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23. Juni 2011

Damn Jam's - Remixe's Vol.II

01-4U ft.funkysize - Waiting For A Girl Like You (Timeless Remix)
02-Blackmac ft.funkysize.dj - Picture This (Blind Blend)
03-Con Funk Shun ft.funkysize.dj - Shake It Easy At Me (Damn Jams Remix)
04-Eric Benet & Tamia ft.funkysize.dj - Spend My Life With You (Damn Remix)
05-Forshe ft.funkysize.dj - Lover Come Over You (Damn Jams Remix)
06-Joel ft.funkysize - Wrong 4 Ya (Blend Remix)
07-Mario & Ne-Yo ft.funkysize.dj - Can't Life Without You (Damn Girl Remix)
08-Noel Gourdin ft.funkysize.dj - P.Y.T (Blend Remix)
09-Seven,Ricco & Grim ft.funkysize.dj - There It Is (Remix)
10-Tank ft.funkysize.dj - No One Bout Me (Blend Remix)
11-The Bar-Keys ft.funkysize.dj - The Way You Shake (Damn Jams Remix)
12-Utada ft.funkysize.dj - Exodus (Blend Remix)

21. Juni 2011

VA - Cool Urban Vibes Vol. 8

01 Uncle Sam - Can You Feel It (Chris Kringle Remix)
02 Sec-N-Sol Feat. Romeo - Change Your Ways (Remix)
03 Harlem - I Need Love
04 Ruben Studdard - What If (Kanye West Remix)
05 Masters of Funk Feat. Robbie Danzie - Happy Ever After
06 Carlos Morgan - Watcha Got
07 Andrea Martin - Let Me Return The Favor
08 Bon Garcon - If You Need A Man
09 2Pac & Eric Williams - Do For Love (Wadz Smoothed Out Remix)
10 Hasan Feat. Shanrae Price - All About The Money (Cory's Mix)
11 Kreuz - Baby Love
12 Dennis Taylor - Enough Is Enough (DFA Extended Version)
13 Gina Thompson Feat. Paula Perry - You Bring The Sunshine (Allstar Remix)
14 Dane Bowers - Another Lover ( Blacksmith Remix)
15 Darwin Hobbs Feat. Michael McDonald - Everyday
16 Donell Jones - Don't Trip

19. Juni 2011

Myron – You're My Everything (VLS) (1998)

A1 You're My Everything (You Go What I Need Mix With Rap)
A2 You're My Everything (You Go What I Need Mix Without Rap)
A3 You're My Everything (Album Version)

B1 You're My Everything (You Go What I Need Mix Instrumental)
B2 You're My Everything (You Go What I Need Mix Acappella With Rap)

Shanice – It's For You (VLS) (1993)

A1 It's For You (LP Version)
A2 It's For You (Street Mix)
A3 It's For You (Mike's Swazza Mix)

B1 It's For You (Bassapella)
B2 It's For You (LP Instrumental)

Suavé – Rocked Your Boots (VLS) (1991)

A1 Rocked Your Boots (12" Extended Mix)
A2 Rocked Your Boots (12" Instrumental)
A3 Rocked Your Boots (Bonus Beats)

B1 Rocked Your Boots (Radio Mix)
B2 Rocked Your Boots (Sax Dub)
B3 Rocked Your Boots (Club Mix)

Sue Ann Carwell – 7 Days, 7 Nights (Promo VLS) (1992)

A1 7 Days, 7 Nights (Extended Club Version)
A2 7 Days, 7 Nights (Perussapella)

B1 7 Days, 7 Nights (Radio Edit)
B2 7 Days, 7 Nights (Instrumental)

T.C.F. – If You Wanna Sex Me Up (VLS) (1991)

A1 If You Wanna Sex Me Up (Fade)        
A2 If You Wanna Sex Me Up (Regular Mix)        

B1 If You Wanna Sex Me Up (Premium Mix)        
B2 If You Wanna Sex Me Up (Unleaded Mix)

Toni Braxton – Another Sad Love Song (VLS) (1993)

A1 Another Sad Love Song (Extended Remix)
A2 Another Sad Love Song (Remix Radio Edit)

B1 Another Sad Love Song (Remix Instrumental)
B2 Another Sad Love Song (Album Version)

Mr. Cheeks feat. Horace Brown – Friday Night (VLS) (2002)

A1 Friday Night (Dirty)
A2 Friday Night (Clean)

B1 Friday Night (Instrumental)
B2 Friday Night (Acapella)

missjones – Where I Wanna Be Boy (VLS) (1994)

A1 Where I Wanna Be Boy (Uptown Extended Mix)
A2 Where I Wanna Be Boy (Be Boy Acapella)

B1 Where I Wanna Be Boy (The Ron G Mix)
B2 Where I Wanna Be Boy (Instrumental)

MC Lyte – Ice Cream Dream (VLS) (1992)

A1 Ice Cream Dream (Remix 12")
A2 Ice Cream Dream (Album Version)

B1 Ice Cream Dream (Remix Instrumental)
B2 Ice Cream Dream (Remix Radio Edit)

Jodeci – What About Us (VLS) (1994)

A1 What About Us (Album Version)
A2 What About Us (Swing Mob)

B What About Us (Mr. Dalvin Version)

Hi-Five – Just Another Girlfriend (VLS) (1991)

A1 Just Another Girlfriend (12" Mix)
A2 Just Another Girlfriend (Radio Remix)

B1 Just Another Girlfriend (Club Instrumental)
B2 I Can't Wait Another Minute (Live Version)

Gene Rice – You're A Victim (VLS) (1991)

A1 You're A Victim (7" Remix)
A2 You're A Victim (Dance Mix)

B You're A Victim (Album Version)

Bell Biv Devoe – She's Dope! (Promo VLS) (1991)

A She's Dope! (EPOD Mix)

B1 She's Dope! (EPOD Radio Edit)
B2 She's Dope! (EPOD Instrumental)

Altitude – Work It (Like A) 9 To 5 (VLS) (1991)

A1 Work It (Like A) 9 To 5 (LP Version)
A2 Work It (Like A) 9 To 5 (Stick It Mix)
A3 Work It (Like A) 9 To 5 (Greasy Mix)

B1 Work It (Like A) 9 To 5 (Club Mix)
B2 Work It (Like A) 9 To 5 (12" Instrumental Version)
B3 Work It (Like A) 9 To 5 (Acapella)

All-4-One - (She's Got) Skillz (VLS) (1994)

A1 (She's Got) Skillz (Club Remix)
A2 (She's Got) Skillz (Jam`en Remix)
A3 (She's Got) Skillz (Dee Cee Remix)

B1 (She's Got) Skillz (Album Version)
B2 So Much In LOve (Acapella Mix)
B3 I Swear (Album Version)

702 – Gotta Leave (VLS) (2000)

A1 Gotta Leave (LP Version)
A2 Gotta Leave (Instrumental)
A3 Gotta Leave (Acappella)

B1 Gotta Leave (Remix)
B2 Gotta Leave (Remix Instrumental)

Tribal Jam – C'est La Nuit Remixes (VLS) (1994)

A1 C'est La Nuit (Club Mix)
A2 C'est La Nuit (Merville Mix)

B1 C'est La Nuit (Song Mix)
B2 C'est La Nuit (Ambient Mix)

Alliance Ethnik - Simple & Funky

01 - Alliance Ethnik - Intro
02 - Alliance Ethnik - Respect
03 - Alliance Ethnik - L'Union Du Son
04 - Alliance Ethnik - Demi-Tour Vers Le Futur
05 - Alliance Ethnik - Non Stop
06 - Alliance Ethnik - Sinc‚rit‚ & Jalousie
07 - Alliance Ethnik - Je Conjugue
08 - Alliance Ethnik - Salsalliancia
09 - Alliance Ethnik - Qui Paye Ses PV
10 - Alliance Ethnik - L'Original
11 - Alliance Ethnik - Psycho Funk De L'alliance
12 - Alliance Ethnik - Ainsi Va La Vie
13 - Alliance Ethnik - Simple & Funky
14 - Alliance Ethnik - Voulez-Vous, Rendez-Vous
15 - Alliance Ethnik - Jamais … L'heure
16 - Alliance Ethnik - Big Alliance
17 - Alliance Ethnik - Honesty & Jalousie (Fais Un Choix Dans La Vie)
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