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18. Dezember 2010

Mica Paris - Stay 12'' Remix Promo (1988)

01 Stay (Brooklyn Funk R'n'B Mix)
02 Stay (Radio Edit)          
03 Stay (Blacksmith Club Rub)  

15. Dezember 2010

Tribal Jam - Demarre Le Show

01 - Tribal Jam feat. Portrait - Je te donne mon coeur
02 - Tribal Jam - Jazzy funky
03 - Tribal Jam - Dis-moi
04 - Tribal Jam - Remind me
05 - Tribal Jam - Jacky n'est plus
06 - Tribal Jam - Pour toujours
07 - Tribal Jam - Demarre le show
08 - Tribal Jam - Up & down
09 - Tribal Jam - N'oublie pas
10 - Tribal Jam - Quand tu souris
11 - Tribal Jam - Woman
12 - Tribal Jam feat. Portrait - This feeling
13 - Tribal Jam - Plus que parfait
14 - Tribal Jam - Si tu le veux
15 - Tribal Jam - Trouble jeu

The Boys - Dial My Heart (VLS) (1988)

A1 Dial My Heart (12" Heart Version)
A2 Dial My Heart (7" Edit)

B Dial My Heart (Morning Madness Thank You Mix)

One Cause One Effect - Up With Hope, Down With Dope (VLS) (1990)

A1 Up With Hope, Down With Dope (Single Mix)
A2 Up With Hope, Down With Dope (12" Remixl)

B1 Up With Hope, Down With Dope (One Effect Mix)
B2 Up With Hope, Down With Dope (Instrumental)

Kool Skool - You Can't Buy My Love (VLS) (1990)

A1 You Can't Buy My Love
A2 You Can't Buy My Love (Radio Edit)

B1 You Can't Buy My Love (7" Edit)
B2 You Can't Buy My Love (Instrumental)
B3 Make Up Your Mind

Kiara - You're Right About That (VLS) (1990)

A1 You're Right About That (The Pump Remix)
A2 You're Right About That (On Ver Rump Dub)

B1 You're Right About That (Single Edit)
B2 Serious Problem

Keith Sweat - Keep It Comin' (VLS) (1991)

A1 Keep It Comin' (12" Mix)
A2 Keep It Comin' (Hip Hop Mix With Rap)
A3 Keep It Comin' (Radio Mix)

B1 Keep It Comin' (Smooth Mix)
B2 Keep It Comin' (Hip Hop Mix Without Rap)

Jamm - So Fine (VLS) (1988)

A1 So Fine (Club Mix)
A2 So Fine (Radio Edit)

B1 So Fine (Dub Mix)
B2 So Fine (Extra Beats)
B3 So Fine (Percapella Mix)

Guy - Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby (LP Version)
A2 Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby (Radio Edit)

B Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby (Instrumental)

Guy - Fool Around (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 Fool Around (Original R&B/Rap Mix)
A2 Fool Around (Midnight Mix)
A3 Fool Around ("Magic" Hip Hop Mix)

B1 Fool Around (Power Mix)
B2 Fool Around (45 King Club Remix)
B3 Fool Around (Instrumental)

14. Dezember 2010

Craig David - Born To Do It (2000)

01 -  Fill Me In
02 -  Can't Be Messing 'Round
03 -  Rendezvous
04 -  7 Days
05 -  Follow Me
06 -  Last Night
07 -  Walking Away
08 -  Time To Party
09 -  Booty Man
10 -  Once In A Lifetime
11 -  You Know What
12 -  Rewind

12. Dezember 2010

ODB - Dirty & Stinkin` (Remix) Promo CDS

01. Main Mix
02. Clean Edit
03. Dirty Remix
04. Clean Remix

ODB - Dirty & Stinkin`Promo CDS

01. Hip Hop Mix (Main)
02. Hip Hop Mix (Instrumental)
03. Rock Mix (Main)
04. Rock Mix (Instrumental)

En Vogue - EV3 1997

01. Whatever
02. Don't let go (love)
03. Right direction
04. Damn I wanna be your lover
05. Too gone, too long
06. You're all I need
07. Let it flow
08. Sitting by heaven's door
09. Love makes you do thangs
10. What a difference a day makes
11. Eyes of a child
12. Does anybody hear me
13. I've got your gun

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