salaam Remi Mix)
15 - Aaron Hall Ft. Kansascali - Serve That Body (J-Remix)
16 - Ignorants feat. Dead Rabbits - Take Me to the Next Phase
17 - Chris Ball - Wifey (Remix)
18 - Mary J. Blige ft. C.L Smooth - Family Affair (Pete Rock Radio Remix)

17. Juli 2011

Zhané – Request Line (VLS) (1996)

A1 Request Line (LP Version)
A2 Request Line (Percapella)
A3 Request Line (Pretty Pella)

B1 Request Line (Extended Mix)
B2 Request Line (Instrumental)
B3 Request Line (A Cappella)

Yours Truly – All Of Me (Promo VLS) (1992)

A1 All Of Me (LP Edit)        
A2 All Of Me (LP Version)        

B1 All Of Me (Drumapella Mix)        
B2 All Of Me (Instrumental)

U-Mynd – Stop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart) (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 Stop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart) (Album Version)
A2 Stop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart) (Album Version Instrumental)

B1 Stop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart) (Remix Version)
B2 Stop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart) (Remix Instrumental)
B3 Stop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart) (Bonus Beats)

Jason Weaver – No Pain (VLS) (1995)

A1 No Pain (Edit)
A2 No Pain (Remix)

B No Pain (Dub)

U-Mynd – Prove My Love & Do It Like That (VLS) (1994)

A1 Prove My Love (Album Version)
A2 Prove My Love (Extended Album Version)
A3 Prove My Love (Album Version Instrumental)

B1 Do It Like That (Album Version)
B2 Do It Like That (Album Version Instrumental)

The Tony Rich Project – Nobody Knows (VLS) (1995)

A1 Nobody Knows (Untouchables Flava Mix)
A2 Nobody Knows (Album Version)
A3 Nobody Knows (Acappella)

B1 Nobody Knows (Radio Edit)
B2 Nobody Knows (Rich Remix)
B3 Nobody Knows (Album Instrumental)

Shai ft. Caramel & Dj Van Tell - Extacy (VLS)

A1 Extacy (Main Version)
A2 Extacy (Instrumental)

B1 Extacy (Main Version)
B2 Extacy (Instrumental)

Pressha – Do Boy (VLS) (1998)

A1 Do Boy (Radio Edit)
A2 Do Boy (Instrumental)
A3 Do Boy (Acappella)

B1 Do Boy (Marcello Nine Bedroom Remix)
B2 Do Boy (B-Rocks Basement Remix)

Melky Sedeck – Kitty Kat World (Promo VLS) (2001)

A1 Kitty Kat World (Radio Edit)        
A2 Kitty Kat World (Instrumental)        

B1 Kitty Kat World (Album Version)        
B2 Kitty Kat World (A Cappella)

Jerome – Too Old For Me (Promo VLS) (1998)

A1 Too Old For Me (Radio Mix)
A2 Too Old For Me (Instrumental)
A3 Too Old For Me (Acapella)

B1 Too Old For Me (Radio Mix)
B2 Too Old For Me (Instrumental)
B3 Too Old For Me (Acapella)

Jamelia – I Do (VLS) (1999)

A1 I Do (Extended Radio Mix)
A2 I Do (Raw Soul Remix)

B1 I Do (Spanish Mix) (ft. Slum Village)
B2 I Do (Capitol T Remix Extended Edit)

Ivon - Dirty (VLS) (1999)

A1 Dirty
A2 Dirty (Remix)

B1 Dirty (Remix Instrumental)
B2 Dirty (A Capella)

Donell Jones – In The Hood (VLS) (1996)

A1 In The Hood (Original Version)
A2 In The Hood (Original Instrumental)
A3 In The Hood (Original Acappella)

B1 In The Hood (Playas Version)
B2 In The Hood (Playas Instrumental)
B3 In The Hood (Playas Acappella)

David - Said It All Before (VLS) (2001)

A1 Said It All Before
A2 Said It All Before (Radio Clean)
A3 Special Delivery

B1 Don`t You Worry (Radio Version)
B2 Don`t You Worry (Extended Club)

B3 Beauty`s Hunting Me

Charlie Wilson – Absolutely (VLS) (2001)

A1         Absolutely (Album Version)
A2         Absolutely (Instrumental Mix)

B1         Big Pimpin
B2         Big Pimpin (Instrumental Mix)

Blu – Hide & Go Get It (Remixes) (VLS) (1995)

A1 Hide & Go Get It (Radio Edit)        
A2 Hide & Go Get It (Mob Shop Mix)        
A3 Hide & Go Get It (Studio Live Mix)        

B1 Hide & Go Get It (After Hours Mix)        
B2 Hide & Go Get It (Studio Live Instrumental)        
B3 Hide & Go Get It (After Hours Instrumental)

B.C. – Why-O-Why (Remixes) (2xVLS) (1999)

A1 Why-O-Why (Trackmasters Mix)
A2 Why-O-Why (Soul Solution Bonus Beats)

B1 Why-O-Why (Soul Solution House Mix)
B2 Why-O-Why (A Capella)
B3 Why-O-Why (Trackmaster Mix A Capella)

C1 Why-O-Why (Trackmasters Instrumental)
C2 Why-O-Why (Soul Solution Bass Mix)

D1 Why-O-Why (Boris & Beck House Dub Mix)
D2 Why-O-Why (Soul Solution House Mix Instrumental)

Amari – Callin' (Will You Players Ever Learn) (Promo VLS) (1998)

A1 Callin' (Will You Players Ever Learn?) (Radio Fade)
A2 Callin' (Will You Players Ever Learn?) (Instrumental)

B1 Callin' (Will You Players Ever Learn?) (Album Version)
B2 Callin' (Will You Players Ever Learn?) (Acappella)
B3 Callin' (Will You Players Ever Learn?) (The Cibola Mix) (Bonus Track)
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