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28. April 2011

Imajin - No Doubt (CDS) 1998

01 No Doubt (Main Mix)
02 No Doubt (Steve Antony's R&B Mix-Radio)
03 No Love

Blackgirl - 90's Girl (CDS) 1994

01 90's Girl (Encore Alternative Remix Edit)
02 90's Girl (Album Version)
03 Krazy (Original Vocal Mix)
04 Krazy (Boss' Hip-Hop Mix)

MN8 - Happy (CDS) 1995

01 Happy (Radio Edit)
02 Happy (Jodeci Mix)
03 Happy (2B3 Street Mix)
04 I've Got A little Something For You (OJI Remix)

Fierce - So Long (CDS) 1999

01 So Long (Radio Edit)
02 So Long (Blacksmith Bishop-Brad Edit - With Rap)
03 So Long (G-Club Danny D Edit)
04 So Long (Bump 'N' Flex Smoky Soul Mix)

Dream Warriors - What Do You Want Ladies ? (CDS) 1996

01 What Do You Want Ladies (LP Version)
02 What Do You Want Ladies (2B3 Hip Hop Mix)
03 What Do You Want Ladies (2B3 80's Mix)
04 Dem No Ready Feat. General Degree

7669 - Joy (CDS) 1994

01 Joy (Radio Edit)
02 Joy (Vocal DN)
03 Joy (Black Light Mix)
04 69 Ways To Love A (Black) Man

Portrait - How Deep Is Your Love (CDS) 1995

01 How Deep Is Your Love (Radio Edit)
02 Lovin' U Is Ah-Ight (LP Version)
03 Here We Go Again
04 How Deep Is Your Love (Urban Mix)
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