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4. Juni 2011

Missjones - 2 Way Street (#1 Lady) (Promo VLS) 1998

A1 2 Way Street (#1 Lady) (Radio Edit) Feat. Big Punisher
A2 2 Way Street (#1 Lady) (LP Version) Feat. Big Punisher
A3 2 Way Street (#1 Lady) (Instrumental)
A4 2 Way Street (#1 Lady) (A Cappella) Feat. Big Punisher

B1 2 Way Street (Mid-Day Mix) (Radio Edit)
B2 2 Way Street (Mid-Day Mix) (Main)
B3 2 Way Street (Mid-Day Mix) (Instrumental)

Amerie - Talkin' To Me (2003)

01 Talkin To Me (Album Version)
02 Talkin To Me (Acappella)
03 Talkin To Me (Instrumental)
04 Talkin To Me (Track Masters Remix)
05 Talkin To Me (Track Masters Rap Remix) Feat. Foxy Brown
06 Talkin To Me (Track Masters Remix Instrumental)
07 Talkin To Me (Mark Ronson Sunshine Remix)
08 Talkin To Me (Mark Ronson Remix Instrumental)

3. Juni 2011

Allan.I ft.Infinity - Club'2'Nite Promo (CDS) 2004

01-Allan.I ft.Infinity - Club'2'Nite

B2K ft.Fabolous-Badaboom (Remix) (CDS) 2003

01 - Badaboom (Remix)

Andre Turner - Chillin In Da Club (Limited Editon) 2004

01-Ghetto Queen
02-Chillin In Da Club
03-Lets Get It Right
04-I Gotcha
05-That Girl

1. Juni 2011

3rd Avenue - Lets Talk About Love

01-3rd Avenue-Ive Gotta Make It
02-3rd Avenue-The Minute You Fall In Love
03-3rd Avenue-Another Lover
04-3rd Avenue-Sneakin In The Alley With Sally
05-3rd Avenue-Annies Apple Pie
06-3rd Avenue-Lets Take Our Time
07-3rd Avenue-Lets Talk About Love (Remix)
08-3rd Avenue-Playing The Fool
09-3rd Avenue-Show Me
10-3rd Avenue-Love Me Just a Little Bit More
11-3rd Avenue-One Kiss

3D - Soulride

02-3D-Riff To The Smooth 
03-3D-Set u Free         
04-3D-Rocking u Eternally
08-3D-Roll up Line
09-3D-Higher Self
10-3D-Riff To The Rhodes  

3•2 Da Lef - Love Me or Hate Me

01-3•2 Da Lef-Body Satisfied
02-3•2 Da Lef-Back Seat
03-3•2 Da Lef-Aint No Shame Ina
04-3•2 Da Lef-Got What You Want
05-3•2 Da Lef-Wink Your Eye
06-3•2 Da Lef-Lights Down Low
07-3•2 Da Lef-Will You Stay
08-3•2 Da Lef-Cupid
09-3•2 Da Lef-Shawdy
10-3•2 Da Lef-Brown Frame
11-3•2 Da Lef-Money
12-3•2 Da Lef-Back Seat (Reprise)
13-3•2 Da Lef-lights Down Low (Freakmix)
14-3•2 Da Lef-Shawdys (Bonus joint)

31. Mai 2011

Various Artists - United We Funk All-Stars 2000

01 - Party Time (Tricky Mix)
02 - Girls' Night Out
03 - Shake It Easy
04 - She's My Lady
05 - Messin' With My Flow
06 - Who Do You Tell.mp3
07 - The Way You Shake
08 - Nuthin' But A Party
09 - It's Not Unusual
10 - Hello
11 - Table Dance
12 - You Can Lean On Me
13 - Party Time (Sauce Mix)
14 - Party Time (Bounce Mix)

30. Mai 2011

4U - Just For You

01 - 4U - Everyday Everynight (Pop Goes My Mind)
02 - 4U - Don't Leave
03 - 4U - Home
04 - 4U - Where Do We Go
05 - 4U - Waiting For A Girl Like You
06 - 4U - What Is Love
07 - 4U - N' Da Mood
08 - 4U - Never Let It Go
09 - 4U - Sunshine
10 - 4U - Roll On
11 - 4U - Family
12 - 4U - Mad Props

Today – Take It Off (VLS) (1989)

A1 Take It Off (Extended Version)
A2 Take It Off (Hip Hop Version)

B1 Take It Off (Dub Version)
B2 Take It Off (Alternative Hip Hop Version)

Tevin Campbell – Round And Round (VLS) (1990)

A1 Round And Round (Soul Mix Extended)
A2 Round And Round (Soul Dub)

B Round And Round (The House)

Somethin' For The People – With You (VLS) (1996)

A1 With You (Doug Rasheed Remix)
A2 With You (Player Remix)
A3 With You (Album Version)

B1 With You (A Cappella)
B2 With You (Doug Rasheed Remix Instrumental)
B3 With You (Player Remix Instrumental)

Mint Condition – U Send Me Swingin' (VLS) (1993)

A1 U Send Me Swingin' (In Da Soul Swing With Rap)
A2 U Send Me Swingin' (In Da Soul Swing Without Rap)
A3 U Send Me Swingin' (Silky Smooth)

B1 U Send Me Swingin' (Street Swing Mix)
B2 U Send Me Swingin' (In Da Soul Swing Instrumental)
B3 U Send Me Swingin' (Remix)

J. Little – The Hump Is On (VLS) (1994)

A1 The Hump Is On (Radio Edit)
A2 The Hump Is On (LP Version)
A3 The Hump Is On (Instrumental)

B1 The Hump Is On (Remix Edit)
B2 The Hump Is On (Remix)

II Close – So What! (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 So What! (Street Element - Radio)
A2 So What! (Bass Appella - Radio)
A3 So What! (Dirty Street Hype - Radio)

B1 So What! (Smoothed Out- Radio)
B2 So What! (Hip Hype - Radio)

Father – I Beeped You (Promo VLS) (1994)

A1 I Beeped You (Album Version)
A2 I Beeped You (Instrumental)

B I Beeped You (A Capella)

Dave Hollister - My Favorite Girl (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 My Favorite Girl (Radio Edit)
A2 My Favorite Girl (LP Version)
A3 My Favorite Girl (Intrumental)

B1 My Favorite Girl (Bout It Bounce Mix -Clean-)
B2 My Favorite Girl (Bout It Bounce Mix -Dirty-)
B3 My Favorite Girl (Dirty South Mix)
B4 My Favorite Girl (B-Rock Bounce Mix)

Chuckii Booker – (Don't U Know) I Love U (VLS) (1989)

A (Don't U Know) I Love U (Extended Remix)

B1 (Don't U Know) I Love U (Radio Mix)
B2 (Don't U Know) I Love U (Dub)
B3 (Don't U Know) I Love U (Accapella)

4 PM – Get Your Groove On (VLS) (1997)

A1 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX)
A2 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX, W.O Rap)
A3 Get Your Groove On (Tribute RMX)

B1 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX Instrumental)
B2 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX Acappella)

29. Mai 2011

Demond – Ooh La La (VLS) (1997)

A1 Ooh La La (Black Radio Remix)
A2 Ooh La La (Far East Flavor Mix)
A3 Ooh La La (Black Radio Instrumental)

B1 Ooh La La (Harlem Mix)
B2 Ooh La La (Yellow Note Mix)
B3 Ooh La La (Album Version)

Demond - AllIWannaDo (VLS) (1997)

A1 AllIWannaDo
A2 AllIWannaDo (A Capella)

B1 AllIWannaDo (Phlex Mix)
B2 AllIWannaDo (Carl B Mix)

State-O-Mind – Turn U On! (Promo VLS) (1995)

A1 Turn U On! (Radio Edit)
A2 Turn U On! (T.V. Track)

B1 Turn U On! (Ivoryology Mix)
B2 Turn U On! (Satin Sheet Mix)
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