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26. Februar 2011

Pretty Boy Lloyd - Got Me On A High (VLS) (1997)

A1 Got Me On A High (Radio)
A2 Got Me On A High (Instrumental)

B1 Got Me On A High (Radio Remix)
B2 Got Me On A High (A Cappela)

24. Februar 2011

Troop - I'm Not Soupped (1989)

A I'm Not Soupped (Extended Remix)

B1 I'm Not Soupped (Soupped Mix)
B2 Still In Love (LP Version)

22. Februar 2011

(®funkysize©)™ Present's - Amazing Remixe's.VI

01-Allure - Enjoy Yourself (Flinston Mix Quiet Storm Remix)
02-Angie Stone - Life Story (Full Crew Hip Hop Mix)
03-Billy Lawrence - Happiness ('Puffy' Remix)
04-Brandy - What About Us (Steve Silk Hurley Old Skool Remix)
05-Brian Mcknight - Goodbye My Love (N.O. Joe Mix)
06-Caron Wheeler - I Adore You (The Flow Mix)
07-Changing Faces - I Got Somebody Else (D'Influence Master Mix)
08-Dru Hill - Tell Me (Student Mix)
09-Emage - The Choice Is Yours (Different Drum Mix)
10-Glenn Jones - Stay (Brixton Bass Mix)
11-Hinda Hicks - Up Up (Quiet Giant's Re-Twist)
12-Jon B - They Don't Know (Bugatti Chill Mix)
13-Lighthouse Family - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be..Free One (D'Influence Mix)
14-Mary J. Blige - Be Happy (Maurice's Muthafunkin Mix)
15-Nivea - Don't Mess With My Man (Scorpio Remix)
16-Raw Stylus - Believe In Me (E-Smoove's Essence Mix)
17-Simone Hines - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (Stevie J.Remix)
18-Snoop Dogg & Avant - I Can Read Your Mind (Tha G-Mix)
19-Syleena Johnson - I Am Your Woman (Summertime Remix Radio Edit)
20-The Isley Brothers feat. Ronald Isley A.K.A. Mr. Biggs - Contagious (Mercenary Mix)

21. Februar 2011

Sexx - Freaky Freaky (VLS) (1995)

A1 Freaky Freaky (Rah Rah Rap Mix)
A2 Freaky Freaky (G.O. Knees Mix With Crowd)
A3 Freaky Freaky (Radio (Rap) Mix)
A4 Freaky Freaky (Radio (Vocal) Mix)

B1 Freaky Freaky (DJ Dub Mix)
B2 Freaky Freaky (Drumapella (Rap) Mix)
B3 Freaky Freaky (Instrumental)
B4 Freaky Freaky (Slippery Mix)

Lo-Key - Sweet On U (Promo VLS) (1992)

A1 Sweet On U (Candy Rap Mix Extended Version)
A2 Sweet On U (Brown Sugar Mix Extended Version)
A3 Sweet On U (Candy Rap Mix Edit)

B1 Sweet On U (MM MM Good Mix)
B2 Sweet On U (Sweet Talk Mix)
B3 Sweet On U (LP Version)

Intro - Feels Like The First Time (VLS) (1996)

A1 Feels Like The First Time
A2 Feels Like The First Time (Instrumental)

B1 Feels Like The First Time (A Capella)
B2 Funny How Time Flies (Little Kim Mix)

After 7 - Baby I'm For Real (Natural High) (VLS) (1992)

A1 Baby I'm For Real / Natural High (R&B Remix)
A2 Baby I'm For Real / Natural High (Sexy Version)

B1 Baby I'm For Real / Natural High (Quiet Storm After 7 Mix)
B2 Baby I'm For Real / Natural High (LP Mix)

20. Februar 2011

MARQO - Smooth & Spicy

01 - Marqo - I Know
02 - Marqo - Baby don´t Cry
03 - Marqo - Keep Runnin Back
04 - Marqo - If only If
05 - Marqo - Tis the Time
06 - Marqo - Sad Times
07 - Marqo - Nasty
08 - Marqo - Southern Bumpin
09 - Marqo - Darlin
10 - Marqo - My Flow
11 - Marqo - Up and Down
12 - Marqo - Baby Don´t Cry (Radio Edit)
13 - Marqo - Tis the Time(Radio Edit)
14 - Marqo - What Up

9t9 Percent - However You Want It (2000)

01 Butta Your Muffins
02 Butta Your Muffins (Remix)
03 Cloudy (Goodbye Aaliyah)
04 Don't Stop (Turning Me On)
05 Never Tell Our Child
06 No Need To Be Freaky
07 Roll Wit' Me
08 Round And Round
09 Say I Do
10 Stay With Me
11 Tell Me
12 The Cat's Astray
13 Touch Me

Moe - My World

01 - Moe - Intro
02 - Moe - My World
03 - Moe - Stop
04 - Moe - Imagine
05 - Moe - Backstabber
06 - Moe - This Song
07 - Moe - Side by Side
08 - Moe - Check Mate
09 - Moe - She Used to Be
10 - Moe - When Do We Know
11 - Moe - One Step
12 - Moe - Can`t Let You Get Away
13 - Moe - Billie Jean
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