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30. Juni 2010

Another Bad Creation - I Don't Wanna Be Grown Up (Remixes) VLS

A1 I Don't Wanna Be Grown Up (The Madness Remix)
A2 I Don't Wanna Be Grown Up (Yo Don't Sleep The Remix)

B1 I Don't Wanna Be Grow Up (LP Version)

VA - LaFace Records - Baby Boomin' (1997) Promo

A1 Outkast - Jazzy Belle (Swift C's Remix)
A2 Donell Jones Feat. Lil' Caesar - You Should Know (Untouchables Remix)
A3 Toni Braxton - I Don't Want To
A4 Sam Salter - It's On Tonight

B1 Toni Braxton - I Love Me Some Him
B2 Az Yet Feat. Peter Cetera - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Remix)
B3 Donell Jones - You Should Know (New Jack Swing Remix)
B4 B-Rock & The Biz - MyBabyDaddy

Group Home - Supa Dupa Star (VLS) 1995

(June 1994 Demo Version)

Group Home - Livin`Proof (VLS) 1995

(Street Mix)

D`Angelo - Me And Those Dreamin`Eyes Of Mine (VLS) 1996

(Album Version)
(Def Squad Remix)

(Dreamy Remix)
(Two Way Street Mix)

Das EFX - Rap Scholar (VLS) 1998


(LP Version)
(Original Version)

29. Juni 2010

VA-The Collector Series-Rare Rnb & New Jack Vol.47

01 - Keith Sweat - I`m The One You Want
02 - Game feat. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell - Ain't No Doubt About
03 - Monica feat. Notorious B.I.G & Missy Elliot - Everything To Me (Remix)
04 - Aja - Movin` On
05 - Re-Play - Stop Messing With My Mind (Unreleased R&b)
06 - Lisa Moorish - Just The Way It Is (Unreleased R&b)
07 - Another Choice - Shake Yo Body
08 - Front Street - The Spot (Unreleased R&b)
09 - Devante - Summer Love
10 - Chanelle - Freestyle
11 - Kaylan - Lift Me Up
12 - Very Artistic - It's Cool
13 - Deja RD feat. Red Cafe - My Whole Life (Unreleased R&b)
14 - Brandy feat. Shaunta - The Boy Is Mine (Darkchild Rap Remix)
15 - Chante Moore - This Time (Allstar's Club Butter)
16 - Hughie Crawford - Cars & Girls (Extended Version)

Tevin Campbell - Strawberry Letter 23 (CDS) (1991)

01 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Qdiii Mix Without Rap)
02 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Qdiii Mix With Rap)
03 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Qdiii Fat Choice Mix)
04 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Album Edit Without Rap)
05 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Soul Mix With Rap)
06 - Strawberry Letter 23 (T.C.'s Choice)
07 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Soul Mix Without Rap)
08 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Club Mix)
09 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Club Dub)
10 - Strawberry Letter 23 (Naughty Beats)

Phalon - Ready Or Not (VLS) (1991)

A1 Ready Or Not (12 Remix)
A2 Ready Or Not (7 Edit With Rap)

B1 Go Pinto (7 Edit Without Rap)
B2 Ready Or Not (7 Edit Without Rap)
B3 Ready Or Not (Instrumental)

Kornastone - Oooo Ahh (Promo VLS) (2001)


A Oooo Ahh

AA1 Blaze (Radio Mix)
AA2 Blaze (Club Mix)

Jaheim - Just In Case (VLS) (2002)

A1 Just In Case (Main Version Without Rap)
A2 Just In Case (Main Version Instrumental)

B1 Just In Case (Album Version)
B2 Just In Case (A Cappella)

Force One Network - Sista Sista (VLS) (1992)

A1 Sista Sista (Extended Club Mix)
A2 Sista Sista (Blacque Apella)
A3 Sista Sista (Bonus Beats)

B1 Force One Vibe (Party Mix)
B2 Force One Vibe (Scratch Apella)
B3 Force One Vibe (Funky Ass Bonus Beats)

28. Juni 2010

Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka (VLS) 1993

(Jazzy Underground Mix)
(Mixshow Dj Mix)
(Video Version)

Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child (VLS) 1992

(7" Mix)
(Extended Mix)

(Underground Mix)
(Instrumental Mix)

Lords Of The Underground - Flow On (New Symphony) VLS 1994

(Pete Rock Remix)
(Pete Rock TV Mix)
(Rumblin` TV Mix)
(Rumblin` Remix)

Lord´s Prayer (Album Mix)

Lords Of The Underground - What I`m After VLS 1995

(Rumble Remix)
(Sir Charles Extended Dj Mix)
(TV Mix)

(Beat Box Bonus Beats)

27. Juni 2010

Naughty by Nature - Mourn You Til I Join You b/w Nothing to Lose (VLS) 1997

Mourn You Til I Join YOu (Album Version)
Mourn You Til I Join YOu (Instrumental)

Nothing to Lose (Album Version)
Nothing to Lose (Instrumental)

Yo Yo - You Can`t Play with my Yo Yo (Remix VLS) 1991

(HipHop Remix)
(Real Remix)

Yo Yo - Same Ol`Thang (Everyday) (VLS) 1996

(LP Version Acapella)
(LP Version Clean)
(LP Version Instrumental)

(Remix Acapella)
(Remix Clean)
(Remix Instrumental)

Yo Yo - Westside Story (VLS) 1993

(Lp Version)
(Radio Edit)
(Radio Version)

Yo Yo - IBWin`Wit My CREWin b/w The Bonnie and Clyde Theme (VLS) 1993

IBWin`Wit My CREWin

IBWin`Wit My CREWin
(Radio Version)

The Bonnie and Clyde Theme

The Bonnie and Clyde Theme
(Radio Version)

Adeja Benz - Ridin`Solo (VLS) 2002

(45 King`s Remix)
(Dj Dio CLub Remix)
(Extended Mix)
(Father Mc Club Remix)
(Father Mc Phatt Rap Mix)

Troy Johnson - The Way It Is (VLS) (1989)

A1 The Way It Is (Re-mix Single Edit)
A2 The Way It Is (Re-mix Dub Version)

B1 The Way It Is (Re-mix)
B2 The Way It Is (Re-mix Bonus Beats)
B3 The Way It Is (Album Version)

Tony Terry - Lovey Dovey (VLS) (1987)

A1 Lovey Dovey (Long Version)
A2 Lovey Dovey (7 Version)

B Lovey Dovey (Charlie Dee Dub)

Sudden Change - Nodd Your Head (Promo VLS) (1994)

A1 Nodd Your Head (Single Version)
A2 Nodd Your Head (K-Love Mix)

B1 Nodd Your Head (Dub)
B2 Nodd Your Head (K-Love Instrumental)
B3 Nodd Your Head (Dub A Capella)

Keith Washington - Kissing You (VLS) (1991)

A1 Kissing You (Edit)
A2 Kissing You (French Kiss Remix)

B1 We Can Work It Out
B2 This Heart Of Mine (Previously Unreleased)

Grandmaster Slice - Electric Slide (Shall We Dance) '92 (VLS) (1992)

A1 Electric Slide (Shall We Dance ) '92 (Mr Lee's Radio Remix)
A2 Electric Slide (Shall We Dance ) '92 (LP Version)
A3 Electric Slide (Shall We Dance ) (Radio Edit)

B1 Electric Slide (Shall We Dance ) (Wayne's Club Mix)
B2 Girls Move Their Butts
B3 Girls Move Their Butts (LP Version)

Another Bad Creation - Playground (VLS) (1991)

A Playground (12 Mix)

B1 Playground (7 Mix)
B2 Playground (Acappella Mix)

26. Juni 2010

Whitehead Bros. - Feel Your Pain (Remix) (VLS) (1996)


A1 Feel Your Pain (Clark Kent Remix) (Clean) (feat. Free)
A2 Feel Your Pain (International Mix) (Radio Version)

B1 Feel Your Pain (Clark Kent Remix) (Instrumental)
B2 Feel Your Pain (LP Version)

VIP Allstars - Mamacita (Remixes) (VLS) (1999)

A1 Mamacita (Da Rackteaz Remix)
A2 Mamacita (DJ Tomekk Remix)

B1 Mamacita (DJ Bo's Phatt Butt Remix)
B2 Mamacita (Triple D 2000 Remix) (feat. Bee-Luv & Frankie Hustle)

Tamia - Can't Go For That (Promo VLS) (2000)

A1 Can't Go For That (Missy Mix With 213)
A2 Can't Go For That (Album Mix With 213)

B1 Can't Go For That (Remix Mix With 213) (Instrumental)
B2 Can't Go For That (Remix Mix With 213) (Acappella)

Seduction - Two To Make It Right (VLS) (1989)

A1 Two To Make It Right (Cole & Clivilles Club Mix)
A2 Two To Make It Right (Cole & Clivilles Dub Mix)
A3 Two To Make It Right (7 Remix)

B1 Two To Make It Right (Hip House Vocal Mix)
B2 Two To Make It Right (Cole & Clivilles House Dub)

Guy - Don't Clap ... Just Dance (VLS) (1989)

A Don't Clap ... Just Dance (12 Mix)

B Don't Clap ... Just Dance (Dub)

After 7 - Heat Of The Moment (VLS) (1989)

A Heat Of The Moment (12 One World Remix)

B1 Heat Of The Moment (Extended Heat Version)
B2 Heat Of The Moment (Album Version)

Sa-Deuce - Sa-Deuce 1996

01 Can't get you off my mind
02 Don't waste my time
03 Just can't live without your love
04 Don't take your love away
05 Go down
06 Ordinary people
07 Born in
08 One man woman
09 Body knockin'
10 Full time loverman
11 Does she

25. Juni 2010

Craig David & Guru - Rendezvous & No More (VLS) (2001)

A1 Rendezvous (Blacksmith R&B Rerub)
A2 Rendezvous (Blacksmith R&B - No Rap)
B1 Guru feat. Craig David - No More
B2 Rendezvous (Blacksmith Old Skool Mix)

Somethin' For The People - Take It Off & Last Call (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 Take It Off (Radio Version)
A2 Take It Off (Instrumental)
A3 Take It Off (A Cappella)

B1 Last Call (Radio Version)
B2 Last Call (Instrumental)
B3 Last Call (A Cappella)

Jamecia - Rodeo Style + Bonus (Promo VLS) (1994)

A1 Rodeo Style (Remix)
A2 Rodeo Style (LP Version)

B1 If You Think You`re Lonely Now (Unreleased Live Version)
B2 Keep It Real (feat. Busta Rhymes & Dres)

Toyya - Rockin This (CDS) (1998)

01 - Rockin' This (Single Mix)
02 - Rockin' This (Playa! Version)
03 - Crush Thing
04 - Rockin' This (Maxi)
05 - Rockin' This (Pooh's Nanny Mix)
06 - Rockin' This (Player's Long Version)

Case - Touch Me Tease Me (VLS) (1996)

A1 Touch Me Tease Me (LP Version)
A2 Touch Me Tease Me (Instrumental)

B1 Touch Me Tease Me (Radio Edit Without Rap)
B2 Touch Me Tease Me (Accapella)

24. Juni 2010

22. Juni 2010

Missy Elliott - Hot Boyz (VLS) (1999)

01 - Hot Boyz (Remix Original Version)
02 - Hot Boyz (Remix Amended Version)
03 - Hot Boyz (Remix Acapella Version)
04 - Hot Boyz (Amended Version)
05 - Hot Boyz (Instrumental)

La More - La More (1995)

01 - This Is My Prayer
02 - Satisfaction Guaranteed
03 - Heart in My Hand
04 - You Are Everything to Me
05 - Till We Meet Again
06 - Everything in You
07 - How We're Livin'
08 - How I Got Over
09 - Wanna Love You More
10 - Words Are Not Enough

Ashanti - Baby Remix (CDS) (2002)

01 - Baby (Remix) ft.Crooked I (Clean)
02 - Baby (Remix) ft.Scarface (Clean)
03 - Baby (Remix) ft.Crooked I (Instrumental)
04 - Baby (Remix) Call Out Research Hook

Shawn - O.G. (Teddy Riley) (VLS)

(Radio Version)

21. Juni 2010

Stevie B - Megamix + Because I Love You (CDS) (1990)

01.Short Groove Edit  
02.Mega Groove Mix   
03.Giga Mix

      Because I Love You

Paradise - Call Me On The Telephone (VLS) (2000)

A1 Call Me On The Telephone (LP Version)
A2 Call Me On The Telephone (Instrumental)

B1 You Gotta Believe (LP Version)
B2 You Gotta Believe (Instrumental)

Lace - Hot Lover (Dj Exclusive VLS) (1991)

A Hot Lover (Sure Thing Swing)

B1 Hot Lover (Sweet Sticky Mix)
B2 Sure Thing (Instrumental)

Jessica - Get Up (VLS) (2000)

A1 Get Up (Radio Edit)
A2 Get Up (Dance Mix)
A3 Get Up (Instrumental)

B1 Get Up (Radio Edit)
B2 Get Up (Dance Mix)
B3 Get Up (Instrumental)

Club Nouveau - Lean On Me (VLS) (1986)

A1 Lean On Me (Remix)
A2 Lean On Me (LP Version)

B1 Pump It Up (Lean On Me) Reprise (Remix)
B2 Pump It Up (Lean On Me) Reprise (LP Version)
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