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12. November 2010

Mary J. Blige - My Love (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 My Love (Hip Hop With Rap)
A2 My Love (Street Mix 1)
A3 My Love (New Jack Jazz)

B1 My Love (T.R. & Mary Mix)
B2 My Love (A Capella)

8. November 2010

O.S.T. Fled (1996)

01 - Big Rupe - Intro
02 - Royal C - You Can`t Run
03 - T-Boz - Touch Myself
04 - Goodie Mob - Remember What I Said
05 - T-Smith - Bright Lights
06 - God's Gift To God - Word
07 - Monica - Missing You
08 - The`Tony Rich Project - Highway
09 - Joi - Magic In Your Eyes
10 - Lou - Spain
11 - For Real - Right Way
12 - Dj` Kizzy Rock - Crank This
13 - Fishbone - Fled

Mya Featuring Sisqo - It's All About Me (Promo VLS) (1998)

A1 It's All About Me (Album Version)
A2 It's All About Me (New R&B Mix Clean)

B1 It's All About Me (The Slammin' Sam Wild Wesside Mix)
B2 It's All About Me (Radio Version)

Musiq - Forthenight (VLS) (2003)

A1 Forthenight (Radio)
A2 Forthenight (Instrumental)
A3 Forthenight (Acappella)

B1 Forthenight (Radio)
B2 Forthenight (Instrumental)
B3 Forthenight (Acappella)

Mary J. Blige - Reminisce (VLS) (1993)

A1 Reminisce (Driza Bone 12")
A2 Reminisce (Driza Bone Instrumental)

B1 Reminisce (Bad Boy Remix)
B2 Reminisce (Album Edit)

LSG - Door #1 (VLS) (1998)

A Door #1 (Album Version)

B1 Where Did I Go Wrong (Album Version)
B2 Check Is In The Mail (Non-LP Bonus Track)

Lillo Thomas - Sexy Girl (VLS) (1987)

A Sexy Girl (Sexy Mix)

B1 Settle Down (Extended Remix)
B2 (You're A) Good Girl (Special Mix)

Levert - True Dat (Extended Remixes) (VLS) (1997)

A1 True Dat (Remix Extended)
A2 True Dat (Album Version Extended)
A3 True Dat (Remix Instrumental)

B1 True Dat (Hip Hop Remix Extended)
B2 True Dat (Hip Hop Instrumental)

Keith Sweat - Make You Sweat (The Norman Cook Remix) (VLS) (1990)

A1 Make You Sweat (The Norman Cook Twelve Inch Remix)
A2 Make You Sweat (The Norman Cook Instrumental)

B Make You Sweat (USA Extended Version)

Joe Public - I've Been Watchin' (VLS) (1992)

A1 I've Been Watchin' (Eastside Mix)
A2 I've Been Watchin' (Eastside 12" Remix)
A3 I've Been Watchin' (Eastside Dub)

B1 I've Been Watchin' (Dance 7")
B2 I've Been Watchin' (Dance 12")
B3 I've Been Watchin' (LP Remix)

Jodeci - Fun 2 Nite & Love U 4 Life & Freek'N You (Promo VLS) (1995)

A1 Fun 2 Nite (2B3 Brixton Mix)
A2 Fun 2 Nite (Album Version)
A3 Fun 2 Nite (2B3 Funky Naked Mix)

B1 Love U 4 Life
B2 Freek`N You

Jodeci - Cherish (VLS) (1992)

A Cherish (Twelve Inch Extensions)

B1 Cherish (Hip Hop Mix)
B2 My Phone

James J.T. Taylor - 8 Days A Week (VLS) (1990)

A1 8 Days A Week (12" Club Mix)
A2 8 Days A Week (Sax Mix)

B1 8 Days A Week (House Dub)
B2 8 Days A Week (Bonus Beats)
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