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21. November 2010

DJ MANIE presents: I Love Jodeci

DJ MANIE presents: I Love Jodeci
Total Time: 102:04

01. Feenin (E Double Gets Bizzy mix)
02. Alone
03. Sweaty
04. What About Us (Mr. Dalvin remix)
05. I'm Still Waitin' (Strickly 4 Da Jeeps remix)
06. Love U 4 Life (Main Pass remix)
07. What About Us (Swing Mob remix
08. Freek 'n' You (Mr Dalvin remix f/ Raekwon)
09. Come And Talk To Me (HipHop remix)
10. In The Meanwhile
11. After Last Night
12. Fun 2 Nite (2b3 Brixton Mix)
13. Get On Up
14. Get On Up (Def Squad remix)
15. Come Up To my Room f/ Tha Dogg Pound
16. How Do U Want It (2 Pac)
17. You Got It f/ Redman
18. Gimme All You Got
19. Won't Waste You f/ Missy Elliott
20. Let's Go Through The Motions
21. Get On Up (Mr. Dalvin Remix)
22. Next Stop Uptown
23. Xs We Share
24. Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated (Father MC)
25. Cherish (12" remix)
26. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Club Joint) (Father MC)
27. Lisa Baby (swing House) (Father MC)
28. My Phone
29. Let's Fly
30. Gotta Love (New R&B edit)
31. It's Alright
32. Treat U
33. Play Thang
34. Let's Do It All
35. Freek 'n' You (Funky Freeky Mix)
36. What about Us
37. Stay
38. U & I
39. I'm Still Waitin'
40. Forever My Lady
41. Love U 4 Life
42. Cry For You
43. My Heart Belongs to U
44. Lately
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