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31. Mai 2011

Various Artists - United We Funk All-Stars 2000

01 - Party Time (Tricky Mix)
02 - Girls' Night Out
03 - Shake It Easy
04 - She's My Lady
05 - Messin' With My Flow
06 - Who Do You Tell.mp3
07 - The Way You Shake
08 - Nuthin' But A Party
09 - It's Not Unusual
10 - Hello
11 - Table Dance
12 - You Can Lean On Me
13 - Party Time (Sauce Mix)
14 - Party Time (Bounce Mix)

30. Mai 2011

4U - Just For You

01 - 4U - Everyday Everynight (Pop Goes My Mind)
02 - 4U - Don't Leave
03 - 4U - Home
04 - 4U - Where Do We Go
05 - 4U - Waiting For A Girl Like You
06 - 4U - What Is Love
07 - 4U - N' Da Mood
08 - 4U - Never Let It Go
09 - 4U - Sunshine
10 - 4U - Roll On
11 - 4U - Family
12 - 4U - Mad Props

Today – Take It Off (VLS) (1989)

A1 Take It Off (Extended Version)
A2 Take It Off (Hip Hop Version)

B1 Take It Off (Dub Version)
B2 Take It Off (Alternative Hip Hop Version)

Tevin Campbell – Round And Round (VLS) (1990)

A1 Round And Round (Soul Mix Extended)
A2 Round And Round (Soul Dub)

B Round And Round (The House)

Somethin' For The People – With You (VLS) (1996)

A1 With You (Doug Rasheed Remix)
A2 With You (Player Remix)
A3 With You (Album Version)

B1 With You (A Cappella)
B2 With You (Doug Rasheed Remix Instrumental)
B3 With You (Player Remix Instrumental)

Mint Condition – U Send Me Swingin' (VLS) (1993)

A1 U Send Me Swingin' (In Da Soul Swing With Rap)
A2 U Send Me Swingin' (In Da Soul Swing Without Rap)
A3 U Send Me Swingin' (Silky Smooth)

B1 U Send Me Swingin' (Street Swing Mix)
B2 U Send Me Swingin' (In Da Soul Swing Instrumental)
B3 U Send Me Swingin' (Remix)

J. Little – The Hump Is On (VLS) (1994)

A1 The Hump Is On (Radio Edit)
A2 The Hump Is On (LP Version)
A3 The Hump Is On (Instrumental)

B1 The Hump Is On (Remix Edit)
B2 The Hump Is On (Remix)

II Close – So What! (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 So What! (Street Element - Radio)
A2 So What! (Bass Appella - Radio)
A3 So What! (Dirty Street Hype - Radio)

B1 So What! (Smoothed Out- Radio)
B2 So What! (Hip Hype - Radio)

Father – I Beeped You (Promo VLS) (1994)

A1 I Beeped You (Album Version)
A2 I Beeped You (Instrumental)

B I Beeped You (A Capella)

Dave Hollister - My Favorite Girl (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 My Favorite Girl (Radio Edit)
A2 My Favorite Girl (LP Version)
A3 My Favorite Girl (Intrumental)

B1 My Favorite Girl (Bout It Bounce Mix -Clean-)
B2 My Favorite Girl (Bout It Bounce Mix -Dirty-)
B3 My Favorite Girl (Dirty South Mix)
B4 My Favorite Girl (B-Rock Bounce Mix)

Chuckii Booker – (Don't U Know) I Love U (VLS) (1989)

A (Don't U Know) I Love U (Extended Remix)

B1 (Don't U Know) I Love U (Radio Mix)
B2 (Don't U Know) I Love U (Dub)
B3 (Don't U Know) I Love U (Accapella)

4 PM – Get Your Groove On (VLS) (1997)

A1 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX)
A2 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX, W.O Rap)
A3 Get Your Groove On (Tribute RMX)

B1 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX Instrumental)
B2 Get Your Groove On (Groove RMX Acappella)

29. Mai 2011

Demond – Ooh La La (VLS) (1997)

A1 Ooh La La (Black Radio Remix)
A2 Ooh La La (Far East Flavor Mix)
A3 Ooh La La (Black Radio Instrumental)

B1 Ooh La La (Harlem Mix)
B2 Ooh La La (Yellow Note Mix)
B3 Ooh La La (Album Version)

Demond - AllIWannaDo (VLS) (1997)

A1 AllIWannaDo
A2 AllIWannaDo (A Capella)

B1 AllIWannaDo (Phlex Mix)
B2 AllIWannaDo (Carl B Mix)

State-O-Mind – Turn U On! (Promo VLS) (1995)

A1 Turn U On! (Radio Edit)
A2 Turn U On! (T.V. Track)

B1 Turn U On! (Ivoryology Mix)
B2 Turn U On! (Satin Sheet Mix)

28. Mai 2011

Strawberri - Come N Get It (cds) 2004

01-Come'n'Get It (Radio)
02-Come'n'Get It (Dirty)
03-Come'n'Get It (Instrumental)
04-Come'n'Get It (Accapella)

Society Of Soul - Brainchild

01-Society Of Soul-Genesis
02-Society Of Soul-E.M.B.R.A.C.E.
03-Society Of Soul-Changes
04-Society Of Soul-It Only Gets Better
05-Society Of Soul-Interlude
06-Society Of Soul-Brainchild
07-Society Of Soul-Ghetto Fuh Life
06-Society Of Soul-Right Tonight
09-Society Of Soul-Judas
10-Society Of Soul-Pushin`
11-Society Of Soul-Migratenation
12-Society Of Soul-Sonja Marie
13-Society Of Soul-Wind
14-Society Of Soul-Blac Mermaid
15-Society Of Soul-Peaches n`Erb
16-Society Of Soul-No Hard Feelings

27. Mai 2011

Ruby - I Really Like To (Vls) 2004

01-I Really Like To (Acapella)
02-I Really Like To (Instrumental)
03-I Really Like To (radio Mix)
04-I Really Like To (Remix Extended)
05-I Really Like To (Remix Mix)
06-I Really Like To (Remix No Rap)

Raphael Saadiq - Leave This Morning (Vls) 2004

01-Leave This Morning (ft.Nappy Roots)
02-Midnight Love (ft.Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger)
03-Just A Man (ft.devin The Dude)
04-Move Your Body (ft.The Isley Brothers)

Paula Campbell - Peanut Butta N Jelly (CDS) 2004

01-Peanut Butta'n'Jelly (Main)
02-Peanut Butta'n'Jelly (With Rap)
03-Peanut Butta'n'Jelly (Instrumental)

Norman Brown - I Might (Promo Cds) 2004

01-I Might (Edit)
02-I Might (Album_version)
03-I Might (Instrumental)
04-I Might (Call out hook1)
05-I Might (Call out hook2)

Montell Jordan ft.Shaunta - Lets Ride (Remix) (Cds) 1998

01-Lets Ride (Rmx Radio)
02-Lets Ride (Rmx Album)
03-Lets Ride (Rmx Instrumental)

Mashonda - Used To (Vinyl) 2004

01-Used To(Main)
02-Used To(Instrumental)
03-Used To (Acapella)

RMXCRW ft.I.V.A. - Are You the One plus (Remixes) (Vls) 2004

01-Album version
04-Dance With Me (ft.Mega.D)
05-Remix (ft.Ambush)
06-Remix (ft.Icarus)
07-Remix (instrumental)
08-Its Da Music (ft.Ambush)

Hofstone - Bottom Of A Heart

01-Hofstone-The Dogged Ones
02-Hofstone-Copaeabana Girl
03-Hofstone-Ill Be Gone
04-Hofstone-Southern Groove
05-Hofstone-Oh my my
06-Hofstone-Missing Mou
07-Hofstone-Make it Easy
08-Hofstone-Cant Keep Running Away
09-Hofstone-True For Life
10-Hofstone ft.The Memphis Horns-Bottom of a Heart
11-Hofstone-My loves grown too strong (To Be Alone)
12-Hofstone-Long Ago
13-Hofstone-Not everyday (Love Falls On You)
14-Hofstone-Missing you (Bonus live)

Alex - Thirteen

02-Them Girls                    
03-So Beautiful                   
05-Perfect Girl                 
07-What if
08-Top of the Clubs
09-Keep In Mind
10-Bounce (Throw Your Hands Up)
11-Ode To My Momies
12-Ill Take over
13-Miss Everything (dear mother)

24. Mai 2011

Sarah Jane - It`s Too Late (Promo VLS) (1997)

A It`s Too Late (C. Phunk Mix)
AA It`s Too Late (The Benson Mix)

23. Mai 2011

CeCe Peniston - I'm Movin' On

01 - CeCe Peniston - Movin' On
02 - CeCe Peniston - Looking for a Love That's Real
03 - CeCe Peniston - Sprung On You (Groove Me)
04 - CeCe Peniston - Try
05 - CeCe Peniston - Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy)
06 - CeCe Peniston - Somebody Else's Guy
07 - CeCe Peniston - If It Should Rain
08 - CeCe Peniston - House Party
09 - CeCe Peniston - The Last to Know
10 - CeCe Peniston - Interlude 1
11 - CeCe Peniston - I'm Over You
12 - CeCe Peniston - Don't Know What to Do
13 - CeCe Peniston - Interlude 2
14 - CeCe Peniston - Movin' On (G. Man Slammin' Remix Without Rap)

Mario Winans - Never Really Was (Remixes) (vls) 2004

01-Never Really Was (ft.Twista) (Remix)
02-Never Really Was (ft.Lil.Flip) (Remix)
03-Never Really Was (Instrumental)

Lenny Kravitz - Storm (Just Blaze Remix) (Vls) 2004

01-Storm (ft.Jay.Z)(Just Blaze Remix)
02-Storm (ft.Jay.Z)(Just Blaze Remix Instr)
03-Storm (ft.Jay.Z)(Acappella)
04-Storm (ft.Jay.Z)(Album Mix)

Kool And The Gang ft.Liberty X - Fresh Promo (CDM) 2004

01-Fresh (Album Version)
02-Ladies Night (ft.S Banner & S.Paul)
03-Fresh (Brad Gilderman Remix)
04-Fresh (Motivo Pop Remix)
05-Fresh (Bimbo Jones Remix)

Kid N Play - 2 Hype (VLS) 1989

01-2 Hype (vocal)
02-2 Hype (Instrumental)
03-2 Hype (Rent Boy version)
04-2 Hype (Vicious Rent Boy Vers)

Keysha Cole Ft.Shyne - I Changed My Mind Promo (CDS) 2004

01-I Changed My Mind (Lp)
02-I Changed My Mind (Radio)
03-I Changed My Mind (ft.Shyne)(Lp)
04-I Changed My Mind (ft.Shyne)(Radio)

JoJo - Baby Its You (CDS) 2004

01-Baby Its You (Main)
02-Baby Its You (Instrumental)
03-Baby Its You (Acappella)
04-Call Out Hook

Jody Lei - Just The Music 2004

01-Just the Music
04-Just Because
05-In Your Ear
06-Im no Good
07-Lets Talk about love
08-No Letting Go
09-If i Were in Your Shoes
10-How Dirty Can You Get
11-The Click
12-Two Steps closer

Daniel Merriweather - Shes Got Me Promo (Vls) 2004

01-Shes Got me
02-Shes Got me(The Calculators Remix)
03-Shes Got me(ft.Scribe)(Phoney Remix)

C Rena - Hurt Me Hurt Me (CDS) 2004

01- Hurt Me Hurt Me
02- Dont Want To Say Goodbye
03- Rock Away (ft.Isa Walker)

Conscious Collectiv - Sex Appeal (Vls) 2004

01-Sex Appeal (original mix)
02-Sex Appeal (lee viner remix)
03-Sex Appeal (da phuture after dark remix)

Christina Milian ft.Joe Budden - Whatever U Want Promo (CDS) 2004

01-Whatever U Want (radio edit)
02-Whatever U Want (radio edit without rap)
03-Whatever U Want (instrumental)

Brandy - Afrodisiac Promo (CDS) 2004

Afrodisiac (album version)
Afrodisiac (instrumental)

Beverley Knight - Come As You Are PROMO (VLS) 2004

01-Come As You Are (jd remix)
02-Come As You Are

Baby Bash - Shorty Doowop (CDM) 2004

01-Shorty Doowop (album version)
02-Shorty Doowop (craig groove remix)
03-Sugga Sugga (afreex remix)

Amp Fiddler - Dreamin (CDS) 2004

01-Dreamin (radio edit)
02-Dreamin (blacksmith rnb rub)
03-Dream (blacksmith dub rub)

22. Mai 2011

S5 - Ooh That Azz (VLS) (2004)

A1 Ooh That Azz (Main)
A2 Ooh That Azz (Instrumental)

B1 Ooh That Booty (Main)
B2 Ooh That Azz (A Cappella)

Rng - Darlin I Think About You (CDM) (1998)

01 - Darlin'...I Think About You! (Catania Radio Mix)
02 - Darlin'...I Think About You! (Extended Club Mix)
03 - Darlin'...I Think About You! (Album Mix)
04 - Darlin'...I Think About You! (Instrumental Mix)
05 - Everybody Needs Somebody (X-Mas Mix)

Michael Sterling - Eyes Around My Heart (Volume 1)

01 - Michael Sterling - Eyes Intro
02 - Michael Sterling - Complicated
03 - Michael Sterling - Lady Sunshine
04 - Michael Sterling - Fake
05 - Michael Sterling - Out Tonight
06 - Michael Sterling - I`m Taking You Back
07 - Michael Sterling - Sexy Song
08 - Michael Sterling - That 70`s Love
09 - Michael Sterling - Love Won`t Let Me Wait
10 - Michael Sterling - Right Here In Your Arms
11 - Michael Sterling - Charming
12 - Michael Sterling - Honey Honey
13 - Michael Sterling - Eyes Around My Arms
14 - Michael Sterling - Begging
15 - Michael Sterling - Complicated (Midnight Mix)

Maxwell - Lets Not Play the Game (CDS) (1999)

01 - Lets Not Play the Game (Cut)
02 - Lets Not Play the Game (Uncut)
03 - Lets Not Play the Game (Unsung)
04 - Lets Not Play the Game (Justsung)

Mark Morrison - Just A Man (VLS) (2004)

A Just A Man

B1 Backstabbers (Daz Dillinger Mix)

B2 Backstabbers (Co-Stars Mix)

Letoya - U Got What I Need (VLS) (2004)

A U Got What I Need (Radio Edit)

B1 U Got What I Need (Instrumental)
B2 U Got What I Need (A Cappella)

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