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2. November 2010

Heavy D. & The Boyz - Somebody For Me (VLS) (1989)

A Somebody For Me (Coolin' Mix)

B1 Somebody For Me (Hip Hop Dub)
B2 You Ain't Heard Nuttin Yet

Gerardo - We Want The Funk (VLS) (1991)

A1 We Want The Funk (Raw Dog Mix)
A2 We Want The Funk (House Mix)
A3 We Want The Funk (Dope Mix)

B1 Fandango
B2 We Want The Funk
B3 We Want The Funk (Empty Mix)

David Peaston - String (VLS) (1991)

A String (Club Version)

B String (Instrumental)

Chubb Rock - The Chubbster (VLS) (1991)

A1 The Chubbster (Clark's Radio Joint)
A2 The Chubbster (Original Vocal)
A3 The Chubbster (Radiomental)

B1 The Chubbster (Clark's Smooth Haus)
B2 The Chubbster (Smooth Haustrumental)
B3 The Chubbster (Hard Haus)

Cherish - Do It To It (Rap Remix) (VLS) (2006)

A1 Do It To It (Rap Remix) (Clean)
A2 Do It To It (Rap Remix) (Explicit)

B1 Do It To It (Rap Remix) (Instrumental)
B2 Do It To It (Rap Remix) (A Cappella)

Celetia - Are U Ready (Promo VLS) (1991)

A1 Are U Ready (Full Crew Remix)
A2 Are U Ready (Album Version)

B1 Are U Ready (Street Team Remix)
B2 Are U Ready (Instrumental)

Carl Linger - Maybe (VLS) (1988)

A Maybe

B1 Maybe (Vocal Dub Version)
B2 Maybe (Instrumental)
B3 Maybe (A Capella)

Blackstreet Featuring Teddy Riley - Baby Be Mine (VLS) (1993)

A1 Baby Be Mine (Vocal)
A2 Baby Be Mine (Percapella)

B1 Baby Be Mine (Dub 1)
B2 Baby Be Mine (Bonus Beats)

B. Angie B. - Chocolate Delight & Brown Sugar (VLS) (1998)

A1 Chocolate Delight (Full Mix)
A2 Chocolate Delight (Instrumental)
A3 Chocolate Delight (Acappella)

B1 Brown Sugar (Full Mix)
B2 Brown Sugar (Instrumental)
B3 Brown Sugar (Acappella)

After 7 - Don't Cha' Think (VLS) (1989)

A1 Don't Cha' Think (Extended Mix)
A2 Don't Cha' Think (Dub)

B1 Don't Cha' Think (Club Mix)
B2 Don't Cha' Think (LP Version)

3LW - Playas Gon Play (VLS) (2001)

A1 Playas Gon Play (Album Version)
A2 Playas Gon Play (Instrumental)

B1 Playas Gon Play (Radio Edit)
B2 Playas Gon Play (A Cappella)

31. Oktober 2010

DJ MANIE - Oldschool Anthems Vol.7 (King of Swing)

DJ MANIE presents: Oldschool Anthems volume 7 (King of Swing)
50 tracks / 72:24

01. Michael Jeffries - Not Thru Being With You (The Club Fire Mix)
02. Johnny Gill - Wrap My Body Tight
03. Babyface - Tender Lover
04. Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel (Extended remix)
05. Shanice - Don't Wanna Love You
06. Hi-Five - I'm in Need
07. After 7 - My Only Woman
08. Michael Jeffries - Teach Me
09. Jamie Foxx - Miss You
10. Aaliyah - The Thing I Like
11. Riff - Judy Had A Boyfriend
12. Colin England - Come Over, Baby
13. Silk - Baby It's You (12" Mix)
14. Guy - Let's Stay Together
15. Alyson Williams - My Love Is So Raw
16. Nona Gaye - I'm Overjoyed (Hip Hop remix)
17. R. Kelly - Definition Of A Hotti (Remix)
18. Hi-Five - Let's Get It Started (Keep It Goin' On)
19. Hi-Five - Video Girl
20. Troop - My Love
21. The Winans - It's Time (Teddy's NJS remix)
22. Christopher Williams - One Girl (Untouchable remix)
23. F.S. Effect - I Wanna B U're Lover (Rich Loves Album Version f/ Christopher Williams)
24. Five XI - Damn Shame
25. Ralph Tresvant - Yo, Baby, Yo! (Harris U. Theme)
26. Boyz II Men - Sympin' (Remix Radio Edit)
27. Joey B. Ellis Feat. Tynetta Hare - Go for It! (Heart and Fire)
28. Tony Terry - That Kind Of Guy (Remix)
29. Another Bad Creation - Spydermann
30. A+plus - Atlanta madness (rap version)
31. Jodeci - My Phone
32. Jodeci - Let's Fly
33. Basic Black - Give Your Love To Me
34. Wreckx-N-Effect - Ready Or Not (New Jack Theme)
35. Tisha Campbell - Push
36. Smoove - Scratch My Back
37. Artz & Kraftz - What A Feelin (12" Version)
38. Babyface - Mary Mack
39. Mint Condition - True To Thee
40. After 7 - Sayonara
41. Al B. Sure! - Misunderstanding (As Sure! As Monie's In The Middle Mix) f/ Monie Love
42. Johnny Gill - Where No Man Has Gone Before
43. Game - She's All I Need
44. Dezi Phillips - Didn't Do It (For The Club - Dope Mix)
45. Jodeci - Play Thang
46. New Jack Style - Egoist
47. New Jack Style - Special Girl (Extended remix)
48. M.C. Brains - Oochie Coochie
49. A+plus - Zoom
50. Full Force - Quickie

Case - Open Letter (2001)

1. Missing You
2. Shine
3. A Song for Skye
4. Not Your Friend
5. Driving
6. Sex Games
7. Conversate
8. Love of My Life
9. Wishful Thinking
10. Crooked Letter
11. Already Have
12. No Regrets
13. Even Though

Case - Case (1996)

01 The Tunnel (Interlude)
02 More To Love
03 Don't Be Afraid
04 Call A Cab (Interlude)
05 I Gotcha
06 Crazy (Interlude)
07 Crazy
08 What's Wrong
09 Rain (Interlude)
10 Rain
11 Touch Me Tease Me
12 The Day That I Die
13 Fallin'
14 Cryin' Over Time
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