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11. Juni 2011

Damn Jam's - Remixe's Vol.I

01-112 ft.funkysize.dj - Peaches'n'Cream (Blend Remix)
02-3•2 Da Lef ft.funkysize.dj - Money (Dam'n'Jam Remix)
03-3D van Funkysize.dj - ''Set You Free'' (Damn Jam Remix)
04-Abstrac ft.funkysize.dj - Right & Hype (NJS Remix)
05-Avant ft.funkysize.dj - Joy & Pain (Maze & F.B Tribute Remix)
06-Billy Lawrence & Mc Lyte ft.funkysize.dj - Come On (Damn Remix)
07-Blackmac ft.funkysize.dj - Picture This (Blind Blend)
08-Con Funk Shun ft.funkysize.dj - Shake It Easy At Me (Damn Jams Remix)
09-Jahmal ft.funkysize.dj - Sit Down (Damn Jam Remix)
10-Noel Gourdin ft.funkysize.dj - P.Y.T (Blend Remix)
11-Pony Boi ft.funkysize.dj - '' Tell 'Em '' (You'n'Me Remix)
12-Surface ft.funkysize.dj - Happy (Make A Move Remix)
13-Tank ft.funkysize.dj - ''Scream'' (Soul Tuch Remix)
14-They ft.funkysize.dj - Fatback (Sniped Fingers Rmx)
15-Yodchai ft.funkysize.dj - It's 'G' Party Tonight (Damn Jam Remix)

10. Juni 2011

VA - Qrib Mix Volume 1

01 Bubba - I Like Your Style (Qrib Eastside Mix)
02 Jodeci - Freak'n You (Qrib Mix)
03 Horace Brown Feat. Jay-Z - Things We Do For Love (Qrib Mix)
04 Solo - Where Do You Want Me To Put It (Qrib Mix)
05 Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (Qrib Mix)
06 Bobby Brown - That's The Way Love Is (Qrib Mix)

Clasiq - Just A Little Clasiq

01-The Way Shes Got Me  
02-Your Love             
03-When Ever You Want It 
04-Lets Ride             
06-Cjs Interlude         
07-Party all Night       
08-Too Close            
09-Missing U
10-I Like
11-Its My Thing
12-All I Need (remix)
13-Time In Our Lives
14-All I Need (Rockmix)

9. Juni 2011

Jahmal - Dark Corner Production

02-Sit Down
03-Feelin Me
04-Spannish Mommy

Four Sure - We Can Swing It

01-Four Sure-Intro Rough & Wicked (Pupa)
02-Four Sure-Whats Your Number
03-Four Sure-Innocent Girl (Father Mc)
04-Four Sure-Find a Way (nterlude)
05-Four Sure-Try and Find a Way
06-Four Sure-I Wanna be Loved
07-Four Sure-Dont Stop Cause Im In The Shower (Interlude)
08-Four Sure-Dont Stop i Like
09-Four Sure-Love in my Life
10-Four Sure-Whats on your Mind
11-Four Sure-Excuse Me Do You Have The Four Sure Lp (Interlude)
12-Four Sure-We can Swing It
13-Four Sure-The way you love
14-Four Sure-It May not Seem

CLASSIC Volume 1 (mixed by Manie & TLM)

Manie & TLM (Classic Cutterz) hit you with volume 1 of their new mixtape series called CLASSIC. Nothing but the best 90's and early 00's R&B/Hip Hop, New Jack Swing and 80's Grooves. You'll love this one!!
CLASSIC is also a bi-monthly event in Escape deLuxe. Next edition: Friday August 5th 2011

8. Juni 2011

Forshe - Virginity

01-Forshe-Dog Food
02-Forshe-Interlude Maia
03-Forshe-Wont get It
04-Forshe-Never Tell
05-Forshe-My World is Empty Without You
06-Forshe-Dont Like us Like That
07-Forshe-Someone Elses Guy
08-Forshe-Just What a Women Wants
09-Forshe-Checked in Checked out
10-Forshe-Lover Come Over
11-Forshe-Nothin Comes but Mornin
12-Forshe-When it Comes
13-Forshe-Interlude Kelli
14-Forshe-Body Shop
15-Forshe-Beat it Up
16-Forshe-Dog food (Johnny Terry vers)
17-Forshe-Wont get It (Brian Wilson vers)

Celetia - Same

01-Celetia-Are you Ready
02-Celetia-Missing your Love
03-Celetia-Work me Over
04-Celetia-All my loving
05-Celetia-This Feelings Killing Me
06-Celetia-Be my Honey
07-Celetia-It Rains in my Heart
09-Celetia-The Way u Make me Feel
10-Celetia-Up and Down
12-Celetia-Gonna get Down

Elliott - Im That Type Of Man

03-Elliott-Long distance love   
04-Elliott-In and Out           
05-Elliott-Aint no Game         
06-Elliott-Angel in the House
07-Elliott-My Baby
08-Elliott-Im Yhat Type of Man 
09-Elliott-I Love You
10-Elliott-How Many Times

Evrod - Evrything Evrod

01-Evrything Evrod
04-X Girlfriend
06-Until i Die
07-Work It
08-The One
09-Twisted (Rnb Rmx)
10-Not Just a Friend

7. Juni 2011

Chris Ballin - Do it Right

01-chris Ballin-Full time Lover  
02-Chris Ballin-Living life Alone
03-Chris Ballin-Wanna be Loved   
04-Chris Ballin-Could you be Mine
05-Chris Ballin-Cry               
06-Chris Ballin-Sunshine
07-Chris Ballin-Do it Right
08-Chris Ballin-Make up my Mind
09-Chris Ballin-Part of Me

Exhale - Exhale

01-Exhale-Its on
02-Exhale-Chillin in your Benz
03-Exhale-Drive me Crazy
04-Exhale-Still not over You
05-Exhale-You Could never Be the One
06-Exhale-My Number
07-Exhale-I dont Wanna Fall in Love
08-Exhale-Can we Get up
09-Exhale-Loved you Once
10-Exhale-Lovin You
11-Exhale-Falling in Love

6. Juni 2011

Abstrac - Abstrac

01-Abstrac-Lookin out for 1
02-Abstrac ft.Bernard Bell-Ill be your friend
04-Abstrac-Right and Hype
05-Abstrac-Make me Sweat
07-Abstrac-Trust Me
08-Abstrac-Buggin over You
09-Abstrac-Youre my Kind of Guy
10-Abstrac-You are the Party (I am the Fun)

April - April

01-April-Not Tonight       
02-April-April-Love it When       
03-So into &ou       
04-April-You did your Thang 
05-April-Never been Touched
06-April-Making me Hot
07-April-Tell me Where                               
09-April-Aint no Man
10-April-Crush on You

Big T - Big T

01-Big T-Big Ts Wiggle It
02-Big T-Ill Go
03-Big T-The Club
04-Big T-Baby Give Me One More Chance
05-Big T-Its Over Now
06-Big T-Who Gonna Take Care Of You
07-Big T-Body Scream
08-Big T-Act Iii Shuffle (Funky Party)
09-Big T-Dance On
10-Big T-Youre The One

5. Juni 2011

Dj Manie - FLASHBACK3 (the mixtape) - Oldskool Hip Hop Edition

VA - Cool Urban Vibes Vol. 7

01 Made Men Feat. Montell Jordan - Sticky Situation
02 Ol' Skool Feat. Keith Sweat - Only One
03 Jodeci Feat. Daz & Kurupt - Get On Up (Gangsta Remix)
04 Debreca - Caught My Eye (Main Mix)
05 David Wade - Game Recognize Game
06 T. Simms - When You Go
07 Tha Dogg Pound Feat. Snoop Dogg - Smooth
08 DeAnte - Flyin'
09 Noora - Need You (Summer 99' Remix)
10 Alfonzo Hunter - Just The Way (Wadz Remix)
11 Derrick Dimitry - Get It On Tonight (Remix)
12 Shalom - Made A Change
13 Bryan Ellis - If You Wanna
14 Demond Feat. Storm6 - Ohh La La (Ron G Harlem Remix)
15 Men Of Vizion - Do You Feel Me (...Freak You)
16 Mint Condition - That's The Way (It's Goin' Down) (Remix)
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