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8. Januar 2011

Kino Watson - Bring it on (1996)

01 - Main Mix
02 - T-Ray Remix
03 - T-Ray Remix Featuring Shinehead
04 - Ruckus Remix
05 - Kinos Smooth Groove Mix

Kandi - Cheatin on Me (2000)

01 - Track Masters Remix Clean w-no Rap
02 - Track Masters Remix Clean w-rap (featuring 50 Cent)
03 - A-Foc Alipse Remix Clean
04 - Track Masters Remix Instrumental
05 - LP Version

Wispers - Show Stopper ft Mario (FBP REMIX) for New Jack Movement

Tha Truth - Makin Moves Everyday (1997)

01 - Makin Moves (featuring.Keith Murray)
02 - Gotta Find (A New Love)
03 - I Wanna Know
04 - Everyday
05 - If I Show U
06 - What U Do 2 Me (Duet with Kenny Greene)
07 - Dont Rush
08 - U Better Be Ready
09 - Candy
10 - How We Roll
11 - Red Lights - bustin Out (on Funk) (featuring Erick Sermon)
12 - Everyday (T-Smoov Remix)

7. Januar 2011

Mary J. Blige Feat. George Benson - Seven Days (VLS) (1998)

A1 Seven Days (Radio Edit)
A2 Seven Days (Remix)

B1 Round and Round (Brooklyn Funk R&B Bump Mix)
B2 Round and Round (Brooklyn Funk B-Boy Mix)

Mary J. Blige - Deep Inside (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 Deep Inside (Mobb Deep Remix - Main)
A2 Deep Inside (Mobb Deep Remix - Instrumental)
A3 Deep Inside (Mobb Deep Remix - Acappella)

B1 Deep Inside (Mobb Deep Remix - W.o Rap)
B2 Deep Inside (Mobb Deep Remix - Clean)

Mary J. Blige - All That I Can Say (Promo CDS) (1999)

01 - All That I Can Say (Radio Edit)
02 - All That I Can Say (LP Version)
03 - All That I Can Say (Instrumental)

Koffee Brown - After Party (Promo VLS) (2000)

A After Party (Radio Version)

B1 After Party (instrumental)
B2 After Party (Acapella)

Veronica - V......as in Veronica (1995)

01 - Without Love
02 - What I Wanna Do (W-interlude)
03 - Unnecessary Trip
04 - Lock Down
05 - Cant Stop Lovin You
06 - Sista
07 - A Love to Come Home to..
08 - Really Dont Miss You
09 - House Party
10 - Trippin (Remix)
11 - Ova and Ova
12 - 4 U

R. Kelly - You Remind Me of Something (1995)

01 - You Remind Me of Something
02 - Homie Lover Friend (Lookin for My Homie Mix)

R.Kelly - Half on A Baby (1998)

01 - Radio Version
02 - Extended Video Version
03 - Instrumental

Redbone - I Can´t Go On VLS 1996

http://ul.to/k1xy4x45Face A
I Can´t Go On (Main Version)
I Can´t Go On (Radio Edit)
I Can´t Go On (Instrumental)

Face B
I Can´t Go On (Remix Featuring 1-5-Sex)

Born In August - "April" (Promo) VLS 1996

Face A
"April" (Bystorm Edit)
"April" (Instrumental)

Face B
"April" (Bystorm Edit)
"April" (Instrumental)

Born In August - "April" The Remix (Promo) VLS 1996

Face A
"April" (The Remix)

Face B
"April" (The Remix)

6. Januar 2011

Another Bad Creation - Where's Ya Little Sista (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Chris & Ray's Phat Remix)
A2 Where's Ya Little Sista? (LP Version)
A3 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Chris & Ray's Phat Remix Instrumental)

B1 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Remix Version)
B2 Where's Ya Little Sista? (Smooth Remix)
B3 Where's Ya Little Sista? (A Capella)

Dream - He Loves U Not (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 He Loves U Not (Album Version)
A2 He Loves U Not (Remix)

B1 He Loves U Not (Remix)(feat. G-Dep)
B2 He Loves U Not (Remix Instrumental)

5. Januar 2011

Rome - Crazy Love (VLS) (1997)

A Crazy Love (Cruise Worldwide Remix)

B1 Crazy Love (Album Version)
B2 Crazy Love (Worldwide Remix Instrumental)

Troop - Mamacita (VLS )(1988)

A Mamacita (Extended Mix)

B Mamacita (Dub Mix)

Treyce - All In My Game (VLS) (2002

A1 All In My Game (Radio Mix)
A2 All In My Game (Thug Mix)

B1 All In My Game (Club Mix)
B2 All In My Game (Radio Mix #2)

Tony Scott - Get Into It & That's How I'm Living & The Chief (VLS) (1989)

A Get Into It

B1 That`s How I`m Living
B2 The Chief

Sha Sha - Kiss & Try Me (VLS) (1992)

A Kiss

B1 Try Me (Rhythm Within)
B2 Try Me (Rhythm Within) (Remix)

Elisha La'Verne - So Very Hot (VLS) (2000)

A1 So Very Hot (Urbanstar 2000 Mix)
A2 So Very Hot (Original Album Mix)

B1 So Very Hot (Double R 2 Step)
B2 So Very Hot (Double R 2 Step Dub)

Aaliyah - Your Girl 2000 & If Your Girl Only Knew (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 Your Girl 2000 (The 45 King HOT Remix)
A2 Your Girl 2000 (The 45 King Instrumental)

B1 If Your Girl Only Knew (Original Extended Mix)
B2 If Your Girl Only Knew (Instrumental)

Rodney Jerkins - Versatility

01 - rodallude (the beginning)
02 - undeniable
03 - flight of progression
04 - til 6am
05 - wake up call
06 - 101 north
07 - ride with me
08 - shake it for me
09 - a word from our sponsor
10 - shockwave (feat atiba)
11 - 609 heat
12 - downsouth bounce
13 - rodallude (to be continued)
14 - wake up call (instrumental)
15 - 101 north (instrumental)
16 - flight of progression (instrumental)
17 - shake it for me (instrumental)
18 - shockwave new version (instrumental)

B-M-M - Amazing Remixe's Vol.I

01-Angie Stone - I Wanna Thank Ya (Nu School Mix)
02-Babyface - Rock Bottom (CJ 12' Vocal Mix)
03-Beverley Knight - Keep This Fire Burning (Full Phatt Mix)
04-Blaque - I'm Good (Trackmasters Remix)
05-Charlotte - Queen Of Hearts (CJ's R&B Mix)
06-Damage - Love II Love (Cutfather & Joe Club Mix)
07-Eric Benet - Femininity (Remix)
08-G. Womack - Groove Wit You (Can We Get Down Remix)
09-Innocence - I'll Be There (Masters At Work 12' Edit)
10-Jaheim - Put That Woman First (Remix)
11-Jesse Powell - 'Bout It (So So Def Remix)
12-John Legend - Used To Love You (Bean-N-Rice Remix)
13-M People - Just For You (C-Swing's Master Mix)
14-Mark Morrison & Conner Reeves - Best Friend (Brooklyn Funk Bus Stop Mix)
15-Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning (Urban Remix)
16-Nu Life - Now That I've Found You (Linslee Campbell's Soul Mix)
17-R. Kelly - Happy People (Remix)
18-Sa-Deuce - Don't Waste My Time (Mecca Don Flava Hood Remix w o Rap)
19-Syleena Johnson - I Am Your Woman (Soul Society Remix)
20-Tweet - Hypnotic (Remix)

4. Januar 2011

DJ MANIE presents: A New Jack City Night Out (2008)

01. On The Road
Brian McKnight – Goodbye My Love, Intro – Love Thang, Joe – I’m In Love (Ghetto Lab remix), Soul For Real – Every Little Thing I Do (Linslee remix), Eric Gable – Process Of Elimination (Da Butt Whip Mix), Entouch – II Hype
02. The Warmup
Rude Boys – My Kinda Girl (Deep HipHop mix), Xscape – Love On My Mind (JD extended mix), Aaliyah – The Thing I Like, Hi Five – Mary Mary (Eric Foster mix), After 7 – No Better Love, Today – You Stood Me Up (Extended)
03. The Party
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Nobody (blue mix), Jeff Redd – Come And Get My Lovin’ (Untouchables remix), The Good Girls – Your Sweetness, Zhype – Used To Be Your Lover, II close – So What, Pretty In Pink – All About You (hiphop mix), Mc Trouble – (I Wanna) Make You Mine, Riff – White Men Can’t Jump, Colin England – I Got What You Need, Johnny Gill – The Floor, Bonus: Guy – Let’s Chill
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