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25. November 2015

Tha Swag Code . ft.Malone - You Know Better
02.Big.Pun ft.Joe - I Dont Wanna be a Playa no More
03.Boyz II Men - Motownphilly (Remix)
04.Chico DeBarge - It's Cool
05.Danny Boy ft.Jojo Devante Swing & Roger Troutm - Just Ride
06.Foxy Brown ft.Blackstreet - Get Me Home
07.It Just Ain't Easy (Special ''K'' Edit-Radio Version)
08.Ja Rule ft.Bobby Brown - Thug Lovin' (Radio Edit)
09.Jarvis ft.B2K - The Radio (Remix)
10.JL Cotter - Never Give In
11.Johnny Gill - Fairweather Friend (Hard Core Mix)
12.Keith Sweat ft.Snoop Dogg - Come And Get With Me
13.LL Cool J ft.Boyz II Men - Hey Lover
14.Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya - Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing (Boyz II Men)
15.New Edition - A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes)
16.R.Kelly vs TLC - Gotham Waterfalls (Mashup)
17.Ray Robinson - Move It
18.R-Les prod by. Latif - I Don't Want To Hurt You (Part I)
19.Sat-R-Day - A Thousand Years (Remix)
20.Troop ,Levert ft.Queen Latifah - For The Love Of Money Living For The City (City Mix with Rap)

Aaliyah - Special Edition - Rare Tracks (R&B) [2005] You Feelin' Me (Romeo Must Die Soundtrack)
02.Messed Up
03.Rock the Boat (club mix by Mixzo)
04.Rock the Boat (club mix by Doug Lazy)
05.More Than a Woman
06.More Than a Woman (12" version)
07.More Than a Woman (Maw main mix)
08.Try Again (Timbaland Remix)
09.Try Again (D'Ja, Hassan remix)
10.Try Again (Krunchie remix 30-11-04)
11.More Than a Woman (Krunchie Remix 30-11-04)

24. November 2015

DJ.MANIE - presents The Baby Makin' Mixtape Vol.3 Thicke, Tank, Hector Troy, Day26, Sterling Simms and many more.

DJ.MANIE - presents The Baby Makin' Mixtape Vol.2, Al B. Sure, Next , R. Kelly, Jagged Edge and many more.

DJ.MANIE - presents The Baby Makin' Mixtape Vol.1 Link, Bell Biv Devoe, R. Kelly, Donell Jones, Sam Salter and many more...

Fled-OST (1996)

01 Big Rupe - Intro
02 Royal C - You Can't Run
03 T-Boz - Touch Myself
04 Goodie Mob - Remember What I Said
05 T-Smith - Bright Lights
06 God's Gift To God - Word
07 Monica - Missing You
08 The Tony Rich Project - Highway
09 Joi - Magic In Your Eyes
10 Lou - Spain
11 For Real - Right Way
12 Dj Kizzy Rock - Crank This
13 Fishbone - Fled

Vanessa Williams - Colors Of The Wind (from Pocahontas-OST) (CDS) (1995)

01 Vanessa Williams - Colour Of The Wind (Radio Mix)
02 Vanessa Williams - Colors Of The Wind (Spanish Version)
03 Judy Kuhn - Colors Of The Wind (Original Cast Version)
04 Susana Zabaleta - Colores En El Viento

Vanessa Williams - (He's Got) The Look (12'' VLS) (1988)

01 (He's Got) The Look (Radio Version)
02 (He's Got) The Look (Dance Version)
03 (He's Got) The Look (Dub Version)
04 (He's Got) The Look (Album Version)

23. November 2015

Vanessa Williams - The Comfort Zone ( Promo CDS 1991) - The Comfort Zone (Radio Remix Flute Solo)
02 - The Comfort Zone (Radio Remix-Vanessas Rap)
03 - The Comfort Zone (Slammin Radio Mix)
04 - The Comfort Zone (Vanessas Vibe Mix)
05 - The Comfort Zone (Comfortable Percappella)

Bonus Track Remixes ...

06 - The Comfort Zone (Funk Remix)[Bonus Track]
07 - We Like Them Comfort Zone Girls -
(®©)™ ft.Silkk the Shocker ft.Master.p [Bonus Track Remix)

Most Dope Remix's Vol.11 - E.o. (2 Soul Remix)0
2.Asant‚ - Look What You've Done (Safai Rap Remix)
03.Bryan Powell - I Think of You (Soulpower Club Mix)
04.Calvin Richardson ft.Rah Digga  - Keep On Pushin (Soulcrew Remix)
05.Da Brat - Sittin' On Top Of The World (Dupri Remix)
06.Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Daddy D Remix w-o Rap)
07.Dignity ft.Complex - Talk to me (Rutti's Remix)
08.J.Lo. - Love Don't Cost A Thing (Remix)
09.Joe - I Wanna Know (Bo Remix)
10.Loose Ends - Don't Be A Fool (Extended Mix)
11.Mac Band - Roses Are Red (Extended Version)
12.Mary J. Blige - Be Happy (Bad Boy Mix)
13.MC Hammer - Pray (Hit 'Em Hard Mix)
14.Monie Love - I Can Do This (Uptown Mix)
15.Montall Jordan - This Is How We Do It (Funkmaster Flex Radio Mix)
16.One Love ft.Lord Digga - Night Riders (Rap Version)
17.Paperboy - Ditty (Raggeaton Stylez)
18.Prince Markie Dee - Something Special (Summer 93 Remix)
19.Sammie - I Like It (Remix)
20.Sunshine Anderson ft.Jadakiss - Heard It All Before (Remix)

Amazing Remixe's Vol.3 - Anything (2B3 Street Level Mix)
02.Avant - Read Your Mind (The Remix)
03.Beverley Knight - Come As You Are (JD Remix)
04.Charlene Smith - I Learned My Lesso (De-Tension 12'' Mix)
05.Craig David - World Filled With Love (Miss Cherokee Remix)
06.Cunnie Williams - Saturday (D'Influence R&B Mix)
07.Dawkins & Dawkins - Need To Know (Remix)
08.Deni Hines - Delicious (C-Swing Mix)
09.Ginuwine - Holler (Full Crew Phat Mix)
10.Ginuwine - I'm In Love (The Remix King Club Mix)
11.Javine - Don't Walk Away (Bad Boys Remix)
12.Lemar - If There's Any Justice (Kardinal Beats Remix)
13.Lutricia McNeal - 365 Days (CWN Remix)
14.Mark Morrison - Who's The Mack (QD III Mix)
15.Mary J. Blige - Give Me You (Royal Garden's R&B Mix)
16.MoKenStef - Baby Come Close I Can't Help It (Remix)
17.Monica - All Eyez On Me (Blacksmith Club Radio Mix)
18.My 5th Break - Dancin' In Summer Daylight (By Your Side)
19.Omar - Keep Steppin (Uptight Remix)
20.Ruben Studdard - Sorry (Remix)
21.Shelley - Down 2 Ride (Jiggy Joint Remix)
22.Teddy Riley - Is It Good To You (Black Radio Mix)
23.Tha Rayne - Rock Wit Me (JD Remix)
24.Toni Braxton - Breathe Again (Extended Club Mix)
25.Tren'l - Outlaw (Remix)

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22. November 2015

Red Bandit - I'm Back (CDS) (1990)

01 I'm Back (Single Version)
02 I'm Back (Funk Mix)
03 I'm Back (Funk Instrumental)

The Isley Brothers feat Ronald Isley - Contagious (Promo CDS) (2001)

01 Contagious (Clean Radio Edit)
02 Contagious (Radio Edit)
03 Contagious (LP Version)
04 Contagious (Instrumental)
05 Contagious (A Cappella)
06 Contagious (Call-Out Hook)
07 Contagious (Call-Out Hook 2)

Vanessa Williams - The Comfort Zone (CDM) (1991)

01 The Comfort Zone (Radio Remix Flute Solo)
02 The Comfort Zone (Radio Remix The ''V'' Rap)
03 The Comfort Zone (Slammin' Radio Mix)
04 The Comfort Zone (Vanessa's Vibe Mix)
05 The Comfort Zone (Comfortable Percapella It's A Late Nite Thing!)
06 The Comfort Zone (Frankie's Comfortable Dub)
07 The Comfort Zone (Frankie's Comfortable Mix)

21. November 2015

Joe - Everything (Spezial Edition) - All Or Nothing (Poor Georgie Porgie Extented Remix)
02.Joe - All Or Nothing (Poor Georgie Porgie Mix)
03.Joe - All Or Nothing (The Swing Remix)
04.Joe - All Or Nothing
05.Joe - Baby Don't Stop
06.Joe - Dont Stop (Quiet Storm Mix)
07.Joe - Everything
08.Joe - Finally Back
09.Joe - Get a Little Closer
10.Joe - Iïm in Luv
11.Joe - It Ain't Like That
12.Joe - It's Alright
13.Joe - The One For Me (West End Radio Mix)
14.Joe - The One For Me (80s Pressure Mix)
15.Joe - The One For Me (Classic)
16.Joe - The One For Me (Joes Quiet Storm Remix)
17.Joe - The One For Me
18.Joe - What's On Your Mind
19.Joe - All or Nothing Itïs Alright
20.Joe - Do Me

R.Kelly - Gotham City Selected
01.R.Kelly ft.Jamming Along - Gotham City (Acapella Piyano)
02.R Kelly  - Gotham City (Instrumental Remix)
03.R Kelly - Gotham City Reggae Remix (Koolbreak Remix)
04.R Kelly vs TLC - Gotham Waterfalls (Mashup)
05.R.Kelly - Batman & Robin - Gotham City
06.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Acapella)
07.R.Kelly - Gotham City (dj Ca Heartbreaker Remix)
08.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Instrumental)
09.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Remix)
10.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Videoclip Vers)
11.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Main)
12.R.Kelly - Gotham City
13.R.Kelly - Gotham City (Remix)
14.R.Kelly - Gotham City of Piyano
15.R.kelly - Gotham City (Lp vers)
16.R.kelly ft.String - Gotham City (STFR)

20. November 2015

Full Force - Dont Sleep-CD-1992
1 Intro-Lude (Hudlin' Brothers 'No Snooze' Intro) 1:15
2 Don't Sleep 4:44
3 Nice 'N' Sleazy 5:47
4 Quickie 4:22
5 If It's Cool Witcha Baby 4:00
6 Interlude (Quiet Storm) 0:25
7 Your Place Or Mine 5:01
8 Physical Commitment 4:32
9 Wait Till I Get Home 5:21
10 Interlude (2 Points!) 0:37
11 Go With The Flo 3:43
12 Interlude (The Byrd Factor) 1:31
13 After All This Time (Ain't It Great To Be Black) 4:32
14 Girl 5:10
15 Sharon 4:30
16 Making Love On The Dance Floor 6:34
17 My Love Is Free 4:04
18 Interlude (900-Force Line) 2:49
19 God Will Fix It 1:01

19. November 2015

Vanessa Williams - Running Back To You (CDM) (1991) - Running Back to You (Flip Hop Mix Extended Version)
02 - Running Back to You (Flip Hop Edit)
03 - Running Back to You (The Mix)
04 - Running Back to You (Edit)

Vanessa Williams - Just For Tonight (CDS) (1992) - Just For Tonight (Single Remix)
02 - Love Like This
03 - Whatever Happens

Vanessa Williams - Work to Do (CDM) (1992) - Work to Do featuring Black Sheep (Radio Mix with Rap)
02 - Work to Do featuring Black Sheep (Super Dope remix with Rap)
03 - Work to Do (Ken Lou radio mix)
04 - Work to Do (Choice Club)
05 - Work to Do (Choice dub)
06 - Work to Do featuring Black Sheep (5-Oh Beats with Rap)

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