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29. Juni 2011

One Vo1ce - Lovin You

01-One Vo1ce-Rescue Me
02-One Vo1ce-Any Place Any Time
03-One Vo1ce-Make My Body Go
04-One Vo1ce-Lovin You
05-One Vo1ce-What Does it Take
06-One Vo1ce-All Alone
07-One Vo1ce-Poison
08-One Vo1ce-Leavin You
09-One Vo1ce-No more
10-One Vo1ce-I get Lonely
11-One Vo1ce-Playas
12-One Vo1ce-Light my Fire
13-One Vo1ce-One
14-One Vo1ce-First Time
15-One Vo1ce-Nobody Else
16-One Vo1ce-My Everything

Bobby Washington - Body Friction

01-Bobby Washington-The Verdict
02-Bobby Washington-These Bars Aint Gone Hold Me
03-Bobby Washington-U Did Me Wrong
04-Bobby Washington-No More Games
05-Bobby Washington-Stalking Me
06-Bobby Washington-All I Did
07-Bobby Washington-Shake Yo Body
08-Bobby Washington-Moments
09-Bobby Washington-What Position
10-Bobby Washington-How Could You Do I
11-Bobby Washington-Get on Top
12-Bobby Washington-Body Friction
13-Bobby Washington-Open Relationship
14-Bobby Washington-Cant Wait 2 Leave This Club
15-Bobby Washington-Ill Be Your Man
16-Bobby Washington-Can u Stay
17-Bobby Washington-Dance Wit Me
18-Bobby Washington-All u need
19-Bobby Washington-Addicted
20-Bobby Washington-I Can Do Anything

Vickie Winans - Bringing It All Together 2003

01-Vickie Winans-Shake Yourself Loose
02-Vickie Winans-Superman
03-Vickie Winans-Shook Rated e For Everybody
04-Vickie Winans-We Need a Word From The Lord
05-Vickie Winans-Happy and You Know It
06-Vickie Winans-Know God
07-Vickie Winans-Hasta la Vista
08-Vickie Winans-I Promise
09-Vickie Winans-Amazing Grace Dance
10-Vickie Winans-Kids Love Jesus Too
11-Vickie Winans-Jesus
12-Vickie Winans-Where You Are (A Childs Prayer)
13-Vickie Winans-Shake Yourself Loose (Mario Winans Remix)
14-Vickie Winans-Shook Rated fsj For Family (Slow Jam)
15-Vickie Winans-Know God (Remix)
16-Vickie Winans-Shook Rated k For Kids
17-Vickie Winans-Jesus (Stadium Mix)

Nicole Wray - Regrets (Promo Cdm) 2004

01-Nicole Wray-Regrets (Main)
02-Nicole Wray-Regrets (Lead Vocals Down)
03-Nicole Wray-Regrets (All Vocals Down)
04-Nicole Wray-Regrets (Instrumental)
05-Nicole Wray-Regrets (Accepela)
06-Nicole Wray-Regrets ft.Jay Z (Main Remix)
07-Nicole Wray-Regrets ft.Jay Z (Original Ending)
08-Nicole Wray-Regrets ft.Jay Z (3rd Verse)
09-Nicole Wray-Regrets ft.Jay Z (3rd Verse Clean)
10-Nicole Wray-Regrets ft.Jay Z (Remix Clean)

Gemma Fox ft.Mc Lyte - Girlfriends Story (Promo-Cdm) 2004

01-Girlfriends Story (Album Version)
02-Girlfriends Story (Radio Edit)
03-Girlfriends Story (Menta Vox Mix)
04-Girlfriends Story (Menta Vox Mix2)

26. Juni 2011

YWFC – Up On It (VLS) (1995)

A1 Up On It!
A2 Up On It (Instrumental)

B1 Up On It (Short Remix)
B2 Up On It (Long Remix)
B3 Up On It (Instrumental Remix)

Truce – The Finest (VLS) (1995)

A1 The Finest (Soul Power Mix)
A2 The Finest (Full Metal Remix)

B1 The Finest (Joey Negro Club Mix)
B2 The Rhythym (Acapella)

T.C.F. Crew – I Ain't The One (VLS) (1991)

A1 I Ain't The One (Album Version W/ Rap)   
A2 I Ain't The One (Album Version)
A3 I Ain't The One (Classical 12")
A4 I Ain't The One (Classical Dub)

B1 I Ain't The One (Deep 12")
B2 Go To The Horse's Mouth (Jeep Mix)
B3 I Ain't The One (Instrumental)

Sue Ann Carwell – Sex Or Love (Promo VLS) (1992)

A Sex Or Love (12" Extended Vocal Version)

B1 Sex Or Love (Radio Edit)
B2 Sex Or Love (Instrumental)
B3 Sex Or Love (Suite)

Somethin' For The People – Can You Feel Me (VLS) (1995)

A1 Can You Feel Me (Trackheadz Remix)
A2 Can You Feel Me (Trackheadz Remix Instrumental)
A3 Can You Feel Me (A Capella)

B1 Can You Feel Me (Album Version)
B2 Can You Feel Me (Album Instrumental)
B3 Take It Easy (Hip Hop Remix)
B4 Take It Easy (Easy Remix)

Solo – Where Do You Want Me To Put It (VLS) (1995)

A1 Where Do You Want Me To Put It (LP Version)
A2 Where Do You Want Me To Put It (Sexual Healing Remix)
A3 Where Do You Want Me To Put It (Hip Hop Remix)
A4 Where Do You Want Me To Put It (Sexual Healing Instrumental)

B1 (Action Speaks) Where Do You Want Me To Put It (Gutta Remix)
B2 Where Do You Want Me / Get It On (Live Remix)
B3 (Action Speaks) Where Do You Want Me To Put It (Gutta Remix Instrumental)
B4 A Change Is Gonna Come (LP Version)
B5 Heaven (Remix Hip Hop Joint)

Smooth - You Been Played (VLS) (1993)

A1 You Been Played (LP Version)
A2 You Been Played (Diezal Crenshaw Messy Mix)
A3 You Been Played (Star Mix)

B1 You Been Played (Showbiz Street Mix)
B2 You Been Played (LP Remix)
B3 You Been Played (Percapella)

Shello – Another Love Gone Bad (Promo VLS) (1994)

A Another Love Gone Bad (Radio Mix)

B1 Another Love Gone Bad (Album Mix)
B2 Funky Shit (Album Version)

Mikki Bleu – Whenyadowhatchado (VLS) (1991)

A1 Whenyadowhatchado (Radio Version)
A2 Whenyadowhatchado (Instrumental)

B Whenyadowhatchado (Club Mix)

Michael Cooper – Just What I Like (VLS) (1989)

A1 Just What I Like (12" Remix)
A2 Just What I Like (Dub)

B1 Just What I Like (Radio Edit)
B2 Just What I Like (LP Version)

J'Son – Take A Look (VLS) (1995)

A1 Take A Look (Remix)
A2 Take A Look (LP Mix)
A3 Take A Look (Wino Mix)

B1 Take A Look (Classic Radio)
B2 Take A Look (Mystro's Urban Groove Mix)

Groove U. – (Seek And You'll Find) The Kinda Right Baby (VLS) (1994)

A1 (Seek And You'll Find) The Kinda Right Baby (Extended Version)
A2 (Seek And You'll Find) The Kinda Right Baby (Radio Mix)
A3 (Seek And You'll Find) The Kinda Right Baby (Baby Dub Mix)

B1 (Seek And You'll Find) The Kinda Right Baby (The Right Club Mix)
B2 (Seek And You'll Find) The Kinda Right Baby (Groovapella)
B3 (Seek And You'll Find) The Kinda Right Baby (Kinda Danceable Mix)

Five XI – Say It Isn't Over (VLS) (1993)

A1 Say It Isn't Over (Radio Mix)
A2 Say It Isn't Over (In The Bed Mix)

B1 Say It Isn't Over (Mood Mix)
B2 Say It Isn't Over (Album Version)

1 Of The Girls – Do Da What (VLS) (1993)

A1 Do Da What (LP Version)
A2 Do Da What (Alternative Mix)
A3 Do Da What (Alternative Dub)

B1 Do Da What (Remix)
B2 Do Da What (Remix Dub)
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