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16. April 2011

Sparkle - Good Life (Promo VLS) 2001

A1 Good Life (Main)
A2 Good Life (Instrumental)
A3 Good Life (Acappella)

B1 Good Life (Main w Rap) Feat. Memphis Bleek
B2 Good Life (Radio w Rap) Feat. Memphis Bleek
B3 Good Life (Instrumental)
B4 Good Life (Acappella) Feat. Memphis Bleek

Sparkle - Time To Move On (CDS) 1998

01 Time To Move On (Radio Version)
02 Time To Move On (Choice Mix Clean) Feat. Vegas Cats
03 Time To Move On (Choice Mix) Feat. Vegas Cats

Sparkle - Lovin' You (CDS) 1998

01 Lovin' You
02 What About
03 Lovin' You (The Remix)

11. April 2011

Deborah Cox - Up & Down (In & Out) The Remixes (VLS) 2002

A1 Up & Down (In & Out) [Allstar Remix] Feat. Jadakiss
A2 Up & Down (In & Out) [Allstar Remix No Rap]
A3 Up & Down (In & Out) [Allstar Remix Instrumental]

B1 Up & Down (In & Out) [Godson Remix]
B2 Up & Down (In & Out) [Godson Remix Instrumental]

10. April 2011

Tony Kurtis - Where It All Started

01 - Tony Kurtis - Phone Intro
02 - Tony Kurtis - Good Man
03 - Tony Kurtis - Would You Be Feat. GNR
04 - Tony Kurtis - My Shawty Feat Genius of GNR
05 - Tony Kurtis - My Hoopdy Feat. BOSSMAN
06 - Tony Kurtis - Phone Get Sexy Intro
07 - Tony Kurtis - Get Sexy
08 - Tony Kurtis - Air I Breathe
09 - Tony Kurtis - Motha Sista
10 - Tony Kurtis - Phone So High Intro
11 - Tony Kurtis - So High
12 - Tony Kurtis - I Don't Wanna do Anything Else Feat. LaNesha Star
13 - Tony Kurtis - Promise Remix Feat. Tony Kurtis
14 - Tony Kurtis - Phone With You Intro
15 - Tony Kurtis - With You Feat. Keisha Starr
16 - Tony Kurtis - Us Both /Tony Kurtis R Kelly Skit
17 - Tony Kurtis - I Can Make It  Feat. B-More All Stars
18 - Tony Kurtis - Do I Love You Enough Feat. Tanesha Mack
19 - Tony Kurtis - Status Live Feat. Tony Kurtis
20 - Tony Kurtis - Happy Holidays Feat. DH2 TK/Jazz/RM/Woody Rock/Que

This CD is R&B music at it's best. There's not to much to say about it
but get it for yourself and enjoy every track one by one.
Tony's sound make you love R&B music all over again and it
will make you ask yourself where do music like this go

So Plush - Things I Heard Before (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 Things I Heard Before (Album Version)
A2 Things I Heard Before (Instrumental)

B1 Things I Heard Before (Radio Edit)
B2 Things I Heard Before (Acapella)

Monteco - Call It What You Want (VLS) (1995)

A1 Call It What You Want
A2 Call It What You Want (Instrumental)

B1 Call It What You Want (Wesed Remix)
B2 Call It What You Want (Remix Instrumental)
B3 Summerday

Yojo Working - Hold On (CDM) (1996)

01 - Hold On (Yojo Live Vibe)
02 - Hold On (Hold On 12inch)
03 - Hold On (Rhythm Masters 12inch Club)
04 - Hold On (Yojo Disco 12inch)
05 - Hold On (Juice Remix)

Lil Bud & Tizone Feat. Keith Sweat - Gonna Let U Know (VLS) (1997)

A1 Gonna Let U Know (Radio Edit)
A2 Gonna Let U Know (Album Version)
A3 Gonna Let U Know (Album Instrumental)

B1 Gonna Let U Know (Tim Dawg Remix)
B2 Gonna Let U Know (Tim Dawg Remix Instrumental)
B3 Gonna Let U Know (Acappella)

LaTanya - I Want The B-O-M-B (VLS) (1994)

A1 I Want The B-O-M-B (Radio Mix)
A2 I Want The B-O-M-B (Break Beats)
A3 I Want The B-O-M-B (Accapella)

B1 I Want The B-O-M-B (Club Mix)
B2 I Want The B-O-M-B (Instrumeltal)

Guesss - It's You That I Need (VLS) (1994)

A1 It's You That I Need (The Pooh Old School Remix)
A2 It's You That I Need (The Cool Out Mix)
A3 It's You That I Need (Instrumental)
A4 It's You That I Need (Album Version)

B1 Tell Me Where It Hurts (Don't Hurt Me Mix)
B2 Tell Me Where It Hurts (Quiet Storm Mix)
B3 Tell Me Where It Hurts (Album Version)

G.A.T. - Smiling Faces Sometimes (VLS) (1995)

A1 Smiling Faces Sometimes (Radio Edit)
A2 Smiling Faces Sometimes (LP Instrumental)

B Smiling Faces Sometimes (Baka Boyz Remix)
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