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18. Juni 2011

Jay R - Gameface

01-Jay.R-Design For Luv
02-Jay.R-Where Do We Go
03-Jay.R-All i Need
04-Jay.R-Got a Girl
06-Jay.R-Rivers Running
08-Jay.R-Tongue Ring
09-Jay.R-Bestfriends Girl
10-Jay.R-Our Love
12-Jay.R-Bakit Ka Pa

Darrius - Love Will Visit

01-Darrius-Search For The Day     
02-Darrius-Love Will Visit       
03-Darrius-Who You Are            
04-Darrius-Your Love              
05-Darrius-Who on Earth           
07-Darrius-Ive Been Dreamin
08-Darrius-Just Wanna Know
09-Darrius-I Need For You To Love
10-Darrius-Thanks To The All

Alliance Ethnik - Fat Come Back

01 - Intro ft Gad Elmaleh
02 - Fat Come Back ft Big Markie & Vinia Mojica
03 - A La Poursuite Du Billet Vert
04 - Tu Sais Quoi ft Vinia Mojica
05 - Darwa Interlude ft Gad Elmaleh & Djamel
06 - Creil City
07 - Jam ft Common Sense & Rahzel
08 - Quand L'inspecteur S'emmˆle (Interlude)
09 - Represente
10 - Wake Up
11 - Arrache Le Mike ft Mvp,Yacin
12 - Je Ne Regrette Rien
13 - La Parole Est a La Defonce
14 - No Limites
15 - Scratch Action Heroes ft Dj Pone & Dj Mouss
16 - Star Track ft De La Soul
17 - 5 Heures Du Mat ft Vinia Mojica
18 - Epoque Scolaire (Interlude)
19 - Un Enfant Doit Vivre ft Youssou N'dour
20 - Outro

16. Juni 2011

Ashanti-Breakup2Makeup - I Know (Promo Vls) 2004

01-Breakup 2 Makeup ft.B.child (Clean)
02-Breakup 2 Makeup ft.B.child (Dirty)
04-I Know ft Tl (Main)
05-I Know ft.Tl (Instrumental)
06-I Know ft.Tl (Acappella)

Freddie Jackson - Its Your Move

01-Freddie Jackson - Natural Thang
02-Freddie Jackson - You only get (One Love)
03-Freddie Jackson - How Bout us
04-Freddie Jackson - Its on Tonight
05-Freddie Jackson - Let me Know
06-Freddie Jackson - say Yeah
07-Freddie Jackson - Sealed With a Kiss
08-Freddie Jackson - Over & Over
09-Freddie Jackson - Its your Move
10-Freddie Jackson - Dont give Up (On Our Love)
11-Freddie Jackson - I Do
12-Freddie Jackson - stay
13-Freddie Jackson - Natural Thang (Smooth jaz Remix)
14-Freddie Jackson - One love (Remix)

Jem - Finally Woken

02-jem-Come on Closer   
03-Jem-finally Woken    
04-Jem-Save Me          
06-Jem-Missing You
07-Jem-Wish I
08-Jem-just a Ride
09-Jem-Falling for You
10-Jem-Stay Now
11-Jem-Flying High 

Blayz - Dear Jane

01-Blayz-Gotta Have You           
02-Blayz-Freak in My Life         
03-Blayz-Freak in My Life (Remix)  
04-Blayz-All Alone                 
05-Blayz-Dear Jane                 
06-Blayz-Fall in Deep for You
07-Blayz-Tell me Why
08-Blayz-Dance with Me
10-Blayz-Cant Let Go

14. Juni 2011

Funkysize.dj - Exclusive (Damn Jam's)

01-Boo..Gotti & Tq ft.funkysize.dj - Baby Girl (2'Close Blend)
02-3•2 Da Lef ft.funkysize.dj - Money (Damn Jam Remix)
03-Allure vs funkysize.dj - Head Over Heel (Blend Remix)
04-4U ft.funkysize.dj - Family (Music Lovers Remix)
05-Sade ft.funkysize.dj - By Your Side ( Blend Remix )
06-Rahsaan Patterson ft.funkysize.dj - Where You Are (Ol'SKool)
07-Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Bass Blend Remix)
08-Trygg ft.funkysize.dj - Hold On (Damn Jam Remix)
09-Con Funk Shun ft.funkysize.dj - Shake It Easy At Me (Damn Jam)
10-Brandy ft.funkysize.dj - Top Of The World (Damn Jam Remix)

13. Juni 2011

Blackmac - We Make You Groove

01-Blackmac-where You From
03-Blackmac-Put Your Back on Me    
04-Blackmac-Picture This           
05-Blackmac-Whats Up in Your Town 
06-Blackmac-Wont Wait             
07-Blackmac-Take You Home With Me
08-Blackmac-Everything i Got     
09-Blackmac-What I See        
10-Blackmac-The Way it Flows      
11-Blackmac-Send me Your love
12-Blackmac-Hit me Back
13-Blackmac-Right Now    
15-Blackmac-At the Lab
17-Blackmac-Before the Show

Dejai - All My Life

01-Looking For a Good Man 
02-Believe in Love        
03-All my Life           
04-Feelings of Happiness  
05-Move On
06-Bodys Callin
07-Say You Love Me
08-Cryin Eyez

George Benson - Irreplaceable (Special Edition)

01-George Benson-Six Play
02-George Benson-Whole Man
03-George Benson-Irreplaceable
04-George Benson-Love is Better than Leaving
05-George Benson-Strings of Love
06-George Benson-cell Phone
07-george Benson-Black Rose
08-George Benson-Stairway to Love
09-George Benson-Reason for Breathing
10-George Benson-Missing You
11-George Benson-Cell Phone (Blacksmith Remix)
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