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23. April 2010

Wrecks-N-Effect - Let's Do It Again (Promo VLS) (1988)

A Let's Do It Again (Lp Version)

B1 Let's Do It Again (Edited Version)
B2 Let's Do It Again (Instrumental)

Damage - Love II Love (Promo VLS) (1996)

A Love II Love (Cutfather & Joe Club Mix)

B1 Love II Love (Nelson`s Downright Filthy Mix)
B2 Love II Love (Grant`s Pressure Dub)

21. April 2010

Dalvin DeGrate - Why Cant We (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 Why Can`t We (Feat. Stevie J.)(Bentley Mix)
A2 Why Can`t We (Feat. Stevie J.)(600 Mix)

B1 Why Can`t We (Feat. Stevie J.)(Maranello Mix)
B2 Why Can`t We (Feat. Stevie J.)(Bentley Instrumental)
B3 Why Can`t We (Feat. Stevie J.)(Diablo A Capella)

Brother - Ghetto Love (Promo VLS) (1993)

A1 Ghetto Love (Album Mix)
A2 Ghetto Love (Remix)
A3 Ghetto Love (Quit Storm Mix)

B1 Ghetto Love (Album Instrumental)
B2 Ghetto Love (Remix Instrumental)
B3 Ghetto Love (Remix A Capella)

19. April 2010

Made Men - I Wanna Made Men (VLS) (1999)

A1 I Wanna Made Men (LP Version)
A2 I Wanna Made Men (LP Version Instrumental)

B1 I Wanna Made Men (Remix Extended)
B2 I Wanna Made Men (LP Version A Cappella)

Case - Happily Ever After (Remix) (Promo VLS) (1999)

A1 Happily Ever After (Remix) (Radio Edit)
A2 Happily Ever After (Remix) (Instrumental)

B1 Think Of You (Radio Edit)
B2 Think Of You (Instrumental)

Blackgirl - Let's Do It Again (VLS) (1995)

A1 Let's Do It Again (Vic Flowers Main Mix)
A2 Let's Do It Again (DJ Don's Main Mix)
A3 Let's Do It Again (Original Radio Edit)

B1 Let's Do It Again (Vic Flowers Instrumental)
B2 Let's Do It Again (Acapella)

Ben Liebrand Featuring Tony Scott - Move To The Bigband (VLS) (1990)

A Move to the Bigband (Clubmix)

B1 Move to the Bigband (Turntable Instrumental)
B2 Move to the Bigband (A Capella)

3rd Storee - Get With Me (VLS) (2002)


A1 Get With Me Remix Featuring Joe Budden (Radio Edit)
A2 Get With Me (W.O Rap) (Radio Edit)

B1 Get With Me (Instrumental)
B2 Get With Me (A Capella Version Featuring Joe Budden)

Five XI - Five XI

01 - Five Xi - Say It Isn't Over
02 - Five Xi - Smile
03 - Five Xi - Don't Cry For Me
04 - Five Xi - My First Love
05 - Five Xi - Damn Shame
06 - Five Xi - Action Speaks (Louder Than Words)
07 - Five Xi - I'm Amazed
08 - Five Xi - It Doesn't Matter
09 - Five Xi - Come Get Your Things
10 - Five Xi - Think About Our Love
11 - Five Xi - I Can't Stand It

Az-1 - Az-1

01 - Az-1 - Play Me Out
02 - Az-1 - Trust In Me
03 - Az-1 - With You
04 - Az-1 - I Like It
05 - Az-1 - Missing U
06 - Az-1 - Let My Love Inside
07 - Az-1 - Full Swing
08 - Az-1 - 2nd Dance
09 - Az-1 - 2 Night (Our 4 Ever)
10 - Az-1 - Trust In Me (Jeep Mix)
11 - Az-1 - Shout Outs

Aftershock - Slave To The Vibe

01 - Aftershock - Didn't I
02 - Aftershock - Shy Shy
03 - Aftershock - Whenever
04 - Aftershock - On2thebreakadawn
05 - Aftershock - Come On
06 - Aftershock - Slave To The Vibe
07 - Aftershock - Here For You
08 - Aftershock - Azucar
09 - Aftershock - Fading
10 - Aftershock - According To Me
11 - Aftershock - Cindy, Cindy
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