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13. Juli 2011

O Ryan-Take it Slow Promo (CDS) 2004

01-Take it Slow (Main)
02-Take it Slow (Instrumental)
03-Take it Slow (Acappella)
04-Call Out (Hook)

Nu Flavor - Sweet Sexy Thing (CDM) 1997

01-Sweet Sexy Thing (G&G Groove Mix Edit)
02-Sweet Sexy Thing (Cibola English Dance Mix)
03-Sweet Sexy Thing (Radio Edit ft.Roger)
04-Sweet Sexy Thing (English-Spanish Edit)
05-Sweet Sexy Thing (Cibola english-spanish Dance)

N Groove - New Jack Swing (CDS) 1992

01-N Groove-New Jack Swing
02-N Groove-New Jack Swing (Version Longue)

Montell Jordan ft.Shaunta - Lets Ride (Remix) CDS 1998

01-Montell Jordan ft.Shaunta-Lets Ride (Radio Remix)
02-Montell Jordan ft.Shaunta-Lets Ride (Album Remix)
03-Montell Jordan ft.Shaunta-Lets Ride (Instr.Remix)

Mark Morrison - Lets Get Down (CDM)

01-Lets Get Down (Brock Pocket Mix)
02-Lets Get Down (D-Influence Mix)
03-Lets Get Down (Full Crew Mix)
04-Lets Get Down (Outhere Brothers Remix)
05-Lets Get Down (Matt Darey House Mix)
06-Lets Get Down (Stoned Broke remix)
07-Lets Get Down (Longsy Ds W11 Mix)

Avant - Dont Take Your Love Away (CDS) 2004

01-Dont Take Your Love Away (Radio Version)
02--Dont Take Your Love Away (Album Version)
03--Dont Take Your Love Away (Call Out Hook)

10. Juli 2011

Zhane - Groove Thang (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 Groove Thang (LP Version)        
A2 Groove Thang (Instrumental)        

B Groove Thang (Acapella)

Willie Max – I'm Not Your Girlfriend (VLS) (1999)

A1 I'm Not Your Girlfriend (Album Version)
A2 I'm Not Your Girlfriend (Radio Edit)
A3 I'm Not Your Girlfriend (Instrumental)

B1 Sukie Sukie (Album Version)
B2 Sukie Sukie (Instrumental)

Tyrese – Criminal Mind (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 Criminal Mind (LP Edit)
A2 Criminal Mind (Instrumental)

B1 Criminal Mind (Non-Rap)
B2 Criminal Mind (LP Version)
B3 Criminal Mind (Acapella)

Toni Braxton – You Mean The World To Me (VLS) (1993)

A You Mean The World To Me (Extended Mix)

B1 Seven Whole Days (Ghetto Vibe)
B2 Seven Whole Days (Ghetto Instrumental)

The Deff Boyz - Swing II (Hardcastle Remix) (VLS)

A Swing II (The Re-miXeS)

B1 Swing II (Remix)
B2 Swing II (Alternative Mix)

Nu Flavor – Sprung (Crossover Mixes) (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 Sprung (Cibola Mix)
A2 Sprung (Cibola Mix W. Rap)
A3 Sprung (Cibola Instrumental)

B1 Sprung (Pablo La Rosa Club Mix)
B2 Sprung (Pablo La Rosa Club Edit)
B3 Sprung (Album Remix Edit (No Guitar Intro)

New Version Of Soul – 66 Mello (VLS) (1993)

A1 66 Mello (Jazz Not Jazz Mix)
A2 66 Mello (Jazz Not Jazz Inst. Mix)
A3 66 Mello (Souled Out Souladelic Mix)

B1 66 Mello (LP Version)
B2 66 Mello (LP Instrumental Mix)
B3 66 Mello (F&*#ed Up Dub)

Mikki Bleu – 7 Dayz (VLS) (1993)

A1 7 Dayz (Radio Mix)
A2 7 Dayz (Club Mix)
A3 7 Dayz (Radio Remix Intro)

B1 7 Dayz (Quiet Storm)
B2 7 Dayz (Quiet Storm Intro)

Immature – I Don't Mind (VLS) (1995)

A I Don't Mind (Album Version)       

B1 I Don't Mind (Ghetto Version)       
B2 Constantly (R & B Mix)
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